Leo Career and Money

Leos need a profession where they can express themselves fully, shine in a way that all can see, and show of their talent. Even if they have hardly any opportunity to show their talent, they will be happy to just show their work, and be appreciated and noticed for it. A backend job with hardly any responsibilities and total isolation is not their cup of tea. They do not mind if they are made to work in a library or a department store, or made a receptionist at a desk, they want a job where they feel someone is directly benefitting from their services, and also receive accolades and admiration from him for the work they have done.

So their basic objective is to make life a little easier for atleast a few people. And even with all the need for appreciation and commendation, they have this personal yardstick of doing well, and they have to cross that minimum. If not, they will suffer from depression and restlessness. Of course, these bouts keep coming in their lives, when they feel everything is just falling apart and that they are of no use to the society, but there’s no one better at coming out of such states than them. And when they’re out, they will be alive and kicking as ever, and they will go out and make things happen.

Another remarkable characteristic of a Leo is his/her insistence on doing things properly and without flaw. Leos hate amateurs and strive hard at achieving high standards in their output. Whatever their career might be, they show this quality to the fullest and their superiors take notice of this. They soon rise in influence and then boss around people working under them to show perfection and professionalism. They do not want to do things properly, they need to do things properly so that people may take notice. Leos would love nothing more than to stand out as an example. Leos, however, do not shine in time-consuming jobs that they find unnecessary and annoying. And if their superior is, according to them, stupid and incompetant, and demands being sucked up to, then the Leo will be the first to give it to him in the face, without caring about the job. They need appreciation and opportunity, but not at the cost of their honour!

  1. Picasso June 19th, 2015

    Hi, I was born on August 10,1994. My rising is Virgo.
    Though I’m a Leo, I’m not much of an extrovert. Except that, most of the qualities of a Leo are imbibed in me.
    I would like to know what is the best career option of me. Currently I’m perusing a bachelor’s degree in computer science . It doesn’t interest me much. I’m planning to peruse MBA. Is it a good option, given that I’m a natural leader ? 

  2. cuddlebun June 18th, 2014


  3. sukh7878 May 27th, 2012

    hi i have read leo career and money and i agree with it completely… currently i am going thru ups and down in my career. Please suggest when my career will get stabilized and whether i be ever able to do business in my life. my details are dob : 07/08/1978 time: 10:10am
    place new delhi

  4. grace456 December 10th, 2011

    @Sarah, I too was born on this date but i checked my numerology, i too am a bit shy and timid. Cos our ascendant belongs to Virgo….hope this explains…

  5. skmndp123 October 15th, 2011

    u have complete my graduation (BA) & PGDCA in computers…. will i get a job. if yes…then when & where……..

  6. Lilyzhali March 2nd, 2011

    I like this friend of mine from Singapore. We chat all the time and solely miss him when he is not offline. I like him for his warmth, help he does all the time for me without even asking anything from me. there is not one day we dont chat with each other. He is a married guy with a family. He asked me many times if I am in love with him but he may be thinking it correctly. I am not sure about myself , yes I am a single girl. He asked me twice if i can join him for a holiday and stay in seperate apartments. My parents are after me to find a suitable guy and get married. But I am overwhelmed with the presence of this friend of mine , that when I go for dates I try to compare him. To me he is the best man i have ever met in my life who understand me, knows my good and bad, likes and dislikes and makes me comfortable, emotional. I am in doubts now and dont what to do,,,,,,,please advise

  7. padmapriya December 20th, 2010

    am doing my BE final.will i get good job.even my father is teasing me.i don’t know wat to do..can i end my life

  8. Sarah November 20th, 2010

    Hi, I was born on the 17th of August 1988 therefore I am a Leo but most of what being a Leo is I don’t think I am.. these Astrology profiles always say Leos are really strong, confident characters etc and sometimes I come off like I am confident but really I am shy and insecure most of the time.. I’m usually very sensitive and my profession is in music. It’s really frustrating reading most profiles as I feel like I’m not really a Leo..like I’m some other star sign..any help here??

  9. Author
    Ask Oracle September 12th, 2010

    While you look for a better solution, I would suggest this –
    You will need to become indifferent towards all this and you just have to be yourself and whatever other guy does should not affect your way of living. Forgiveness is a virtue.

    Also you will need to have support of many other employees and have a majority to favor you. Collect evidences and put your point across strongly but for that you need to be stronger person first.

  10. Andrea September 12th, 2010

    Please help me, I’m desperate!
    I am a Leo woman, and I work as a camerawoman at a TV channel. The floor manager on my crew is my superior, and he is a Scorpio.
    As you can imagine, we have lots of confrontations. He bullies me constantly in front of other colleagues. He insults me and belittles me every day. I am very competent at my job; the directors and our head of department are very happy with my work, and always have been. He can’t stand this, and he criticises me every day in front of everyone, to make me look stupid. I am innovative in what I do, something which he doesn’t understand, and if he doesn’t understand it, he doesn’t appreciate it. However, his superiors love my work, and he can’t stand that all. He openly told me once that he cant stand the fact that I think for myself.
    I have tried to confront him about this calmly and professionally, but he refuses to listen. I have even taken it up with our head of department, who is on the board of our company; and whenever we hae a meeting about this issue, he just storms out.
    I have tried so hard to resolve conflicts wih him, in a way that is appropriate fro two professionals; I eve went up and asked him “Hey, we can’t keep fighting this way. Lets call a truce. You go your way, I go mine”. He respinded by telling me he’s not interested.
    Wha makes it difficult, is that he is friends with one of the directors, and he ehaves as if this affords him a kind of dipomatic immunity.
    This makes him very difficult to work with. If I defend myself, the bullying gets worse. If I ignore him, it still gets worse. If I actually try to be nice to him, it gets worse still. If I give in to him, and give in to his requests to do menial tasks that are not part of my job, to the point where I risk compromising mine, it still gets worse. This is whatyou call abuse and harassment.

    So how do I put a stop to this for once and for all? I am considering the legal route if push comes to shove, but is there another way that I can get him to stop treating me this way, for good?

  11. irfan arif July 2nd, 2010

    i want to know when the financial change come into my life either this year or in coming year while iam feeling it is locked from many years

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