Pisces Personality

Pisceans are characterised by their emotional depth. They have such a vast reservoir of positive creative energy that they don’t even come close to realizing their true potential. They are too modest to admit their talent, and often underestimate themselves. No one has the ability to express true human emotions such as happiness, love, anger and forgiveness in his art as much as the Piscean. So he/she no doubt has talent, but there is a tremendous need for encouragement. Pisceans give their friends unconditional support when needed. They believe in the notion that a friend in need is a friend indeed. But this works both ways. They also need to be understood and helped when in need.

Pisceans are also susceptible to developing habits and then acting as if they will show themselves out. Eventually, it becomes so late that things go out of control, and the habits take a heavy toll on their personal and professional lives. Again, it is almost impossible for the Piscean to get out of such a quicksand and restore normalcy in life without the support and affection of close and loved ones. Friends and family might find this a little difficult than they might think because Pisceans tend to be a little deceptive, thinking that it is for everyone’s good. So the picture I paint is not a very rosy one – it would seem that it’s hard for the Piscean to even live normally without help. But it’s not like that. Pisceans have so much stuffed up inside them that it is hard for them to stay balanced. That’s the only reason why they need help.

In love, Pisceans fall very easily and quickly, but tend to make mistakes. And sometimes, the result is the worst. Thus, they can be summed up in one word – passionate – in life, in work, in love and everything else. Their kind and gentle side sprouts from this very passion.

  1. Dev December 27th, 2016

    Born 3-8-88; Im a Pisces male my emotions are sensitive but I dont feel the need to cry, If im pissed off or made to feel sad someone is going to be mentally or physically hurt. Also I love being alone without people all I need is some kind of pet and Im cool. I live in Philadelphia Westside, its not sweet at all out here. I have a highly respected reputation out here, without too many details, I’m a light skinned black guy with a hell of a dark side no joke! I love to fight in the ring, Shoot guns at the range, and breaking balls with my friends I can take some cruel jokes that some people will be ready to kill each other for. And when it comes to money its a marriage some Pisces don’t learn to do that til their early 30’s. I dream big and aim high. I don’t accept petty or handouts. And when it comes down to a relationship I put the aggression to the side and turn on the passion, romance and poetry. A woman is the only thing that can hurt me, that when sensitivity kicks back in, no argument, no physical contact, no talking from me your out of my life for good if its a friend or mate, a few years for family.

  2. junessch April 8th, 2014

    seriously, this is an utmost bullshit, insulting article I ever read.
    I am a Piscean, I have a steady job, family.., I have a house, a car, many hobbies i passionate about so I need lot of space to do my things, I do love my friends but at the same time I am so happy to be on my own, almost excited, to get on with thing I love doing. And in the last 50 years of my life, i married, have children, divoiced, brougth up my children alone, and happily remarried again.
    Looking back at those years when I faced problems, first thing in my mind always was how to sort it out myself!
    Thank you!

    • Sietrix March 21st, 2018

      Are you sure your not on the aries/pisces cusp? or the aqaurius/pisces cusp? Because maybe your more of one of those two signs than you think. I am 2 days into pisces so I am in when it is at its most powerful time. I am deep as it says and I am very spiritual so I do not think your a full-blooded Pisces but maybe a half-breed?…:/ I don’t know, just saying.

  3. Hania December 20th, 2010

    I’m a Pisces girl and i really want to know what’s the most evil part of a Pisces. we might seem sensitive, loving but i’m sure there’s a dark side. i would really want to know

  4. Keep Your Voices May 18th, 2010

    for the most part this is true for me
    but over the years i’ve become more….independent i guess you could say and different form the “norm” of a pisces or the norm the web/astrology makes them out to be such as how i am when i’m in love [which i am] i let him be as he is and i give him plenty of space [i’m in love with an aquarious] and i’m not clingy at all or whiny like most pisces girls ha but i am like all pisces very understanding of people and their feelings and always looking for affection from important people in my life though i don’t have as many as i once did

  5. Reezii September 27th, 2009

    I know and like a Pisces boy that goes to my school. He is very emotional. Like whrn the kids be joking around and if they say he’s ugly…he’ll look like he’s bout to cry but doesnt. I be paying close attention to him lol…bUT I THINK pISCES are very very emotional people. I love emotional ppl cause i like dealing with emotions..lol i guess cause im a Taraus girl….

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