2024 Predictions for People Born on September 10, 1983

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You are 40 years old, born on 10 September 1983. You are entering a new sub-cycle of Venus from September 2022 to September 2025 this year 2024. During this period, Venus transit in the 10th house will make you more sensitive than before and require an increased focus on adjusting to its malefic energy. It is a period when gains of wealth and material possessions may be hampered, however, you will reap the spiritual gains with hard work and dedication.

The 10th house will signify your demeanor as you enter this new sub-cycle of Venus. During this period you may experience losses of friends, disconnection from the social circle, worries about the future and lack of love and affection in relationships. You may also be tested in the domain of ambition and career goals and objectives. The 8th house will bring more demands to the father, losses and destruction in terms of belongings, transformation of emotions and mental affliction. There may also be troubles to in-laws, debt and diseases to younger siblings, lack of trust or vulnerability in relationships; and issues related to religion, secret rituals, and professional growth.

The 1st house suggests a period of transformation and change - of your career, of mental health and morale, and of your place of residence. There may be advancements in children’s knowledge in the field of religion, professional growth, and an edge in speculation. It also presents an opportunity to form stronger relationships with family and spouses, as well as long-distance passion and travel plans.

The 7th house signifies a period in this sub-cycle of Venus that may bring marriage, partnerships and business contracts, as well as open enemies and legal matters. There will be negotiations, diplomacy and secrets enemies of wealth, as well as opportunities for gains from long distance places, higher institutions and customers and clients. Gains to father and friends of father will help ensure a strong inheritance for you and your family.

This next phase in your life will present you with several opportunities and also be peppered with some challenges. The good news is that you now have a clearer sense of the road ahead, and with hard work and dedication you can unlock the abundance of spiritual wisdom that this sub-cycle of Venus is promising. By maintaining a positive outlook and channeling the power of its malefic energy, you can create a life of prosperity and joy. May the stars be your guiding light and may your success light the pathway of your future.

Methodology: Our yearly predictions are based on the Whole Sign System of Vedic astrology. Houses are determined with reference to your Natal Moon Sign. We utilize both transits and progressions to prepare your annual forecast.