Complicated taurus guy – PLEASE HELP!

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    I’m 15 and so the guy i met. He’s taurus. I met this guy at a tuition few months ago. We knew each other, then we started to talk some random stuffs and do things together. I liked him at first, i’ve tried many ways to avoid him because it’ll make him want me and fall for me the same way i do. But, i can’t make it any longer ’cause i fall in love with him. Within weeks, i finally see some changes. He doesn’t really care about me when we’re just friends. But after that, the changes were he keeps looking or staring at me and always follow me at the back. He even tried to walk in front of me and pass by me a lot to grab my attention. Sometimes my best friend catch him looking at me but when he found out my friend was watching him too, he quickly looked away. Maybe he was feeling the same. As i stopped avoiding him and went back to tuition, again my friends found out that he tried to look at me without me knowing. His friend was there with him, too. Me and my friends also agreed that his friend keep looking at me like a stalker and then whispered something mysterious in his ear everytime. He said that i touched his heart when we chatted. It was because i said that he’s nice and i like to talk to him. Then he said so touching, i’m the first one who said it ’cause everyone says he’s too cool hard to talk with. He always acted cool and gave me the looks that he wants to talk to me. I saw him blushing a bit when we’re chatting. Mostly we often say nothing together because both of us keep blushing. He never walk away just to stop the quiet conversation when that happens. But sometimes he didn’t reply my messages and not calling me as i told him to. I was so in love with him until full of confidence to tell him that i love him. So yeaah, i did. He rejected yet i didn’t give up. By making him feel guilty, I inbox him everything how i feel ’bout him. He replied that i made a wrong decision to love him. After that, we didn’t talk and i decided to live on my own like spending more time with friends and doing things i like. Yet we still went to tuition and i saw him looking at me the same way again. Maybe he still care? It was already a month ago. We still go to tuition weekly on holiday. He looked sad and face expression hard when he sees me. I walked away then stalked him in a corner. He looked even more sad and terrible. I’m confused. Does he love me?


    Is there any helpful advice? Yours will be much appreciated and thank you.


    Dear Janice-Kathelle, i feel for you because a Taurean man can be quite charming with a lady even if it does not mean anything to him, and many at times we fall into that trap. I am a Libran woman and i have a Taurean man for a boyfriend. We have been dating for ten months now and up to now i still dont know where i stand with him, because im just not feeling him, its as if he is pushing me away while i want to get closer. One day i did our compatibility to see wether we are compatible, and at the end of it there are comments from Libran women dating Taurean men and vise versa. When i read those comments it felt like i wrote them myself and started to understand his behaviour. I started making it my mission to educate myself more on these complex Taurean men and men in general. Men in general are too sensitive and leap into something very fast just to realise afterwards that they never actually thought about their already performed actions. So, as a result they pull away when they realise that they have actually exposed their emotions somehow in which ever way the case may be and then take some time to think about it then. And depending on how much he actually liked what he pondered about during that period he will come back, and he actually expects you to be as receptive as possible and you should instead of pushing him away if you really like him too. But many at times we as women tend to reject them at that time when they come back and if he was not sure before he pulled away wether you were really into him for him to be persistent in pursuading your love, he might just just go away for ever since men do not take rejection so well like we do, and mind you he was already thinking about you rejecting him before he contacted you as one of the possibilities for your reaction, and it took him a lot of guts to actually make contact after such a long time of interacting with you. It will go on like that untill he is comfortable with you and the time frame of pulling away will also lessen as time goes by, but for that time you need to give him the space that he needs, and be sympathetic with him as many at times men themselves do not know why they have to pull away and also that its quite normal for a man to act in that way. So if a woman understand this pulling away period that is so crucial for a man to think, then we would stress less and we just need to be patient and receptive when they come back and you as the woman should initiate to talk about what ever is happening or about your feelings in an amicable way as for him to actually listen to what you are saying, for he wont listen when you reproach him about his behaviour and he will just pull away again and might never even return.

    As for a Taurean man my dear, give him the space that he needs as much as possible and just be supportive when he needs you. They need most of their time alone to think things through, before they can really commit to you and they take very long to think as they are slow when it comes to that and dont like to be pushed for them to be 100% sure they are really into you, and if he does not come back to you, then its better to just move on with your life and forget about him, for they can really make a big impact on a lady with their charming ways and make you believe they are serious while they are not. And Taurean men get really scared when you are too into them/ clingy and they may run away for good if you push them for their love and attention while they are not in the mood or busy with something else, so if he says not today, then he really means it or else. I will tell you more about them if anyone wants to know more, for now i have said a lot. Good luck.


    Thank you so much for your advice and things like that. Yes, he did come back to me after school reopens. At first, i avoided him obviously and did things that hurted him in tuition. That tuition was on wednesday and he knew that i came on monday if he heard what i’m saying to my friend in class. The next week, i came on wednesday to see him and unexpectedly he came on monday. I don’t know if he have things to do on wednesday or just trying to see me? He started to keep walking in front of me and show interests again although we haven’t talk. What’s wrong?

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