Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

need help from capricorn girls

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    I know this Capricorn girl about 2 to 3 months ago and i am a Taurus guy.For the first 1 to 2 month we were chatting happily sometimes we texted till midnight. After that things started to get cold as she was having her exams which ended just recently, i really love her. I always asked her whether do i have a chance and stuffs. One day i asked her whether could we meet for dinner and can we move on slowly forward together. I asked her did i push her too much, she told me yea abit. She also said that she thinks that we cannot move on slowly forward together. Izzit because i push her too much. How to i get her to reply my text for now. Does this means that i stand no chance anymore? help plz


    Nah,I think it’s pretty normal for a cappy girl to put up her defenses when a guy so eagerly expresses his intention to move on in a relationship.

    The Capricorn is a very careful lady. If you try to force things on her(particularly verbally) she might take you as a threat and back away. You have to show her that you’re not trying to trick her and won’t betray her. Take it slowly,and until she shows a bit of affection for you, don’t say your feelings out loud too much. Be gentle and caring, but not to the extent that she’ll think of it as an act.

    Praise her. She lacks confidence,so wipe away her worries and help her become more outgoing if she’s a silent type.Encourage her to have some fun and take her mind off of work or studying for a while,but don’t be forceful.You should NEVER be too forceful with a cappy. Always act mature. She hates childish behavior.

    Try to talk about serious stuff, like work, school, economics or politics, or how the poor children are dying of hunger in Africa,and you’ll see that she’ll slowly start talking openly to you. If she’s interested in art or music(you better start gathering info), that’s also one highly recommended leverage for you. If you’re a Taurus with a good sense of humor, make her laugh. She’ll lighten up slowly and might even show you a bit of her unique sense of humor.

    Keep up the hard work. Her defenses are hard to break put not impossible. You have to progress slowly, steadily and patiently if you want to capture her heart.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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