Sri Vishnu Sahasranama : A Remedy That Brings A Thousand and More Benefits

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra as provided by Gita Press, Gorakhpur (India). Also available here.

Download Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra PDF in Sanskrit. For English Transliteration version see here.

For approximate meanings and simple translation in English see the freely available translation by Kisari Mohan Ganguli and the Wikipedia article.

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Sri Vishnu Sahasranama (श्रीविष्णुसहस्रनाम) meaning a thousand names of Lord Vishnu is one of the most popular and powerful  prayer in praise of Lord Vishnu. Each name is a unique quality of the supreme lord and bestows many benefits including name, fame, wealth, health, beauty, victory, freedom, happiness, knowledge and an all round growth. It takes away all obstacles and kills diseases, suffering and pain of all kinds. It can also bring about an end to the cycle of life and death.

Each recitation and mediation brings about a positive change in one’s consciousness and gives peace of mind. A joy starts flows from inside. It kills ignorance, mind no longer clings to useless objects  and takes one nearer to divinity and one’s true nature(dharma). Self realization brings an awareness that body and mind itself are temporary and transitory in nature, but Self is never born and never dies.

The Sri Vishnu Sahasranam is found in the Mahabharata, Anusasana Parva, Section 149, verses 14 to 120, and authored by Srila Vyasadeva. Many devotees chant this everyday; if this is not convenient they perform this at least on their birthdays, on eclipse days and on the day which sun moves from one zodiac sign to another. The chanting of the Vishnu Sahasra Nama is said by sastras to ward off troubles that arise from the position of stars, planets, anger of rulers, incurable diseases and ruthless enemies. Moreover this purifies the mind there by letting one gain more inner poise for meditation, allows us greater understanding of the characteristics of the Lord, and invokes His energy into our life and consciousness.

— As posted by Stephen Knapp

At the end of Kurukshetra War King Yuddhishtra went to his grandsire Bhishma who was laying on a death bed of arrows to gain his lifetime’s knowledge and experience. During the conversation (Anusasana Parva, Section 149, verses 14 to 120) he posed these questions –

  1. Who may be said to be the one god in the world?
  2. Who is the one refuge of all?
  3. By glorifying and worshiping whom, can people attain peace and prosperity?
  4. What is, in your opinion, the greatest Dharma – one’s true nature?
  5. By doing Japa of what, can creature go beyond the bonds and cycle of birth and death?

Bhishma responded by reciting these one thousand names of Lord Vishnu and reminded him that either by meditating on these names or by invoking the names through archana (Offering), our minds can be lifted to higher consciousness.

Benefits of Reciting Sri Vishnu Sahasranama – Phala Sruti

  • That man who hears the names every day or who recites them every day, never meets with any evil either here or hereafter.
  • If a Brahmana does this he succeeds in mastering the Vedanta.
  • If a Kshatriya does it, he becomes always successful in battle.
  • A Vaisya, by doing it, becomes possessed of affluence.
  • A Sudra earns great happiness.
  • If one becomes desirous of earning the merit of righteousness, one succeeds in earning it (by hearing or reciting these names).
  • If it is wealth that one desires, one succeeds in earning wealth (by acting in this way).
  • So also the man who wishes for enjoyments of the senses succeeds in enjoying all kinds of pleasures, and the man desirous of offspring acquires offspring (by pursuing this course of conduct).
  • That man who with devotion and perseverance and heart wholly turned towards him, recites these thousand names of Vasudeva every day, after having purified himself, succeeds in acquiring great fame, a position of eminence among his kinsmen, enduring prosperity, and lastly, that which is of the highest benefit to him (viz., emancipation itself).
  • Such a man never meets with fear at any time, and acquires great prowess and energy. Disease never afflicts him; splendor of complexion, strength, beauty, and accomplishments become his.
  • The sick become hale, the afflicted become freed from their afflictions; the affrighted become freed from fear, and he that is plunged in calamity becomes freed from calamity.
  • The man who hymns the praises of that foremost of Beings by reciting His thousand names with devotion succeeds in quickly crossing all difficulties.
  • That mortal who takes refuge in Vasudeva and who becomes devoted to Him, becomes freed of all sins and attains to eternal Brahma.
  • They who are devoted to Vasudeva have never to encounter any evil. They become freed from the fear of birth, death, decrepitude, and disease.
  • That man who with devotion and faith recites this hymn (consisting of the thousand names of Vasudeva) succeeds in acquiring felicity of soul, forgiveness of disposition, prosperity, intelligence, memory, and fame. Neither wrath, nor jealousy, nor cupidity, nor evil understanding ever appears in those men of righteousness who are devoted to that foremost of beings.
  • This hymn in praise of the illustrious Vishnu composed by Vyasa, should be recited by that person who wishes to acquire happiness and that which is the highest benefit (viz., emancipation).
  • Those persons that worship and adore the Lord of the universe, that deity who is inborn and possessed of blazing effulgence, who is the origin or cause of the universe, who knows on deterioration, and who is endued with eyes that are as large and beautiful as the petals of the lotus, have never to meet with any discomfort.

Astrological importance of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama

As mentioned above recitation and meditation of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra can help anyone who is seeking relief from various problems and can fulfill his or her desires.

  • Helps minimizing evil combinations/affliction of planets as indicated in one’s birth chart. One can also heal through and overcome various curses and misfortunes.
  • Many astrological classics including Bṛhat Parāśara Horāśāstra have mentioned its use to obtain peace and relief in difficult situations. In fact it is a universal remedy to pacify and empower all planets in one’s birth chart.
  • Difficult periods indicated in a person’s birth chart including:
    • Dashas and antadashas of death inflicting planets(marak periods) and functionally malefic planets.
    • Difficult transits of Rahu, Ketu or Saturn especially over Luminaries, that is, natal Sun and Moon.
    • When transiting Jupiter moves through one’s 8th House.
    • Weak and inauspicious Sun, Moon, Lagna(Ascendant) Lord as indicated in one’s birth chart.
  • Incurable diseases, health problems, fear, anxiety and low state of confidence and self-esteem.
  • Financial losses, conflicts and poor economic condition.
  • Problems with progeny and any problem affecting children.
  • Marital problems and divorce conflicts.
  • Ensuring success in exams, business ventures and other competition.
  • Natural disasters or when one’s country/state is in a state of turmoil and distress.
  • Spiritual progress and grace of Lord Vishnu.
  • To fulfill any other desire or overcome any difficulty.

Some Success Stories

Famous Indian astrologer Shri K.N. Rao has suggested Sri Vishnu Sahasranama to many people facing problems and they have been relieved of those problems. In an interview he mentioned his experience and results of reciting Sri Vishnu Sahasranama:

We all enjoy some amount of free will within the orbit of predetermination; not outside it. If free-will was non-existent, the great sage Parashara whose magnum opus on astrology, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, we depend on, would not have prescribed remedial measures like doing Vishnu Sahasranamam or doing charities etc. You have seen my own example. I could not walk in the years 2000-2001 without a support walker. No doctor could diagnose my disease and therefore no treatment was possible. I did Vishnu Sahasranamam regularly and with God’s grace, I can now walk without the walker (even though I still use a walking stick for safety).

Author of this article has also witnessed the power of this stotra at various occasions including:

  • A person was facing a lot of troubles and going through a depression phase due to a psychiatric problem. He chanted Sri Vishnu Sahasranama for some days along with other things like yoga and meditation. He started feeling better day by day. Today although the problem persists but its not as disturbing and this person is no longer depressed.
  • A person desired spiritual growth, and chanting of this stotra brought about many positive changes in his understanding of Life and spiritual journey.
  • A person experienced leap bound growth in his business and forged beneficial business relationships with many.
  • A women had a neck pain and no medicine would work. She chanted this stotra for few days. Soon the pain was reduced to a great extent.

Have you obtained successful results from chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranama? Please share them with all of us.

At the end of this article, I would to thank and express my gratitude to Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Maharishi Vyas and all rishis, Sri Bhishm, masters and knowledgeable people for their contribution towards betterment and growth of all living beings.

  1. manju June 18th, 2017

    I am reciting Vishnu sahastranam for the year 2009. Within two weeks of chanting I got a very good job which was much required during that time. I was able to survive other problems of life successfully with faith on Vishnu sahastranam. I gained courage in difficult circumstances. The sahastranam provides a protective cover.

  2. Dr E Ravishanker April 13th, 2017

    I have has immense benefits of Chanting Vishnu Sahasranaam. I got extremely complicated cases settled, severe health issues resolved, career opportunities, and above all, repeat above all understood what is god worship and how it should be. I am follower of Sri Ramakrishna Math taking Diksha. With this in combination with Vishnu Sahasranaam is a great one indeed. I sincerely request people to recite knowing the meaning. The line itself put me flat- All in the universe, the one pervading the universe, one deserving the highest praise of sacrifices, The King of past future and present is HE- I.e., Visvam, Vishnu, Vashatkaro, Bhutia- Bahvya-Bhavat Prabhuhu!

  3. Dr. SUnil Bhaskaran April 4th, 2017

    I have been chanting Vishnu Sahstranamam for last five years. It helped me in gaining internal happiness, mental power and strength. But I am not sure about getting other benefits like solving financial troubles, problem in Carrier, safety from enemies etc.

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  5. Profile photo of scharan
    scharan December 12th, 2015

    Very good Information provided sir. Really it is very usefull.

  6. Profile photo of scharan
    scharan December 12th, 2015

    Very good Information provided sir. Really it is very usefull.Thanks,Regards,<a href=””>Vishnu Sahasranamam</a>

  7. Profile photo of daneshraam
    daneshraam October 16th, 2014

    Om namo narayana, hi, iam daneshraam from india, living in tamilnadu, coimbatore, i have been chanting vishnu saharsaranamam daily for the whole month of puratasi each year in a traditional way, this is my seventh year, i have lot’s of expereinces each time when i complete chanting the whole month,the very first time when i started this virdh pooja for thirty days i was not quiete sure what this virdh pooja will bring me but stunningly on the last .day of virdhpooja i have to travel to my wife’s operation for gynecological problem and the problem was solved for the life time, i was very happy and had stunning feeling, my second experience was the next year of virdhpooja as soon as i finished the virdhapooja one of my house which was pending for sale for a very long time was sold and i was out of monetary hitches, the third time of the virdhapooja i recovered my blocked land sale money which was pending for quiete a long time,
    Each time when i finish chanting i have been washedout from my very big problems of life, now i have made it customery to chant each year during the month of puratasi, now with a more presicive way of  using BORNEOL MIXED WITH SAFFRON AND PURE SANDLE PASTE sprinkled all over floor where the photo of swamy balaji is kept, and placing lotus with tulasi leaves and shenbaga ( tamil name) flower, this shenbaga flower is said to be a very dearest to lord vishnu, AFTER PERFORMING THE CHANT EVERY DAY OF THE VIRDH POOJA I FEEL MY BIRTH IS WORTH,  thank you to all who are reading this comment, may lord shiva and lord vishnu( haihara) bless you all with the necessary n

  8. Profile photo of March 21st, 2014


  9. Profile photo of timsi
    timsi November 16th, 2013

    @kamal0020  I know that Vishnu Saharsanama is a long mantra thats why u are asking this but if you read with pure faith …you will enjoy this also… Anyways..keep faith in Krishna.. !!!

  10. Profile photo of timsi
    timsi November 16th, 2013

    Jai Shrikrishna,
    I have also experinced of Blessings from Shrikrishna and he is the most powerful in this world… I m sure I am going to start Vishnu Sahasranama  from tomorrow and will be back with the blessing of Lord Krishna again !!!!!!

  11. Profile photo of anuradhasriraman
    anuradhasriraman September 2nd, 2013

    its benefits are indescribable

  12. Profile photo of kamal0020
    kamal0020 July 9th, 2013

    i want to know that if chanting only 1000 words works or i ve to do the poetic form i’m chanting only the names

  13. Profile photo of sureshmallelil
    sureshmallelil June 19th, 2013


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    anantha December 24th, 2012

     !om namo narayana! GOD BLESS

  15. Profile photo of
    anantha December 24th, 2012

    Hearing is enough, know the meaning for better attachment..
    hear this maha mantra reularly any time.. THIS IS REALLY GREAT, all the benefits listed above is a drop in all oceans combined.
    i accedently heard this and habituated to it..  no thinking it works like a 100 supersonice jet power for sure.

  16. Profile photo of
    anantha December 24th, 2012

    yes its definetely good i have experienced changes a lot, i was depressed a lot , its effect is immediate.. benefits ,
     !om namo narayana! GOD BLESS

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