Pisces Friendship Compatibility

If you are a piscean, you will be a friend cherished and loved by all your friends. Not only are you ready to put a great deal of energy and time into the friendship, but you are also ready to listen and give a shoulder to cry on to your friends. You are always willing to make sacrifices for the sake of your friends. You make their problems your problems. So the good friends will appreciate all you do, and reciprocate in full measure, but there will always be the other ones looking out and trying to take advantage. And unfortunately, you are one of the gullible kind – you find it really hard to make out the honest kind of friends from the opportunists.

Now there is this creative and artistic side of yours we talked about. This means that you like being encouraged by your friends. This works the other way around too – you find it easier to make friends with those who can take interest and sympathise with your interests, emotions and impulses. All and all, you naturally are inclined to get closer to someone who is one the same ground as you. In the whole broader picture, you are helping yourself gain in confidence and achieve whatever it is you want in life. There is the negative side to this too – you need friends who have interests similar to yours. So they might sometimes tend to feign interest in things that they couldn’t care less about – this might lead to awkward or heartbreaking moments.

Pisces, however need to make a conscious effort to get their personal life straight. You tend to be late on appointments, and then appear flustered and embarrased when you arrive. You are of course an excellent friend, one to be treasured, but your mistakes may get a little too irritating for your friends for them to be able to forgive you. A little discipline here would not go amiss. You are a great friend, but you also need to make it easy for your friends to go along with you.

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