Ruby – Uses, Benefits & Who Should Wear

A Ruby is the most valuable variety of the corundum mineral stones, the same group that houses sapphires. It is a pink to blood-red transparent gemstone, and like the yellow sapphire, it ranks 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness behind the diamond, which means it is extremely strong even with its glassy look. It gets its name from its colour in Latin – ‘ruber’ which means red in the language, but it is called manik stone in Hindi.


Rubies are used primarily in two ways, it can either work as a centerpiece gemstone embedded in pendants and rings, or it can be used as a secondary stone to complement other gemstones, e.g Diamonds. Like other gemstones, the clarity of a ruby makes it extremely valuable, and this can be achieved by polishing. Rubies are also used as knife sharpeners and as jewels for mechanical watches.

Benefits of Ruby

Ruby has many benefits for the wearer,  chief of which is lifting your confidence, this gemstone gives the wearer incredible help and deference from places of power. It also increases focus and helps for clearer thoughts which makes for a stronger personality. Since most of the work of this stone is internal like helping bone strength and improving creativity, you can be sure that it makes relationships better, and gives general health wellness. 

How to select Ruby

Because of its precious nature, Ruby is a mineral of very limited distribution. Mostly found in north-central Myanmar (Burma), northeast of Mandalay, the darker they are, the more potent and expensive they are, which makes them scarce. But the colour is not the only thing to look out for when selecting a Ruby, like diamonds you have to check for a number of factors; the clarity, the cut, the carat, and the colour of the stone.

Of these 4, the colour is the most important factor and you should know that the darker the colour of the Ruby, the more potent and expensive it will be. 

Next is clarity which plays an important role as well. Clearer stones sell for higher prices, but when a ruby doesn’t have any tiny inclusions, then it may have been treated.

However the inclusions in premium ruby stones are so rare that one has to use a magnifier to spot it, and even then, it can only catch so little. You must know that there are 3 types of ruby stones and their prices differ. Fine grade ruby gemstone costs the least while Super Premium Quality Ruby Stone costs the most and is the best choice for astrological uses.

How to wear Ruby

If you are born in July or under the birth sign Leo, then wearing this gemstone is sure to enrich your life. Ruby can be worn in various ways as it is used in all forms of jewelry. You can embed it in bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. 

As a ring, the natural ruby stone should be worn on a Sunday morning on the index finger of the right hand. Also, the best metal for the ring is gold and copper. 

Furthermore, it is essential to purify the stone, if you do not, then you may have negative effects from wearing it. And to purify the Ruby you have to dip it in a mixture of Gangajal, honey, milk, sugar, and curd the night before you wear it. And the next morning, you need to offer prayers to Lord Sun and take his blessings. Later, chant Surya Mantra or Sun Mantra.

The weight of the stone worn is determined by the weight of the wearer, the stone should be 1 carat per 10kg. What this means is that if the wearer weighs 80kg, then the Ruby worn should be 8kg. But generally speaking, astrologers suggest that the ideal weight of ruby stone should be of 3 carat. 


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