Do Taurus males forget someone easily?

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    [Warning : It’s super long. Don’t complain bout it later lol]
    I’m a Pisces and I met this Taurus last December. At first I thought he was smartass lol then we talk only to find that we click so well! We talk about anything and everything and can never get bored. Before even a month is over, we become bffXD We basically spend time together 24/7 and do everything together.
    He is just so smart, caring,affectionate and amazing. The only time we fought is when I drive him crazy with my crazy ideas and when he is so stubborn, won’t see from my view if he finds it unrealistic. Still, that somehow brings us closer lol
    Things started to change when he develop feelings for me, and it was quick, within that very month.I am intuitive so I guessed it from the very start but pretend I don’t know.On febuary, he confessed his feelings for me. I like the fact that he’s so chill bout it, he’s like ‘Just so you know,I like you, I don’t expect anything from you, just sayin’I was kinda lost but isn’t awkward later. I am gonna be honest here and say I do have feelings but I don’t let him know cause I gave up on relationship 4years ago. I try to act normal but it was hard. I have come to see I hurt him.
    One day, he decide to date a mutual friend to get over me. I was hurt to see him but I knew it’s because I am selfish so I hide my emotions. I then thought it would be best for us.
    BUT as days goes on, he become more distant, when we talk, we rarely have things to say, it gets awkward. It hurts af because I hardly let people in but when I do I give my all.
    I know he deserve to be happy but I don’t wanna let my best friend go. Does it mean he moved on? If he does, does it mean he have to wipe me out from his life?;(


    In all honesty it sounds like he is done with you. I am currently dating a taurus and have known a few as friends. I believe ur mistake was in not being honest with him about ur feelings. I believe that when he confessed his feelings, had you admitted liking him also but not wanting a relationship bc of past experiences, he would probably be making more of an effort now to stay in touch. The way you described it sounds like he confessed and you never addressed his feelings or let him Kno wat ur feelings were. You made the mistake of believing that you can decide wat is best for someone else relationship wise. It’s always better to be honest and upfront instead of playing things out in ur head and deciding wat lie is best to tell to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.The truth is hard, but it’s part of how life shapes you. Although now that he is dating someone, I would naturally expect a bit of distancing but perhaps not as much as wat the hurt he experienced has caused.It would make no sense for him to keep a very close relationship with another woman if he is taken, especially since you made him believe you had no feelings for him. I can tell that you are hurt by the situation, and my heart goes out to you bc I have been in ur shoes. I will admit I am intrigued as to why you have decided to give up on relationships. I find it curious that although u found someone u clicked with so well you wouldn’t even give his heart a chance to dance with urs bc of a past hurt. It’s hard sometimes to keep the demons of our past quiet. Sometimes they cause us to become the creator of our own misery. Even now if u were to let him Kno how u feel, it may not make a difference. At this point after the hurt you caused, I feel like a relationship would be expected of you to maintain any kind of close contact with him. If that’s still not something ur are willing to try it’s best just to let him slip away to find real happiness elsewhere. I know from experience it’s hard to just be friends with someone you like especially if the feeling is mutual and they just won’t admit it. Something I’m sure an intuitive Taurus would would zero in on very quickly. I wish u the best of luck and hope that u find your own happiness as well.


    At the stage in my life as a Taurus, I am not sure if I can maintain a relationship with the countless female friends I communicate with daily. I would need a woman that’s understandable, seeing that I help these women without problems they are having.

    To answer your question, I will also agree with the last person, by not acknowledging his feelings or caused him a lot of pain. I’m sure he would have rather you tell him you had no feelings for him right them and there then not say anything at all. He will eventually get over it but you may have ended up losing a really good friend.

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