Leo Qualities and Characteristics

Lion is considered the ruler of the jungle, so also you are the leader of your own world; you exhibit impeccable bravery, superiority and sovereignty. You are expected to achieve extraordinary feats. You have the strength of character to take command of any situation and your presence commands respect and attention. And just like a king, you have a big heart, you are generous and sensitive to others’ feelings.

But again, you are quite egotistical and it’s quite easy to flatter and take advantage of you. At the same time, you tend to be quite self-congratulatory and boastful and at the same time dominating, courting resentment from your peers. Leo is all about ambition and compassion; and at the same time headstrong and a little corrupted by power. But it equally characteristic of you to be contemplative and moody, especially when you are with yourself.

You can get into deep depressions, but the only answer to this problem is self-control, hard work and paying heed to others’ counsel. You show your ambitious and sensitive character with your relationships with the opposite sex. And you are also in quite a bit of luck, but being a little imprudent, it would be ill-advised for you to try your hand at speculation.

Qualities that make you lucky are bighearted, forceful, aristocratic, and affectionate. Qualities that hinder your success are aggressiveness, boastful, haughty, and pride.

Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, George Bernard Shaw; We know them as famous Leon.

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  1. ThePaganSun September 8th, 2017

    Also, it’s best for people NOT to cross us. We can be very aggressive, temperamental , and dangerous when angered. We are the LIONS of the Zodiac for a reason.

  2. Silex January 7th, 2014

    I’m a Leo and this is decently accurate. Granted, I know this is a general overview for most all Leos.
    Personally, I’m willing to do anything and everything for my friends, the people I eventually let close enough to call a friend out of my decently broad social circle of people. I’ll always be willing to help, listen to, or just be there for a friend as well as go out of my way to do something for them; they being the only people I’ll easily and willingly give gifts to in abundance and show them amazing ammounts of kindness. I do tend to get overbearing due to wanting to eleminate errors from situations and keep things going smoothly, as well as having a very bad temper, yet I prefer to stay away from being a leader and having attention directed at me; keeping to the sidelines. I tend to be harsh and blunt with what I say, never regarding that I can hurt someone with my words until after they’ve been said. Yet, despite being harsh and a bit overbearing on the tempermental and violent side, I can easily be wounded by anyone close enough to me simply changing their tone or even a playful jab by someone close enough. I’m also an artist, and have only a small fraction of my friends and acquaintances are artistic as well. I love being artistic yet I’m also easily influenced by other’s oppinions on the matter as well as just about anything; I’ll often second guess things and need other’s oppinions on the matter.

  3. paf198769@yahoo.com October 18th, 2011

    i am shocked to see the bad combination with aquarius

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