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    I’m gonna try and keep this as short and straight to the point as possible.

    My taurus ex girlfriend stopped talking to me a couple of months ago (i’m a cancer male), We had previously been together for around 7 years, we decided to move in together around 2 years ago. We had a really petty argument about where the tv remote was where she asked me and i said i didn’t know, which i honestly didn’t and she said i knew where it was and i said no i don’t and it went on yada yada yada, but i think the argument stemmed from the fact i was always working late, since i had just started with a new firm – i’m a lawyer – i wanted to make sure i made the best impression so i jumped into a massive case, as a result i was swamped for about 6 months – i literally had no time for anything, even time to sleep was hard to come by. But i was planning to propose to her after the case was over, since i knew after the case i would be able to take on smaller cases and have more time for my personal life, this happened last year (March 2016).

    After the argument she left our place and went to stay with her parents. After doing this she told me she didn’t want to live with me any more, so i thought i would let her keep the place and i would find somewhere else to stay. So i left. Since i was still in love with her i tried to communicate with her and all she does is get her friend to tell me not to speak to her and to move on because she is moving on, so i left her alone and concentrated on myself.

    After a few months she messages me and says she still loves me, then starts to show me love and affection, at first i was reluctant but because i knew i wanted to be with her i thought, i’d give it another try but take it slow so i know whether or not i’m making the right decision. We speak and meet up, off and on for a couple of months (july/august). Another couple of months pass and we start talking a lot more and started seeing each other a lot (without ever stating what we were doing). We started having sex again and meeting up once or twice a week (work permitting)(october/november). Then around the end of november/start of december she says to me she doesn’t want to speak or see each other at the moment because she finds it confusing since we weren’t together. So i try to speak to her a few times and there is no reply, christmas and new year go by and i think to myself well its been a month, maybe we could talk and see where we stand. I come to find out she has blocked me on most social media sites and has deleted my number (which she didn’t do before, she only deleted my number). I try to call and i get no reply, i sent her a message at the start of the year and her friend messages me back saying she doesn’t want to speak to me and has moved on and that i should too.

    I’m deeply in love with her and i am willing to do what ever it takes to get back with her, even if it means putting her to the back of my mind for a few months and then trying again.

    All taurus’ any help would be extremely helpful! since i really am not sure what i should or can do. I haven’t contacted her for a month. I wished her merry christmas, happy new year and good luck with her new job at the start of the year (2017) and thats it. I did do something silly a two weeks ago, i followed her instagram account with a different account to my own and she realised and blocked me. It was a such a silly thing to do, in my defence i was inebriated after a work party.

    Anyway any advice is massively, hugely appreciated. Please help!

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