Sagittarius in Love and Romance

It is very characteristic of Sagittarius to fall in love, or fall in something of the kind, and then feel that may be it’s just a temporary thing, a phase. What’s happening here is that you are naturally in love with your physical and emotional independence, to a degree that you can’t imagine. So, when those feelings crop up inside you for someone, there is some part of you that always tells you not to risk that freedom of yours if it’s not worth it. So you keep telling yourself that this one is not the one. You stop yourself from pressing on, and the other person gets the feeling that you are not so into him/her. Being too much into someone too fast is not too good either, but your at the other extreme. So you need to do the balancing act. And experience teaches you how. You teach yourself that the only way to find out if someone is the one, is to try even at the risk of a heartbreak!

Once in a relationship, we again see Sagittarius vigorous and enthusiastic side. That’s right – you are too sexed up not to get bored in relationships. This can happen in a variety of situations – say if the partner is not imaginative sexually, or if there is little else to the relationship other than the sexual act. In both cases, you will enjoy yourself for as long as the initial spark lasts, and after that start to feel unfulfilled and restless. At this point, you will give in much more easily than others to the boredom, and end the relationship.

There is also the disturbing trait of duality in relationships exhibited by Sagittarius. To the world, this can be seen in the form of two simultaneous relationships. Of course, if at all you do it, you will do it just to reassure yourself of your independence from any one person. You would want to tell yourself that you don’t need anyone emotionally. But that is not a very healthy line of thought. Moreover, the companions will see it as an act of betrayal.

  1. Adan velazquez December 19th, 2018

    Looking for just a sex buddie no strings attached

  2. emani moultrie October 12th, 2017

    i’m a sag and i’m trying to find a Capricorn boyfriend but it is very hard for me to find that right guy for me.

  3. Lulu13 January 29th, 2014

    Sagdes are usually not that jealous, but if he is feeling insecure about any aspect of his life, they can definitely act out. As a Sadge lady dating other Sadge guys, I find asking them to show me a favorite hobby of theirs helps to restore some peace as Sadges like to share their knowledge on anything and everything, and will help to build his confidence. If it is an outdoor hobby, even better. I find that if I can get them outside, they tend to mellow out and open up. He may bring up the issues himself if he’s feeling comfortable enough.

  4. sweetrockzii January 16th, 2014

    My boyfriend is a sagittarius and he stays in suspision about me and i am  a libra that drives me crazy. What should i do because when i ask him things about him he gets upset. 

  5. mystyle September 4th, 2011

    i perfectly agree u linda. i feel u r just talking about me

  6. SteelyBlue27 May 27th, 2011

    WOW…I have to add this (Kellie)after reading your comment undoubtedly should be a writer!!

  7. SteelyBlue27 May 27th, 2011

    aside from that wonderful interpretation from ( kellie )
    out of all of the interpretations of personality traits of sag or the other signs including this one..((Linda Goodman))Is the very best here is an example of some of her interps:
    She may confuse you, but that’s nothing to what she does | to herself. Many a Sagittarius girl mistakes friendship for | love and love for friendship. If you’re one of those old-| fashioned men who prefer evasiveness and timidity in your i women, you’d better look for another Bingo partner. This young lady has bright, frank ways with men, and she’s not going to play any silly games of “Guess how I feel” or “Guess what I think!” How she feels and what she thinks are identical with how she acts and what she says. Her outspoken bluntness naturally causes misunderstand­ings, and a good share of fiery battles, let alone hurt feel­ings, but it doesn’t crush her spirit. Jupiter pride comes to the surface and rescues her in a crisis, allowing her to pass off her heartache as the biggest joke of the season. Inside, she may be weeping, but she’ll employ such clever wit in answering the questions of friends about the break that they’ll decide the whole affair was a harmless flirtation on her part. Little will they guess how she soaks her pillow every night, wondering what she could possibly have said that fractured everything. It might have been when she told him not to stop by her apartment the time he called from the lobby around midnight-because she was “busy talking with a man who had a few problems.” Actually, the man was her brother-in-law, but with the peculiar Sagit­tarius twist of leaving out the core of the story, she neg­lected to mention that. Why should she have to explain herself? (All Sagittarians show a raging, righteous anger when their integrity is doubted.) <—FANTASTIC

  8. kellieborriello February 23rd, 2011

    A Sag’s intuition is based on the “knowing” inside our hearts. That is where the truth lies. We have the courage to believe in it, even if we stand alone. That’s the freedom loving essence of a Sag. It’s easy for us to see the struggles of another, because we feel it. It is difficult to witness pain and suffering of others. But sometimes we must, because the sufferage is essential for their growth. Sensitivity to the vulnerabilities of others and unconditional love for ourselves and others, is what enables Sag’s to be the true healers of the world.

    • MarcMedic September 21st, 2017

      I am pretty sure I’m in love with you Kellie, so let ‘the healing’ begin! I AM the Sagi’ in your description!

    • MarcMedic September 21st, 2017

      I am DEATHLY AFRAID of finishing EMT / Paramedic school , because of how much I can be pulled into someone’s pain and LITERAL suffering when I am presented with it…any advice, or you just vocalizing your inner voice after having read my confession would be highly appreciated !

  9. jose October 17th, 2010

    how i can know if my wife love me or love other man

    • MarcMedic September 21st, 2017

      If we feel we should ask, then we should be just as vigilant with the obvious answer Jose’. I know. Crying Is NOT just a river in Egypt.

  10. SOUL4REAL October 3rd, 2010

    I’m a sag and most of what you are saying is true,I love my freedom!

  11. BoomBoom1 September 25th, 2010

    @Aquagirl, me too! I love him so much…:)

    • MarcMedic September 21st, 2017

      Woah!! Honestly. Are we REALLY doing this? Here? Seriously?…come on. Not whens there are kids that need dinner, my beer WILL NOT crawl to me on the couch, and the grass WILL CONTINUE TO BE CONTENT NOT CUTTING ITSELF! Why do you make me say this?

  12. AquaGirl March 4th, 2010

    Sadge men are the best! I’m in love with one:)

  13. karen December 11th, 2009

    LOL WOWW IM AMaaZED HOW all this astrological stuff fits me PERFECTLY IM EXCACTLY DAT — wop wop give it sags ;

  14. Brenda July 17th, 2009

    How can i know if my man loves or care about me.

    • MarcMedic September 21st, 2017

      Brenda….uhhhh. I told you at the counselor’s office,,,
      after you listened to my brother’s drawn out, drunk rants, and in the shower after your sponser’s funeral yesterday; asking strangers is not going to MAKE you believe me…

  15. thato July 13th, 2009

    how can i know that somebody is into me

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