Amala Yoga

Amala Yoga is a benefic yoga that brings good fortune for its natives. For this yoga to be formed, some benefic planets must occupy the 10th from Lagna or the Moon.
Natives of this yoga will have great wealth, but the most poignant benefit of this yoga is the lasting fame and good reputation that it gives. They will have spotless character and prosperous life.

This yoga arises when the 10th from the Moon or Lagna is occupied by a benefic planet. There are exceptions to this rule, but for one to enjoy all the benefits of this yoga, this rule must be fully followed and satisfied.

When there is no benefic planet present in the Lagna or the Moon, the Amala yoga cannot be formed. However, in some cases, as long as there is any planet in the 10th from Lagna or Chandra, that planet would give much wealth during his Dasa. This may also include malefic planets, and in this case, the native will get wealth without fame or character.

Comments and other details
Although the exception of the rule for the formation of this planet looks contradictory, you should also know that even though both malefic and benefic planets may bring much wealth when they occupy the Lagna or 10th from the moon, the means to this wealth will be different. Amala literally means “pure” which is why it arises with benefic planets. When one gets wealth from malefic planets placed in the same positions as is required for Amala yoga, the means would be questionable. Therefore, would you then say that Amala yoga was formed?

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