Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

wanna know about the relation

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    Hi i am a girl taurus born on 17 may 1997……last year i came across a Virgo boy whose birthday falls on 5th of September 1997……..
    Our friendship started of quite well ,we use to mock each other but we never got close……..
    He is a bit snobby,Mr. Smarty pants and there is nothing in his looks but still i like him….i cant tell wethr he like me or not….. I want to knw how long will our friendship last….. He is vvv confusing…….. I dont knw…..he is actually a sweet person….but i dont knw what he think of me….can u help me out????plz


    A Taurus woman here married to a Virgo husband. We were friends first and have an over decade reationship. It is wonderful and blissful. Funny and stable. We get through anything. Fights are rare and very shortlived. I see some very good writings on the Virgo man. 

       He is reliable. My hubby is quiet and reserved with others and totally devoted to me. Loves home life. He will do things for me he does not love to do, simply to please me.

       Mentions are made about an angelic presence. My husband is spiritual and the real deal. 

       I have two bros in laws Virgo, a son in law and grandson(males) ALL same and great, great men.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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