Libra Friendship Compatibility

If you are Libran, you will definitely make a very good friend. You respond to others’ suggestions with a great amount of enthusiasm. But when it comes to taking decisions about where to go and what to do, you never have say. Even if you oppose your friends, they would surely want you to give an idea once in a while. This lack of involvement is sometimes taken for disinterest, thus creating barriers in your friendship. But don’t think for one moment that all this makes you a loner – you are not! You have a variety of interests that you share with your friends and show great verve and enthusiasm in. You enjoy organizing and taking part in activities with your friends. It’s just that you like to have a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere when with friends.

An issue with your style of friendship is that you find it very hard to forgive someone who wrongs you. Once you have broken a friendship, it is very hardfor you to make up  and mend broken roads. It might do you a little good to remember that people are not as demonic as you might them out to be when you are cross with them – they are the same as the ones that you made friends with. What you should also understand is that others do not show their gratitude and respect as emphatically as you do – that’s the way they are. So, at some level, you are not as reasonable as you might wanna be. So give that little smile or nod after a quarrel to tell the other person that everything is fine.

You are not as involving as others, but a lot more aggressive and energetic in the friendship. So sometimes, for the less cozy kind, the Libran might seem to be a little too forthcoming or overwhelming, just as they might seem too cold and lonely to the Libran. Friendship is all about making allowances for the other person and learning not to force the friend to make allowances. You know that better than anyone.

  1. Shellee March 8th, 2018

    I am a woman and Cancer Scorpio Rising and my best friend is a Libra Cancer Rising, we get along so good, we are each others secret keepers, we are there to keep each other going, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. We are both every intellectual, smart, funny, we both love music, he helps me to make the right decisions and I help he heal emotionally and I teach him that it is okay and safe to feel those emotions, and to see that it is okay if it does not balance the scales, you feel it heal it and rise up to something better. We encourage each other, discuss new ideas and concepts, we keep each other grounded and on our paths, our journeys. We both lead but in different ways, he says we are twin flames, we have strings attached, it is our connectivety that is the strongest, we call each other our bestest best Girlfriend, we keep it realer than it has ever been real. He has made me stronger, made me see things differently, he has given me so much strength, he is wonderful and not perfect but neither am I, we understand our failings and our strengths. It is all good!!!!!

  2. shazia February 9th, 2018

    hi, I am Libra and he is Libra too, I want know how long and deep our relation, what it will be in future??

  3. Cindy1980 May 30th, 2013

    I don’t think that Libras have good friendships with Cancers…I have two ex-best friends who are Cancers

  4. Caseyy September 22nd, 2011

    Libras,libras….av been with one for 3yrs.and it’s sex only we fight and he always comes back looking for me!but the word commitment and the thot of it scares him,so am enjoying the journey without thinking about the destination!!!!!!

  5. chills May 10th, 2011

    yep, on that, when someone wrongs me,,,do it once same on you do it twice same on me,,,and i dont like the idea of playing my self,,i will deal with that person with a yard stick

  6. amir bengali February 16th, 2010

    how giving to others

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