Virgo in Marriage

Once you Virgos have decided to tie the knot, you will find that those demons of self-consciousness and apprehension are starting to leave you. Even though will not be totally free from them, you will find ways to fight them; and more importantly, you will find a reason to fight them – a reason that is more important to you than any other in life. There will be a sense of security, like you have fought for something and now it’s yours.

Now this does not settle things, there is a lot to be done. It is important for you Virgos to relax and get comfortable with the everyday life after getting married. An important issue here is your constant fussing and worrying about things that are not such a big deal. You might get tensed about not having prepared a certain dish as well as you might have liked to, or getting a better couch for the drawing room. Now what happens is that this constant fretting does not make your life any better, but bothers your partner. Obviously, he/she would like you a lot more if you were relaxed and all your attention were on them. So when he/she accuses of being hung up on material objects and not giving them due attention, the allegation is not totally baseless.

Virgos make great parents, arousing their child’s curiosity in all kinds of stuff and encouraging them to take part in activities that are not part of their curriculum but great learning experiences. So no issues on that front, other than the fact that you sometimes need to curb that tendency to criticize their honest efforts. They need encouragement and appreciation just as much as constructive criticism and discipline – too much of one may stunt the growth of their personality. So don’t be as cold as you are while handing worldly issues, they deserve a lot more from you.

Overall, Virgos are really relentless in their efforts at making the home a better place for the partner. In doing so, they might work too hard – the husband at excelling in his career so that he can provide more, and the wife at keeping the house proper and everything in place so that the family has a comfortable place to live in. So you need to relax and sit down to enjoy what you worked so hard to achieve.

  1. Jessica May 13th, 2018

    Hi my name is jessica dog is8-25-85 I was wondering if me and my scorpio dob11-7-79 will get married and if not when do u see me getting married

  2. Elicia July 6th, 2017

    my name is Elicia, my dob is 24/08/73 + i’d like to no if I will ever re marry

  3. jyoti March 9th, 2017

    My name is Jyoti
    I wants knw about my love life and when I m going to get married

  4. Nisha January 28th, 2017

    Im nisha my dob is 8/12/93 when will i get married and about my marriage life

  5. April 18th, 2016

    Hello my name is pallavi mehra n my dob is 5-10-1994 n tym is 11:20am . I want to know at what age I will get married. ?

  6. Asfia23 August 13th, 2015

    Can you predict about my love /affair/married life? My dob:23rd aug 1987.not sure about the accurate time

  7. Mrs.-Kamran December 30th, 2014

    I am a virgo of 7 sept and my hubby is also a virgo of 7 sept and i feel myself lucky. He is the best and as we both are virgo so we understand each other alot. Virgo lovers or husbands are honest respectful and mature kind of personalities, they love you and really really care for you but in return they need love and respect too. Dont ever try to insult him, they are very sensitive + they dont forget that insult for their whole life time. They never show their feelings, you have to understand them by yourself. Whenever we fought, he is the one who came to me and hug me without saying a word and as i see the tears i forget the reason of fighting and everything gets beautiful again. Yes virgos do have ego, a kind of attitude but if you show them your love they are all yours.

  8. manish_123 April 28th, 2014

    hello, i am manish goyal, my dob is 04/09/1986 and time is 12:46 pm and my pob is alwar(rajasthan). i want to know that my marriage will happen or not? if my marriage will happen then when i will get married?

  9. April 15th, 2014

    My DOB is 31 Aug 1987.  My birth timings are 4:37 AM . So i want to know about my future prediction about my carrer , my after marriage prediction , when will I get married and what type of husband I will get.
    Also I have some health issues as well like stomach problems.
    Please advice and predict my future.
    Thanks & Regards

  10. Mazsa March 19th, 2011

    To Bernadette: Virgo males are totally honest in all aspects, I am Scorpio & 55 & my man is Virgo & 46, we have been together for 3 years but also friends for 11 years, Virgo men don’t openly show or talk about their emotions or feelings a lot but when you get to know a virgo you get to understand their ways, I knew my man loved me long before he told me. Just make sure you are always honest with your virgo, they can be hurt easily.

  11. Bernadette thomas February 21st, 2011

    Hello everybody im a cancer woman and im 4o years old and my virgo man is 27 years old and i love what i was reading about my virgo man he is so wonderful to me i have one question do virgo males tells a 1,000 percent truth about how he really feels about his cancer woman we is in a deep loving relationship

  12. U-C-R February 11th, 2011

    This is absolutely wonderful. A gud description of me sumwhat & my man,although am still learnin him. We’ve been a month together as we re courting. Am a virgo & he is a scorpio. Jus as u described me as a critical type,loyal, lovin etc & he as being possessive, jealous,caring,faithful,hardworking etc I’d seen some of this actions/qualities as true. It’s really cool. I enjoy reading it as it guides,corrects,inspires/motivates me 2wards having a long lastin relationshp cus it improves me. & becus I hav known his weaknesses,I wil be able 2 cope,&undestand him better by taking him 4 who he is. His strenghts re also a bonus 2 me. We love each other so much that I pray we marry soon. Be blessed wit children etc. I wouldn’t exchange him for anything. He’s so caring!!! I must confirm this readings as accurate becus not even psychology can read man’s behavior as ‘Ask’.

  13. mazsa January 8th, 2011

    I am a Scorpion and my man is a Virgo and I thoroughly agree with Fara. Virgos have a continual mood change/swing and being a Scorpion it is difficult to cope with and yes they like to be in control and are always right even when they are wrong. They can be very difficult to live with but I would never trade my man for any other in fact I’m just waiting for the day he asks me to marry him.

  14. NILA BENE February 21st, 2010

    well as far as coments as concern this very informative,,being married to VIrgoan,,gives me more sight how to get along with my Virgo husband being a Sagittarians,,surprised me really that it says “Virgo/Sagiss has no promiss of long relationship!! ohhh boy not again !! I been to a long relationship with an Aquarians,,it last 11 yrs but we didnt get married,,now I worried Im married with a Virgo that might not last for long but so madly inloved now and pray its for long or might say forever. I thank you Godspeed

  15. Fara December 21st, 2009

    the person who made this website was probably married to my husband!!! I couldn’t describe my husband (Virgo Sept.5) any better. I have to add that once the virgo likes to do things his way and he is not even aware of it. If you mention it to him, he gets hurt becasue in his mind he is doing it all for the partner. It is just that he knows more than her and he knows how to do it right. That is why he is taking the lead!!!!! So you should really thank him, not criticize him (regardless of if you wanted him to lead or not).

    Overall, being married to a Virgo man for 17 years, I have to say my good days are heaven and my bad days are hell. He can be extremly caring and loving when in a good mood, but very cold and distance when things are not perfect (and in reality how many perfect days do we have???)

    But I love my Virgo and wouldn’t trade him for any other man…

  16. melissa August 30th, 2009

    this website is the boom, im a virgo and everthing that i read about virgo is very true, so i thank whoever made this website, you have let met know more about the inner me, and my surrondings.
    thank You.

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