Taurus Career and Money

Taurus are very hardworking people who don’t mind giving some project endless hours without the smallest glimpse of returns or results. They are not the resilient sturdy kind who likes to work under stress with a huge load and deadlines to be met; and neither do they like working in a disturbing and noisy atmosphere. They need to choose a career wherein they are not forced to give immediate results and take sudden action, they like taking life the easy yet serious way.

Another issue with them is their tendency to put on weight. No matter how hard they work or how little they eat, they just don’t seem to be able to burn those extra calories! And this takes a toll on their work – after the afternoon lunch, they are hardly in a position to keep the drowsiness away and concentrate on their work. Not a big problem if they are able to make up for it in the morning.

Another very important issue for the Taurus while choosing a career is the security. They cannot get into a job which makes demands at their ingenuity and imagination every single moment. If they are told to constantly improve the techniques of the company, and keep finding new ways of cutting the costs, they will just not like it. They cannot life with the fact that demands of this kind on their physical and mental reserves will be kept being made for all their lives.

They’d be much happier working in the outlines drawn by others, giving their know-how and wisdom wherever necessary. So they are not made for leading a company, but for playing a supporting role – fair enough; how many do we have these days even to do that!

That being said, Taurus can make great progress in fields which require long hours of patient study. For example, drawing the detailed architectural plans of a new building based on ideas and specifications already given by others might sound a very unimaginative and tedious job. But not everyone can do it – it needs long hours of terrible concentration.

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  2. vamsi_mansa January 5th, 2016

    hi this vamsi viswanath i am a btech graduate i am worring about my carrier to see my parents and my wife also because in my education i got up and down are thier but how ever i have completed my gradution and i worked in companys with the salary 9000rupees per month coming to my family my father is rmp doctor my mother is ahome maker i am having sister she is handicapped she is not getting marrage i need solve this also issues by coming good in my carrier by earning money now at present i am looking for good opertunity in carrier at presnt i am serching for ajob i am not having any job plz help me to solve this all issue and coming to my wife she is working in infosys bt she always having issues with my family beacuse mines love marrage now parents are good bt she is not execpting plz tellme what should i need to do with this all problems

  3. ashok1776 January 5th, 2015

    Shall I get job this week. Pls do respond

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    plz help me,i hd taken  written test in a big company..but still nw i didnt get any response from them….n..am troubled whether wl i get that job r not!  or atlest i can do my pg degree…….n itz almost all the colleges hv hd opened………still am struglled whether to join any college r to wait for my resultz…….my dob is 6 may 1988, 8.34am 

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    You just Gotta Do it The Fast way & kkeep it moving! & make them Haters Look up to you. POW! POW!! Pow!

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    Really very much true…thanks a lot!

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    hello am vamshi.I have a small query that I am going for my visa to USA.Will I get success in getting my visa.Howz da future of mine…in career..pls mail me ASAP

  11. Wendy Edwards January 29th, 2010

    I believe that the written script for “Taurus Career and Money” should be placed under the “Taurus Marriage” section since the first line includes the word marriage.

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