Kemadruma Yoga

Kemadruma yoga is a negative yoga, and it is formed when there are no planets on either side of the moon. It cancels Raja yoga Below are some of the rules that guide its formation:


  • There should be no planets on either side of the Moon. 
  • The Moon should not be aspected by any planet or have any planet in 4th and 10th from its position.
  • If any planet is around the moon then this yoga is cancelled.


Here are some exceptions to the rules above:

  • In a case where the yoga should be cancelled when Mars is in the 7th from the moon, a direct association between Mars (lord of 6th and 11th) with second lord Moon will cause more severe havoc in the life of the native of the kemadruma yoga.
  • When there are numerous Raj and Dhan Yoga then the kemadruma yoga will be cancelled and the native will live a successful life.
  • Also, when the ascendant is very strong – 5th lord Venus, and the ascendant is aspected by Jupiter from 7th, kemadruma is cancelled in the native’s life. (because Jupiter is creating panchmahapurush Hamsa Yoga)
  • The sun is known to nullify or weaken some yogas, but in this yoga, the sun being close to the moon does not make any difference. 

But here are a few ways that this yoga can be cancelled:

  • When there is a presence of planets in Kendra/quadrant from the Lagna.
  • Presence of planets in quadrant/Kendra from the moon.
  • If all planets are associating with the moon.
  • When the moon is strong and in a kendra aspected by or associated with benefics (Mercury, Jupiter or Venus).

In the cases mentioned above, the kemadruma yoga will be ineffective.

Comment and other details

Natives of this yoga are dirty, sorrowful, and dependent, they are also prone to engaging in dishonourable activities. Their lives are usually riddled with a lot of misery and illnesses. However, in order to properly read this yoga, the entire horoscope of the individual should be read properly. The whole chart should be analyzed along with the dasha pattern before coming to a conclusion.