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    Am Pisces and I met this Virgo guy who is anti-social af. He got asperger so is struggling with communicating too. I am the only one he talks to beside his family. I really want him to be happy and comfy but I am struggling to make convo cause am introvert too. I always stay away from virgos due to their ‘perfectionist’ nature. I am already insecure so I feel like I would become more aware of my flaws if I associate with virgo men. Hence, I am pretty much clueless how to interact with him. I wanna stay this time cause I have come to care for him. He can be so sweet and I know he is trying his best too. Any advice? Also, does their perfectionist nature mean they want a perfect partner/can’t look over partner’s flaw?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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