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    We had been seeing each other for about 4 months when my Scorpio broke things off. He got really cold towards the end, he’d disappear for days and then make up excuses for it. It took being out of town for a month for him to finally tell me he didn’t see how things could work out between us. He told me he had been thinking it for a while but wasn’t sure, which is why he’d ignore me…. I got really upset and made the mistake of calling him repeatedly, going off on him, crying on the phone, then would beg him to meet up with me so we could talk about things.

    Eventually he blocked my phone number so I sent him a really long message on instagram stating everything I felt I needed to tell him. He didn’t reply to that of course. Now fast foward… recently I saw him on the bus and was too surprised/nervous to say hi. He called me when I got off (I was shocked again, never expected to get another call from him) asking how I was doing, and wanting to know about some guy on the bus that was flirting a bit. He had to get off the phone but later on he texts asking why I didn’t say hi.

    A couple days later he’s asking if I still want to meet with him…. so we ended up meeting the next day and surprisingly he didn’t try to make a move on me, (we were always very intimate with each other, whenever we could be) though he insisted we meet at his house and asked why I was hesitant to. He was friendly, gave me a hug and we chatted about a lot of things. We joked about our petty behavior on social media (blocking each other) and about how I’d still snoop on his accounts. He gave me some earrings in a little red box, he’d said he brought them for me while he was out of town. I almost melted then and there, lol. He also told me that he would sometimes show up at our school (although he had already dropped out) to try to bump into me. He always claims that he doesn’t like phone communication.

    When I left, I unblocked him and we liked a bunch of each other’s photos. He was sweet to me and made sure that I got home safe. I’m just not sure if he only wants to be friends or if maybe he wants to give us another shot? Should I ask him? I haven’t initiated contact so far as I’m trying to just let things flow and not do too much pursuing this time.

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