Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

As a friend, the Sagittarian’s greatest gift is his/her liveliness. Sagittarius are very enthusiastic and diligent, and for this reason, they can very easily encourage their friends to keep trying and making the most out of their opportunities. They love to see their friends fighting with all the spirit and verve, and derive strength from their strength. That’s why they say enthusiasm is a very infectious thing.

But if you are in the Sagittarian’s position, the enthusiasm will sometimes come in your way of trying to listen to your friends.The thing is sometimes, you just don’t need to lift up their spirits or anything, you just need to lend them an ear. You, out of all, will find that hard to understand, and learn only with time. Instead of listening, you give your friends ideas and tell them what they already know, and they think you are playing ‘Mr. Fix It’. Of course it’s hard for them to appreciate it all the time! Another problem that arises from this facet of yours is your inability to share your problems with others. Burying them will seem to help for some time, as you maintain your ‘giver of light and hope’ kind of image; but at some point, you just need to let go of your ego and lighten up, spit it out.

Another thing about the Sagittarius is that he/she loves challenges and cannot stand the sight of a talent being wasted. So, they need friends who are hustling and bustling and busy all the time; people who take their lives easy, and do things half-heartedly are not for them. They hate half-hearted! But as you may see, given a friend group, there will always be the ‘laid back Jim’. Besides, it’s not always about the friends living up to your expectations – it’s about you measuring up and adjusting to your circle of friends that you picked with your own hands. So, Sagittarius need to learn to keep boredom and restlessness out of their demeanor – these things will only bring frustration to the them and their peers, and lead to no constructive activity.

  1. t.k.s. shankar ganesh January 5th, 2017

    yourself is so corect. everybody thinks wrong in all activities in case of friends/sisters/mother/brother/wife/children. why it is like this.

  2. February 23rd, 2014

    You are so right on about me. It’s almost scary. I feel I know me better than anyone else but you have me pegged. thanks so much for this extra insight to myself. You got me right! thanks again

  3. cincere September 27th, 2011

    “inability to share your problems with others.”
    That sounds so like me! I don’t want them to feel worried about me so i take the step to deal my own issues.

  4. leleta January 9th, 2009

    this is a good catch

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