Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility

Sagittarius Taurus compatability

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    I’m a 26 yr old sag male with a 18 yr old Taurus female. First off, the sex is the Bombay!!!! Second, we are definitely opposite af!! We been dating for 7 months now and I took her virginity started dating November 27, 2013. We have a difficult time understanding each other. We met on Facebook lol I saw her post on my newsfeed with her xboxlive gamertag to play zombies and that’s how we started talking. Prior to that I was just relieved of a terrible 5 yr relationship along with a child that wasn’t mine and had the babies name tattooed across my back and finding out with a court ordered DNA analysis from the child support division court system also the loss off my ex drummer/best friend of 15 years was secretly sexually active with my ex for the ending 4 months of that bs.. Anyways… Lol it was hell and really made me insecure along with huge trust issues and very jealous. I’m very jealous of who my Taurus gf texts/hangs out with. At first she would lie to me about who she was with n where she was n what she was doing or did. We’ve broke up so many times and have crazyyyyyyyy fights like wtf were both crazy and need help almost haha but I can’t help but want her and no one else. I understand that she is young and craves attention from other guys but I think it’s a “phase” or maybe she really is just a hoe? Idk I’m jk kinda… She would promise she isn’t talking/texting other guys and I just always had that gut feeling that she was and she swore up and down she wasn’t. Till my detective ass started snooping her phone and was able to restore deleted previous texts/multi-media stuff on her phone lol don’t ask… I’ve seen her tell other guys she wants them inside her and even her boobs sent to guys emails and acouple dick pics that she denies hardcore  but that’s how most Vegas girls are anyways… She’s kissed another guy infront of me on New Years she ditched me on valentines day to go do who knows what know I didn’t feel good, bla bla she did that and that no one is perfect and I still love her with all my heart. Dispite all that bs I can go on forever I find out everything lol she’s the love of my life and no matter how bad we argue I will always love protect and adore her till she decides she wants someone else or I end up getting ran over on my moped lol we are together literally 24/7 and it’s true us Sagittarius’s need space sometimes but too much space I flip out like c’mon baby I think I still exist… She will lie and deny till she dies, or till I find out like always lol I’m loyal to the fullest I hate being lied to I’m not dumb. That dumb* she’s currently trying to be committed or so I think? I don’t want to be temporary I’m not another nigga on a list and not to be cocky but… I’m legit a keeper :p I’m funny af I play music and sing and do tattoos I’m amazing with common sense and have been blessed to knock a mufucker out if nessesary:) but I think she takes me for granted a lot and when we argue I always say I’m done I’m leaving lol then guess who’s back:) our last fight I said some mean things I didn’t mean and smashed my phone. She claims we were broken up but during that entire week of zero contact I went to her house every single day and nothing. Finally I get a huge book from her on fb ily I want ur baby bla bla screenshots of niggas she blocked and so on… Then not even a day later she was quick to talk to her ex again. Drove me insane cuz she promised it never happend then admitted it. It’s the lying that makes me rage. But she’s getting better at keepin it real and I’m some what getting better at not killing her lol overall I keep it way to real to fuck with fake shit. Maybe I’m more forward than I should be. I admit I’m an asshole but damn she can be a biiiatch but I’m still in love with my Taurus she’s my queen and I couldn’t imagine myself with anybody else. Just cuz I tattoo hoes with nice boobies  doesn’t mean I’m fuckn anyone behind her back. I’m insecure myself. Took me2 weeks to kiss her lol but anyways my thumbs hurt from typing this is an amazing relationship we share together and I hope it only gets better and is ongoing cuz with my crapy luck idk how I have this beautiful lady lol 🙂 or am I speaking too soon? Fuckkkkit that baby better not come out black lol peace

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