Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

Who is more aggressive, Scorpio or Taurus?

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    difficult to say, what do you think?


    Being a scorpio female with a taurus male, I find that taurus generally stamps his foot down and won’t give an inch and says the most cutting remarks. I find the taurus approach somewhat heavy handed and uncalled for.

    On the other side, I tend to go about it differently usually in an indirect fashion, which I am told stings. I am usually prepared and composed deliberate and pointed delivering the facts in a calm fashion, I hate fighting with a loved one and would rather talk through it and explain my views and ascertain his, so we can gain an overall picture of what is ACTUALLY going on, but as taurus tends not to listen only seeing it his way and further provokes me, I tend to passionately explode having nowhere else to go and losing the argument.

    I find it tough to forgive the insult although I never forget it. After all is said and done tho, taurus after some time does apologise and even I have had to swallow my pride and do the same for the sake of our relationship.

    It’s much of a muchness….

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    I am a Taurus female with a Scorpio male, and I must say he has the more aggressive personality. While we Taurus can be extremely stubborn, we can be pretty passive. Perhaps this is true of Taurus female, as we don’t really like to make waves and it takes a lot to set us off. I’ve learned that my Scorpio likes to be in control, the decision maker of the relationship. He listens to my input, but inevitably, he will find a way to show me why his position is better. It doesn’t take much to set him off, so I try not to. I think for the most part though, we get along wonderfully because we have so many things in common. Yet we have learned so much from eachother via our differences.

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     I totally agree with shay.Scorpio is definately in Control

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    I am a scorpio woman and am involved with a taurus man.

    He and I love spending time together. But once we have our share of disagreements he isn’t ready to listen to my opinions. He’ll go to any extent to win the arguement.

    What I have observed is that both of us are agressive in our own ways. He expresses his frustrations in whatever ways I have expresed in, in the past. And when I get furious he’s always pin me down by making me recall the times when I acted in that sort of manner. Also, he says many hurtful things that I can never forget. But so do I.

    This relationship makes me go crazy for the good and the bad. But I am just so use to it and it feels so perfect I don’t want to let it go.

    I don’t care who’s more aggressive till the time we both realize our mistakes and make it up to each other. 🙂

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