Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility

Aquarius and Pisces is a bit out of the box combination but since they both have a few great similarities they can always work together and with due course of time they start understanding each other. Aquarius is more an extrovert while Pisces is an introvert.

Aquarius people are very friendly in that they make friends from all walks of life no matter where they are or where they are going. Even though they appear to be quite the dreamers, they are intellectual and inventive. They may be fickle by nature, but they are honest and always do what they promise. They walk different paths and hum different tones but definitely they are confident and certain of their approach. Aquarius people are first a friend in all the relationships irrespective of its nature and type — whether it is about being a parent, lover, spouse or any other to count on. They love their independence and take pride in helping others with their difficulties. Aquarius always make a stimulating partner and adventure is always out there for them.

Pisces are lovely dreamers with their heads in clouds but their feet on ground. They are sweet in nature and easy going in most part of their life. They are not so confident with themselves and hence avoid direct limelight and confrontation. They get pulled in all sorts of directions by others because they tend to jump into trusting others too easily. They don’t make their own decisions very easily on their own and can become quite emotional and sensitive. Let them live their lives as they can and one can see a charm and charisma they possess and a laid back attitude in that nothing really bothers them. Pisces seldom gets so aggravated that their anger takes over, but if that were to occur, it is best to stay away until it subsides.

The bond that forms between Aquarius and Pisces is a perplexing and quizzical one. Together they can solve the questions that ordinary people cannot touch, sometimes even perform miracles. Their behavior toward others as well as toward one another is a touch off the wall and extraordinary. Pisces has a sensitive and mysterious outlook on things and this nature blends so well with Aquarius and their dreamy thoughts and intuitions as well as their uncanny perception to detail. Although Aquarius seems to know everything they need to know or that there is to know, they can’t help but sense that Pisces has something the former lacks in learning. Patience is the unknown virtue in this case. Pisces possesses it, Aquarius should. The qualities that Aquarius does possess, that being their dreams and ideas, Pisces should try to grin and bear even though they often worry about the lack of respect Aquarius has for public opinion.

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Aquarius and Pisces have whimsical similarities, but they also have very hard core differences. When Aquarius have their head in the clouds, Pisces dreams of something real, something tangible that is reachable by just about anyone. Aquarius just cannot be bothered to go out of their way for someone else, much unlike the Pisces. They love to work together in striving for solutions of the world’s biggest problems. When it comes to the financial matters of their lives, they are both quite frivolous and confused. They can always do a lot of things together especially if they are friends or lovers. Even if they have a business venture together they can work well in any field of art with their great imaginative power. But none is financially very particular and this provides a loop hole but if Aquarius is ready to be more confident financially then they can flourish here too.

Pisces and Aquarius can share all kinds of lovely bonds. If they are siblings or friends they can have a lot to discover out of their dreams without any arguments as the Pisces sibling/friend is always there to give up first. If they share a parent-children relationship, they can have great tuning especially with parent being Pisces for devotion and Aquarius as parents for much fun and excitement. In lovers and spouse they can have minor tensions but usually they can be overlooked with such a nice mate to count on. Independence and way of expression is what, these two need the most whenever in any kind of relationship and then they can actually flourish a good togetherness.

When it comes to anger, Pisces is not easily set off, but when they are, one might want to just back off and let them cool down. They eventually settle down, but not without spouting off a series of angry words before retreating in silence. Aquarius, however, is easier to set off and does not let things go until they prove themselves right. Aquarius loves their individuality and Pisces craves the cozy and warm environment of home, as well as a confidant to keep them company. Aquarius finds it hard to tolerate Pisces need for such closeness and Pisces is bothered by Aquarius and their freedom. If they can overlook these petty flaws in one another they learn to go well with each other and the bond between them grows strong.

  1. Leah February 20th, 2022

    This is so true of me and my brother

  2. Ummah July 9th, 2020

    i dont know how i broke up with my pisces boyfriend

  3. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    This can work, only if Aquarius sees Pisces for who they truly are, which may be different from what they envision.
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    I hope it helps.

  4. Jeff October 10th, 2019

    This is so true of me and my boyfriend

  5. Jeffrey October 10th, 2019

    Wow, this is so true of me and my boyfriend

  6. Alex October 23rd, 2017

    Aquarius woman here. My amazing girlfriend is a Pisces and I think maybe Aqua/Pisces cusps can get along with Pisces much better than regular Aquas.

  7. Lekeisha December 16th, 2013

    I am an Aquarius woman and I had been friends with Pisces forever. That seems to be all that I can attract. My best friend is a Pisces. We even shared the same first name. We were friends since 7th grade. We had our first baby within the same year. We were so close, she will know what I’m thinking before I would even speak. When we got mad at each other, there would be space between for at least a month or two. It was rare that we would have fall outs, but we stuck to each other. We would be around each other so much our aquintences would had to address us by nicknames. She was known as big Keasha because she was taller than me and I was little Keisha. We had recently lost contact because I moved to Norfolk, VA and she moved to Alanta, GA. We kept in touch for a little while after we had moved….but then I lost her number. I had met and made a lot of friends with other Pisces. Most of them females, but I came into terms with a male Pisces. I was use to befriending the females because we bond on that level. You know, girl talk and going out shopping and giving each other advice on men and telling our dirty secrets to each other. I was NEVER friends  with a male Pisces and this was a different and complicated approach for. They ARE  so different from their female counterparts, but the same. They males are just as sensetive but in a heart melting kind of way. They have strong charisma. And you can’t help but to fall in love. I have to admitt….I did not handle him with care. We bonded right away or at least our souls did. We both felt like we knew each other before. But while he was wanting the closeness, I immediately put space between us with me wanting friendship. He was younger than me, so I brushed his feelings off as a crush and nothing more. I was wrong to ignore his feelings. We have been friends for eight years and within those years I watched him go through relationships. But he would always make his way back to me. I felt at one point he had loved me, but I had ignored his emotions and feelings for so long just me trying to be his friend. I think that is all he expects from me now. I feel that there is still something there between us. He had moved out of state two years ago. But he still comes to visit me when ever he gets the chance to. I love my Pisces friend with all my heart, but I just haven’t done such a good job expressing that to him and that may had damaged a potential relationship between us. However, we have such a great bond from our our friendship, I don’t want to mess that up. He has been so understanding, but I think my decision for friendship over relationship hurts him a little and he refuses to let go of any connection that we have. Which says a lot about him. So this is my experience with a Pisces man.

  8. star1243 September 10th, 2013

    I’m an aquarius woman and my man a pisces…..He’s the most amazing lover i’ve ever had….we get along great!
    he would do anything to make me happy and i simply adore that. all i have to do in return is love him and appreciate everything that he does for me. Pisces men like being appreciated, or it breaks their spirit.
    And if there is something he does that you do not like, do not be quiet and do not go cold on him…tell him directly, in a gentle way…they appreciate that.

    • Bobby.G April 23rd, 2019

      Omg she hit it on the $ I’m a Pisces male an that is me 100% wow

    • Raja August 11th, 2023

      i think pisces and aquarius not really match for relationship

  9. lilyrue12 December 11th, 2012

    this is exactly on point. but will we be able to patch things up and move foreword together in a relationship. because i know i love him and want him for the rest of my life… but does he want me. he is such the aquarian described above… ‘doesnt let go very easily’ 

  10. Anamandy September 23rd, 2012

    I don’t understand. I am a Cancer with an Aquarius moon and a Capricorn Ascendent.  The majority of my other planets are in Leo.  I am presently dating a Pisces man.  It is the most amazing relationship, but unlike me he loves to travel, usually to dangerous places in the world, and I’m a homebody.  This is the exact opposite of what you said of your relationship with your husband.  Are Pisces women homebodies and Pisces men world travelors and adventurers?  I think there is a difference here which most astrologers never touch on.  I wonder why?  Do they not realize the difference?

  11. robaqua April 28th, 2012

    um i am a young aquarius and i am well have been inlove witha pisces she is the most amazing person ive met she is insecure and i help her with that yet i keep my freedom while my friend is either geimni or leo i get confused well we all get along but me and mizz pisces really get along we do have our ups and downs but we just keep on “striving and driving and hugging the turns” (cake the distance) we do take very different looks onn like but  we jus stake it out and wait i have had a another releitionship with a sagitt she just didnt like me or respect me she didnt even want me it said wed be a good combo we were for a while and it didnt work out so ya but me and this pisces we connect so well i help keep her secure and she lets me be free i am honest to her and she just gets cozy with me by the fire metaphoricly so ya i love my pisces and she loves me i hope we stay together for a long time

  12. Mika6442 November 24th, 2011

    This is so true! I am a Pisces woman and my x- husband is an aquarian. My husband and I just separated after 27 years together. The reasons for the separations are exactly what have been mentioned in the description above. ” Aquarians love their individuality and Pisces craves the cozy warm environment of home, as well as aconfidant to keep them company.” I felt my spirit dying and I had to make a very difficult the decision.

  13. Mika6442 November 24th, 2011

    This is so true! I am a Pisces woman and my x- husband is an aquqrian. My husband and I just separated after 27 years together. The reasons for the separations are exactly what have been mentioned in the description above. ” Aquarians love their individuality and Pisces craves the cozy warm environment of home, as well as aconfidant to keep them company.” I felt my spirit dying and I had to make a very difficult the decision.

  14. abigail February 4th, 2011

    Dear whoever wrote this,
    It is exactly like me and my sister.My sister is Aquarius and I am Pisces.It’s so creepy!

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