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    Can 11th October Libra fall in love with a 27th June Cancancer ?

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    Compatibility between march 23 and april

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    Compatibility between 29th June and 12 July

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    Compatibility between 2nd December 1992 and 5th of October 1998

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  19. Thelonelybee September 26th, 2019

    Aries- Talkative, selfish, emotionally aggressive, but can be sweet friends
    Taurus- Easy to talk to, likes to show off, kind of mean sometimes but loyal
    Gemini- never knows what they want, fake, smart, creative, loves to talk, sneaky
    Cancer- sassy (even men), always in their head, practical, clingy, sensual
    Leo- Loves attention, jokesters, kind, loving, can be aggressive, sexy, stubborn
    Virgo- very logical, selfless, insecure, modest, smart, fun in an innocent way, nice to people they meet
    Libra- bossy, loves newness, loves love, bubbly, talkative, air heads, can’t hold their tongue
    Scorpio- Easily annoyed, argumentative, deep thinkers, secretive, creative, self righteous
    Sagittarius- Know it all, competitive, big mouth, loveable, giving, intelligent, carefree, attracts attention
    Capricorn- Humorous, disciplined, one track mind, close minded, authoritative
    Aquarius- talks more than any sign I have ever met, stubborn but can also be easy going, nice,
    Pisces- emotionally selfish/distant, great listeners, hard to read, internally sad, beautiful, compassionate, introverted, mean, but easy to love
    (My personal experiences with each)

  20. Sam_L June 10th, 2019

    Worst has to be Leo and Scorpio! All 3 of my relationships (I’m Scorpio) have ended really badly. So many differences that it is impossible in the long term! And both are incredibly stubborn, so they lack patience to even work through it. I never date Leos now! Have learned my lesson!

    • Lynn April 11th, 2020

      I agree. I’m Scorpio guy was Leo. He screwed around on me in Social media constantly. Was always in love and ready to marry women he’d never met, but ignored and neglected the one right beside him daily: ME.
      Didn’t want anyone else to have me, but didn’t want quality time with me either. He needed the microphone in all conversations. He could be neglectful as hell, but was constantly needing me to garner attention and praise on him. I finally booted him to the curb.

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    The best compatibility is between leo and aquarius
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  24. Lindie January 18th, 2019

    VERY true of Leo AND Libra!!!

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  27. Vedic Astro April 4th, 2018

    Aries -Selfish
    Taurus – money minded
    Gemini – talkative
    Cancer – home lovers
    Leo – Show off
    Virgo – logical
    Libra – diplomatic
    Scorpio- secretive
    Sagittarius- open minded
    Capricorn- success oriented
    Aquarius- eccentric
    Pisces – emotional

    • James August 22nd, 2018

      Capricorns – annoying and they work too much but most of them just suck at their job. But they will always want to tell you how together their life is.
      Libras- Can’t make a single decision to save their life. Can’t just pull the trigger. Libra men are hippies, and libra women are self-righteous
      Virgo – Mess. Total and complete mess.
      Scorpio – Sexually promiscuous and likes to shun others for being sexually promiscuous
      Pisces – Airhead who likes to poke her nose into everyone else’s business but gets super offended when someone talks to them.
      Aquarius – Head in outer space, no grasp of reality and can’t take a firm NO for an answer
      Sagitarrius – Idiot who thinks they’re smarter than everyone else.
      Cancer – Emotional and all over the board
      Gemini – Childish. Wants to know what you’re doing to keep them but they think that because they have sex with you, they should get the riches of the world.
      Taurus – No, you’re life is not that interesting, just relax and you’ll be fine.
      Leo – Charmer. Young leo’s are idiots, older leo’s are durable and nothing flaps them.

    • blt14932 August 31st, 2018

      This is all so accurate. I Myself am a cancer and this is dead on with me loving my home life and being home body pretty much.

  28. AnnaEverson April 3rd, 2018

    Maybe you should look for a problem not in horoscope, but in you?

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