Scorpio man just shut me off? Why? To

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    Hello everyone,


    i I need answers please as I am so confused and down.


    so here is my story, will try to make it shor.


    i started a new job a the beginin of the year, quickly I got close to my boss and ended up going out with him, he had a lot of issues so we split up and stayed good friends, about a month ago he was with one of his friend  at work and his friend saw me and told him he liked me, so he gave him my number,  soon we started messaaging each other and been dating for a month, at work everyone kept asking me all the time how it was going and even my boss/ex kept asking if I was seen him and how it was going, I told my Scorpio about how everyone at work kept asking me, he didn’t really liked it so I said I will tel them it non of their business which I did, every time my wx would ask me I would just say ‘it doesn’t concern you’ anyway every date we had was amazing just talkig all the time and we really got on with each other, havnt clicked with someone like this in a long time, we saw each other last Thursday and went out for diner, normally we would only see each other once a week but there he asked me if I was free on Friday and if I wanted to stay over, I said yes, saw him Friday evening we met at a bar, he was with one of his friend, everything went well he kept telling me how beautiful I was to his friend, after we went back to his house things got quite hot between us, we didn’t do anything as there was no condoms so i insisted there we shouldn’t take the risk, he respected that and tole me to trust him, which I said I did, the next morning we woke up and he saod to me ‘why havnt I met you before’ which I founded very sweet and kept giving compliments on how beautiful I looked, we went out for breakfast and even talked about gong away for a weekend and told him I wanted for once to take him out as his birthday was next week. Then I was suppose to see him again on Sunday but he text me in the morning saying his dad was in town so he was going to spend some time with him. I told him that it was no problem and to enjoy spending time with his dad. Days went and no message so on Wednesday I messaged him asking how his dad was and if he wanted to meet up sometime this week, he replied and told me he was busy at work but that he should be free Friday, I told him no problem and to let me know for Friday, Thursday morning I looked at my whatsapp and saw that I couldn’t see his picture or anything thought it was strange, tried to message him but nothing, then I realised he blocked me…. I tried to message him but no reply??? I don’t understand why he has suddenly shut me off when we was suppose to see each other today? I am questioning everything? It was going so well? i know scorpios are very guarded and find it hard to trust but I never did anything to hurt him, can someone explain why he would just shut me off with no answer?? 


    Hello, your story reminds me of mine.

    Scorpio men are very complex and most of them are emotionally unstable.  The Scorpio I met told me exactly the same thing how beautiful I was and that I was the woman for him and that he wanted to have a relationship with me. He chased me for 6 months until I finally gave in for the fear of loosing him. Once we became intimate, he became distant and I couldn`t understand why.  Anyhow, it was a long journey (back and forth with him), now its all over, but in the end I was the one who really got hurt. They are selfish creatures. 

    My advice to you is that just continue living your life because I believe that when a man shutts you off for no reason, he`s not worth it and he will never change.  If he comes back, he will do the same thing and hurt you again.  You deserve better.

    All the best!



    Half the time us scorpio men don’t know what we want… but unless you did something to him don’t take it personally though he really shouldn’t have done it that way should have just told you he didn’t want to be around but some scorpios always trying avoid stuff like haviing to tell someone their being rejected it. he didnt handle this very well.


    I don’t understand why people think ? Every Scorpio are the same I am Scorpio sun Gemini moon Virgo rising so ? We all play different roles

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