Pisces Compatibility – Love Relationship Match

  1. Soundcloud Downloader October 4th, 2023

    To know whether it is compatible or not, many factors need to be considered. But I believe that if everyone has a guiding ideology and belief, then all conflicts can be reconciled.

  2. mleiyi04 November 15th, 2022

    Thaks for this information. I am a piece by birth.
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  3. Thelonelybee March 8th, 2022

    Good evening beauties. Just giving another update on the relationship between me (dec 17) and my handsome, sexy pisces man (feb 27) . He’s on the couch in front of me as I type. We just made 6 years this year and this is my 7th time writing on this site to give an update. So.. where do I start? I’m not too sure where to start really but at this present moment we’re planning on getting married and I’m just awaiting for him to pop the question. He’s such a mystery when it comes to romantic gestures but he’s told me many times he would like to make the proposal special and do it his way. I’m so anxious, excited, curious! But there isn’t one nerve that tells me I don’t want to spend my life with him. We have built such a strong bond and lately he’s been assuring me everyday how much he loves me. He’s been so affectionate, playful, and helpful with anything I ask.. this is present day but I must tell you that we have come a long way to get to this point. Just last year I believe around July we went through a rough patch.. we were long distance (over 7,000 miles) and I was becoming lonely and emotional without his physical touch. He was working on his dreams (to be a musician) and I tried so hard to be supportive but I found myself becoming more unhappy with the distance and I was expressing it to him a lot. We had been long distance for about a year at that point and my dissatisfaction had grown to another level and it was causing him stress. Not to mention he was becoming somewhat selfish as far as contributing to us seeing each other. It got to a point where I felt he didn’t care.. eventually we ended things.. about three weeks of no talking and he said he realized he never wanted to go a day without me. He said his life became miserable and that he didn’t even want to follow his dreams of being a musician if I wasn’t a part of it. He booked a flight to move in to my apartment (now our apartment) about 5 days after confessing this and got a job about two weeks later making a good bit. He’s a college graduate in computer science so it wasn’t too hard for him to find a job and plus he has an adorable charm and people skills that he doesn’t even realize he has. It’s been 8 months and I showed him the rings I want and I’m just waiting on the day he proposes! A lot of people always tell me only the strongest couples make it through long distance and we’ve made it through long distance twice. Once when I graduted and moved for a job and the second time when he moved. Each time lasted about a year. We’ve lived together before for three years straight and things are always better when we’re together. We’ve decided to become closer to God and more spiritual together so this makes us even stronger. We pray together every night. I’m a very touchy person so we spend our nights cuddled watching movies, chatting for hours, reading, or creating art. We’ve learned to mesh really well and respect eachother’s space, insecurites, and personality types. I’m better about respecting his emotional boundaries and being supportive of his dreams and he’s better at being the manly support I need and he’s supportive of me as well. The advice I would give is to choose the person who will always choose you. I learned a long time ago to love God and myself above all (not in a selfish way) but in a respect way. You must respect yourself and love yourself before you can respect or love another. Do not try to control your partner but just accept the love they give and care for them tenderly. Always assume your partner is doing their best and lead by actions. If you’re affectionate, supportive, and understanding of your partner most times they’ll return that love. It’s a work and progress but if the person you choose and who chooses you is your best friend, you can make it through any storm. And yes there will be storms. But after the rain can be a calming sea of love that feels almost euphoric. I love you RDM. I hope the best for you and your loved one and keep me and my Pisces in your thoughts and best wishes. <3

  4. peter January 21st, 2022

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  5. Nard Russell April 9th, 2020

    I think a Pisces can adapt to almost any sign…just give them enough emotional sensitivity, and its a wrap….

  6. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Pisces are so emotional and have so much feeling.
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for PISCES: https://youtu.be/0VAHh2zxLlY
    I hope it helps.

  7. jiirg3 March 23rd, 2018

    for pisces girls : scorpio guys/capricorns are best
    for pisces mens : scorpio girls and cancerians

  8. Kamran Khan February 5th, 2018

    why do i fall under signs i am Feb 19 some said i am Aquarius and in America is Pieces . I was born in S Asia . i consider there different sign

  9. piscean February 26th, 2017

    which one is best compatible sign for a piscean woman?

    • Jonie320 September 16th, 2017

      To piscean,

      It really all depends on your birth chart. But generally Pisces are mostly compatible with other water signs like Cancers and Scorpios. But because Pisces are the last of all signs we are a little bit of every sign. As a Pisces myself, I find that I have very strong compatibilites with other water signs as well as earth signs.

  10. Valon January 28th, 2017

    Pisces Male, Born on 25th Feb 1978. I have a question to the world. Teach me how to find love?! I am terrible on falling in love, sometimes it feels like I am not from this planet. Can’t live this life without being in love.

    Thank You

    • piscean February 26th, 2017

      i think most piscean’s feel the same 😉

    • Bhagya December 8th, 2017

      I dnt knw abt tht, bt we celebrate our bdays on same day….

    • gigi22ily December 9th, 2017

      You are love and you will be in love one day. The right person just has not come into your path.. keep your journey strong and hopeful and don’t seek love let it flow into your arms. I am Pisces female born Feb 22. You can’t say your TERRIBLE at falling love when you have never really fallen in love. It is bound to happen if you truly feel it and you both will know you are the one! I am alien on this place called earth we all are I feel out of place all time it’s normal for us Pisces with our old spiritual healing souls! Blessings and good luck to you 🙂

    • Piscesmanbackagain June 1st, 2018

      Don’t worry just trust in the universe and your love will find you. This is what I did and she actually is someone that is not what astrology says is compatible with me. Despite what the stars say I love her so much. If you believe too much of astrology you make it come true and you will not find happiness besides what astrology says. If you follow your instincts and see the truth you will be happy. I hope you find your love.

  11. Chouchou June 27th, 2015

    I’m Pisces woaman, am I compatible to marry Pisces man

  12. emmyswiss June 10th, 2015

    Been up and down in relationship which don’t last more Dan a year why?and when will I found my soulmate am sceptic and worry about my life and career also…I always find life difficult in all my challenges but at the end comes out victorio us. I am 30 new not in a relationship and jobless Nòw,I think of my life every second when will issues get better or soft soon.I pray I don’t meet my doom soonest cos I become impatient for answers….

  13. SoulMate1974 May 22nd, 2015

    I was born on March 20th 1974 and i am wondering if I will meet marry an aries or is another sign in my future. Will she be a true soul mate since this site mentioned that Pisces and Aries are made for each other. Will i find a Aries to inspire me and share my dreams with.
    Thank U.

    • Jonie320 September 16th, 2017

      Hi, I came across your comment and I was very intrigued. I am also born on March 20th. We are born as Pisces-Aries Cusps. I find that I have mostly Pisces qualities but more Aries when it comes to different environments. My partner now is a Scorpio and out of all the signs I’ve been involved with Scorpios are best for us. Because you’re a cusp as well you will find that you can emotionally connect with Aries sign and I once was in love with an Aries. It was like dating myself because the connection on every aspect was so strong.

  14. Kryzthine@23 August 27th, 2014

    Hello. i just want to know that my fiancé born in March 3,1961 and i born in February 23,1992 are we compatible to each other?need advice.

  15. lovemeduck3 May 14th, 2014

    Wen will get married

  16. Sheenad1 July 19th, 2013

    I’ve read here today everything about a Pisce and I’m impress. I started to cry because everything I read was me. I even read about my love life and it’s completely TRUE.

  17. swaetgirl June 23rd, 2013

    i want to no if my reletionship with benjamin will work out because am in love with him and i realy trust him but he is far from me because of work he was born on 9 june 1982 and i was born 8 march 1987

  18. shreeya.upreti May 23rd, 2013

    i am 18 year old girl and im in love with a boy with simillar age. we are in a relationship and he have cheated on me quite often but also i love him. i have no strength to leave him. i want to know if he loves me or not?

  19. sanil95 September 30th, 2012

    My name is sanil jadhav and born in mumbai.My dob is 16/03/1987 and time 1:26PM.
    When will i get married and will it be love or arranged marriage?

  20. Stephens38 July 18th, 2012

    When will and get married?

  21. Petra7 May 26th, 2012

    I’m Pisces by the way

  22. Petra7 May 26th, 2012

    I have a fling with someone at work; he is Taurus; I;m mariried; I really like him and want to continue but he says he can’t because I’m married; I don’t have a happy marriage and I truly like him but he didn’t gave us so much chances; do you think it will continue? I don’t know what to do.

  23. [email protected] February 4th, 2012

    hi  i want about my marriage.jahan meri engangment hoi wahi ho gi shadii

  24. Roshsinu January 7th, 2012

    Am in luv wiz my sinu…i want 2 knw that..did i can marry her…? She is also pisces…..

  25. bhatsafia October 6th, 2011

    i m in love with a pieces man every time we have an arrgument wd each other bt at d same time we cnt live without each other i dnt knw wt to do

  26. ka.pickard May 1st, 2011

    Why is this Pisces man driving me insane?

  27. asiedu38 April 18th, 2011

    please any one here help, i am in love with scorpion girl and she started ignore me and became aggroessive on me but i like her so what can i do, i leave her or i keep on trying? thx

  28. Eduard April 4th, 2011

    please! I was born in March 15, 1983
    I want to know more about mark Pisces
    Because I am a very weird dude
    Why am I so very strange?

  29. Vishakh December 24th, 2010

    I love anvy,is possible that she will love me?

  30. aliya December 3rd, 2010

    Me and my guy are both interested in each other since October 2010 but not yet prepared to tie the knot as my boyfriend needs a yr for some settlement in his business commitments. We have good understanding level no extreme possessiveness; give space to each other and both very passionate in love. However, we have small fights which are on our silly habits, or get cold sometime but get together soon again. He is Pisces and I am Sagittarius. We are truly attached to each other and love is distant too due to my official responsibility and his business travels. We both don’t want to lose each other. Will our relation becomes strong in form of getting married and when?

  31. funedward123456 September 25th, 2010

    i love her greatly she loves me but her parents don’t want me to be with her. i met her and fell in love with her. for 7 years and 7 months this on october 15 i met her my dream woman. she is 27 years old and i’m 37 years old. she was hit by a motor cyle by the left whole side got realy hurt. i got my degree in healing after 13 years learing. i started at 25 years of age. then as time whent by i met my love and for 7 years and 7 months on october 15 this year. during the time i spent every effort to healping her. but her father and mother does not want me to be with her. when she is with me she gets better. when she is not with me she gets worst. they do not think that i am a real healer. i do not agree with them because she says i heal and help her. help me any one tell me how to get out of this trouble real soon.

  32. rakesh August 30th, 2010

    i like a girl whose zodiac sign is gemini.i havnt told hr yet.will our case workout.

  33. Dilshan July 24th, 2010

    hello sir iam loving one girl she is also loving me but problem is parents of my lover…..she is loving me a lot if there is any possibility of my love marriage .iwant to love only her thats all thank u sir

  34. Keep Your Voices May 18th, 2010

    i’m in love with Thomas Larose and whether we make it or not doesn’t matter, what does is the fact that we exisited at the same time and place and i love every second i spend with him

  35. carlyle January 2nd, 2010

    i have been in love with chrystal delice for 2 years n about 4 months now is she my soul mate

  36. Arslan sohail September 26th, 2009

    i love Jennifer Winget is it posibal that we well marry

  37. sonia April 28th, 2009

    i want about my marriege

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