16 year old virgo in need of love advive.

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    Ok so i found this lovely sagittarius and she stole my heart ive informed her how i felt somewhat i dont want to show it all because im afriad of scaring her off shes turned me down twice and its the first time ive ever cried over a girl. but since then she has opened up to me and informed me of her past and the reasons she has trust issues and for the first time she made a point to get my attention and say high while i was in the lunch line. so i think shes starting to trust me and see im a good person what are your thoughts. and trust me i know im a little young to be looking for love but im not looking for it. it found me im not usually the person whos into the whole love idea but when im around her i just cant help it do you think shes starting to like me back.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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