If u truly love a Taurus stick with it!

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    Iam a 51 yr old Leo woman with 7 kids and twins on the way, in love with a Taurus who has 11 kids, we have been together over a year, he is married but his wife has been in prison the last 9 years and although out now, she is with another man an woman!

    He is a typical Taurus, stubborn, sexy and strong as a bull. He is everything I could have ever wanted had a I built him myself, and I let him know how much he means to me. I have no problem being very open with my guy, how much I love him and his kids, its package. They spend more time with me than him and they each know how I love them, I dont try to take the place of their mother, just offer my love and support.

    I was attracted to my Taurus from the beginning, but we were both in relationships, my partner died from Cancer, he broke up with his. We were inseperable from the beginning just as friends, sleeping in same bed but never touching. After having a few drinks one night, he pressed for more, I told him no, he asked why, I told him he had been drinking, he asked if that was the only rreason I told him Yes. We feel asleep with my head on his chest.

    We did make love a few months latter and yes, he had been drinking, but I couldnt wait. IT WAS AWESOME! The next time we made love was on Xmas, he was sober, and it was magical… Yup, I found my guy!

    I did push him away inorder for him to go back with his wife, for him and the kids. BUT, he came back and so did the kids, she dosent want to be a mother or a wife. This man raised these kids on his own, she has always run around, he has picked the babies up from the hospital just after birth while she left with another man.

    My guy has been hurt by both his kids Moms, catching both with other men. He tells me dont hurt him and dont cheat on him. He sends mixed signals, he dosent text or call for days, but when he does, I better pick up on the 1st ring or he asks me why I didnt. I tell him he is the most important person in my life, but I couldnt reach the phone soon enough. I want him to know I love him without being clingy.

    The look he gives me, the way he says my name, the electric shock I get from his touch, its worth EVERYTHING! I will never in my life love like this again. I bear my soul to this man, like I have no other. He brings out the instinct to protect him as if he were my Cub (being a Leo), I love to lavish him with gifts however small. He makes me feel good, just being around him. I can be feeling alone and just word from him brings me back to the reality Iam loved by him.

    So if you are lucky enough to catch the eye of a Taurus man, hold his heart with care, its a most valuable posession, to be cherished. I will NEVER send my guy and kids away again. I Love them with all my heart.

    Almost all the things I read talking about the Taurus mans ways is correct, they can be hard to accept, but if you trust your guy enough to do it, ITS WORTH IT. As a Leo woman, I need to feel Iam the only one and he is so good at that. Its what he tells others when Iam not around, how he acts when Iam not around, I can honestly say, Iam proud of my mate.

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