Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

Sharing ideas and communicating well are the two wonderful keys to any relationship followed by Libras and Aquarius. They always find each other quite co-operative and smooth going. There is always tremendous strength and many opportunities for these two to accomplish a lot together.

Librans like to maintain a melodious lifestyle and any stress added to their lifestyle affects them negatively. They are very sharp and genuine people with solution to almost every problem in this world. Although they can be graceful under pressure, they may tend to be a little hasty and careless from time to time. Libra tends to argue a point that arises out of debate or discussion even though they continue to stay objective and fair. Their artistic minds are above intellect but they sometimes tend to be too well balanced to be artistic on an advanced level. Librans look at things keenly and perceptively and they are quite articulate and critical in their views which lead to a high integrity when it comes to their work ethics.

Aquarius people are always open to anything that the human brain is capable of imagining, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to others. Their faults are their qualities and they are extremely practical in thought. They are extraordinary and flattery and get anyone easily with the magic of their words. Aquarius individuals take things as they come and try to stay free from personal and social conditioning. However although they accept the possibility of absolutely anything with an open mind, they are not ready to accept an existing theory as final truth until they have satisfied themselves with visible facts. Hence they are a curious mixture of facts and fantasies. They are far more concerned with the future than with the past along with being acutely aware of the present.

Libra and Aquarius have many similar interests such as travel, friends, family, children, a good education, religion, idealism and art. They have their differences, but have the same dreams and ideals as well. Their relationship is fun at first, but as things progress so the tension, if they interfere in each other’s personal life too much. Aquarius can find Libra to be too domineering and Libra looks at Aquarius as one stubborn person who has no point to be like that. Aquarius thinks such squabbles are a big waste of time. They use this as a strategy showing Libra that life is too short and Libras apologize so sweetly and the quarrel is over in no time. Aquarius and their high tolerance can be taught quite easily to Libra and their sensitive qualities, and the Libra’s calm nature can be taught to Aquarius as they tend to be a bit over excited about certain issues that arise.

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Conversation between the two, when they are not feuding, is quite stimulating and mind sharpening. Their feuds do not usually last very long. They always forgive and forget. They understand each other better than most. If a quarrel arises and gets too heated Aquarius simply walks away. After a bit of time their whimsical and fun relationship goes back to normal as long as Libra can let things go. From time to time, however, Libra does not do this. They press the issue looking for a reason why they quarreled in the first place. As long as tension does not get too high they are able to come to a mutual agreement. Aquarius and Libra fit well together in that the former constantly comes up with new ideas and the latter is the one to fabricate and design such thoughts.

Aquarius and Libra always make a high spirited relationship in all fields of life. Their brightness and spark can be noticed whether they are together at home or at office. If they are friends and colleagues, they ought to have many arguments but they always prove to be truly helpful friends to each other. It is better for these two to have no joint business ventures without any third responsible one to look around, since both are intelligent and creative but their moodiness can cause some problems especially if they start something new which needs a lot of hard work. As siblings they have an equal friendship in their relationship with a lot of plans to share and stuff to do together. Relatives are not of very much concern for these people, especially for Aquarius as they love to stay detached from most of the world, so they may not say each other much. Lovers and spouses that make out of these sun signs can always have their bright and moody days but they manage to stay together most of the time. As for parents and children, it is nice for Aquarius children to have Libran parents if they want love and concern more and if friends are needed then surely Aquarius makes the best parents. In fact Aquarius mothers are usually most co-operative and friendly of all the other.

Some rough edges always create problems in the relation as Libra’s tendency to pick everything apart in hopes of finding the truth or proving the truth bothers Aquarius. They get quite emotional when argument arises whereas Libra tends to get physically ill from too much tension. They quarrel and squabble from time to time, but in the end they realize that they need each other. Both of them are reasonable people, and this can be a very reasonable union as a result, in all forms of relationships. Conflicts, of course, occur, but their ability to reason things through as well as their responsiveness can help smooth over rough edges. Libra’s warm smile and faith in Aquarius dissolves any disputes that seem to hang on.

  1. Raquela August 1st, 2022

    I need some advice, I’m a libra female and just moved abroad to where my father lived before passing away. I got talking to this aqua man and we hit it off straight away and highly attracted to one another, as we got talking it turned out he knew my father well, and we arranged to go for drinks. It was honestly one of thr best dates I’ve ever had, endless convo, and plenty in common. He shared a lot of personal info with me that he didn’t necessarily have to disclose on a first date but lobed how honest and open he was. We arranged another date a few days later and in the meantime he was calling and messaging and everything was great. When it came to Fri evening when we were meant to have our second date, I cannot get hold of him. He then messaged me early hours of Fri nt/ Sat morning saying babe fuck I just woke up.
    Being a Libra, I like to give ppl the benefit of the doubt and was quite cool about it, basically replying Morning sleeping beauty, we need to get you an alarm clock, and how you gona make it up to me?
    Rest of Sat i don’t hear anything back at all…nothing!
    So on Sunday I msgd him just saying I hope you’re ok, reminding him I had a great time on our date Weds, but will understand if he just wants to be friends (he’s a single dad and works a lot) as I kinda jjst felt like he would have contacted me again if he actually wanted to rearrange the date. Next thing I know he blocks me on WhatsApp. I feel so hurt because (more than I imagined i would considering ive just met this guy) but more so because he was close with my dad and good friends with one of my cousins, so just wouldn’t expect him to do that and don’t feel like I was offending him but just giving him the option of being just friends if he was looking for anything more. I’ve read that Aquas need a lot of space which suits me fine as I like to be alone a lot to reset my scales, but just wondering if this aqua guy will unblock me at some point? We live on a pretty small island so bound to bump into each other ar some point, im just so confused! I haven’t had a connection like this in such q long time, hence asking advice. Normally when someone ghosts I’m not the least bit fussed.

  2. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Aquarius are so dreamy, but can benefit from being more communicative.
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    I hope it helps.

  3. Divine February 4th, 2019

    I am a Libra female and may have fallen head over heels with an Aquarius male. I’ve known him all my life, but suddenly I see him in a whole new light. What now??

  4. Pavel December 1st, 2018

    The match between aqua guys and libra girks are thr best match ever! Just to find the right libra and aqua based on zodiac deacons. It is very important not all of the aquas and libras matched 100%. Some less, some more and some the most))) google it!
    I’m personally on my way of finding a libra girl borned between 5oct and 22oct. September libras do not suit me in fact, checked it(

  5. Alexandra0506 September 7th, 2018

    This is spot on. I’m an Aquarius female. And i’ve been with a Libra man for 8 years now. We have a 6yr old daughter. And though we separated for 6 months or so somewhere in between those years, i could say that at first Libra domination will be really annoying. And don’t get me started with Aquarius loving her freedom on anything! Lol but the best thing that rang true for us is that we have that mental connection that cannot be paralleled with other signs. We always have intellectual conversations, it’s really like finding your soulmate. And during an argument, it very rarely escalates– in a physical sense. It’s actually more of verbal insults between us. But we almost never raise our voices when we argue. Because maybe I walk out before it happens haha And so after taking some time off to cool down a bit, we would get back together like all is well again. Maybe it’s because these two signs are easy to move on, and that they don’t dwell too much on issues. Just my 2 cents, i think once you have taken a break from each other, for a while, you will finally see why it would never work out with any other sign. These two were meant for each other!

  6. tt October 9th, 2017

    I am in a pickle. I’m deeply in love with a little rather male we’re office colleagues I love his charm his with no matter how angry I may be with him he always wins me over with a smile and I can’t help but smile back…The issue here is we decided to be friends with benefits I fell for him told him first and then a couple months after revealing how I feel he told me he loved me… up until this day I still hang to those words his wandering eye caught a leo lady and it seems they are boyfriend and girlfriend… before I even know about them I had asked for us to be more commited he stated he’s not in a position for commitment however he’s doing just that with this girl.. so I have deduced that maybe this wasn’t such a good match so I took myself form that situation during that gray area period we argued alot. Broke it off several times and then made up… I finally had the strength to let go a couple weeks ago and I keep it friendly and now that I’m being distant and aloof he’s suddenly showing interest. My wall are up now and I doubt no amount of coaxing on his part is gonna break them down I still love him but I don’t know what to do about these feelings or the whole situtation…I’ll chalk it up to an experience I guess he’s my first libra and first amongst other things

    • Alexandra0506 October 5th, 2020

      I would just like to comment on this, cause this is what I’ve noticed in my Libra guy. Libras find it so difficult to decide. Even in the situations you posed. It’s because they always want to maintain a good image to others– friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc.

      That sometimes, you as his lover need to make the choice for him. Trust me. I’ve been in a similar situation, where it felt like he liked another girl more than he liked me.

      Sometimes you just need to fend off those other girls just a little bit, because Libra men appreciate beautiful things, girls in this case. I think their ruling planet, Venus is responsible for that. LOL

      So if you really want to keep your Libra guy, show him who he has to choose. And that’s you. Good luck! ☺️

  7. White roses April 12th, 2017

    Libra men always lie and cheat!!! I’m supposedly most compatible with Libra signs but I don’t want to date any of them if they lie and cheat all the time.

  8. Libra mann February 12th, 2017

    I have just ended a 10 year marriage with my good friend, lover and Aquarius wife. I am a Libra male. All these points and subsequent comments ring very true to me. After the Initial honey moon period was over we started to bicker like cats and dogs. It was awefull. We would fight about fighting. So much discord. I hated it. The emotional stress was overwhelming. Especially for a Libra male. That being said the positives were we matched each other intellectually and spiritually very well. As Libra male and have studied the comments, looking back I can say that I have been most attracted to gemin women and segeterious women. There just such a natural ease to the friendship and communication. But the physical attraction to Gemini is very evident. I am busy chatting to a very frisky cancerian at the moment over the net. A bit nervous of all the negetave comparability comments! There should be a date sight that focuses on astrological comparability!

  9. _anastasis.rose_ February 24th, 2015

    Normally when I argue with my aquarius man I back down and im normally the one to leave at the start of it. We only ever had a real big giant arguement when he wouldn’t respond to me when I messaged him and that went on for 2-3 weeks and I got fed up with it. We can’t live without each other by this point now. Can’t imagine being with anyone else quite honestly.~ ;u;

  10. librawoman7 December 19th, 2013

    Thank you so much cause this is so true!
    I’m a libra woman and met this Aquarius man a few months ago. Never been attracted to anyone this way, from the first time we met it’s like we are drawn to each other. We match in so many ways, fit so well together. The only thing is that he lives in the US and I live in Europe. Right now he is single but has been married before. I don’t know if I should jump in to the water and give this a chance now that I’m going back to Europe. Should I keep this and make it work or let it go?. Are libras and Aquarius meant to be? I read all those stories here, and am really thankful for it. But I just want to know if there are more aquarius and libras out there who has been married for a long time and it still works. Cause right now I’m so in love and want him so much that I can’t think straight. Thanks 🙂

    • True Libra October 4th, 2020

      I am Libra and my husband of 13 years is Aquarius. We met at age 11 and 12. He chased me for 4 years and I finally agreed to date him. I am now 37 and he is 40.The chemistry between us is most high. We have very deep intellectual conversations, we share the same values, the list goes on and on. We are different in the way we think and feel about people and at times that brings us to arguments . We recently went through something that tested my desire to stay with him, but after reading this site everything was made clear to me and I understand what he was trying to tell me about him. He is communicative, but I didn’t understand what he was trying to get across. This reading helped me tremendously. We are definitely soulmates. We have 2 children and I honestly want only him for the rest of my life here on Earth.

  11. Librawomen November 18th, 2013

    I am a Libra women and my husband is the Aquarius. We started dating when we were 24. Ten years and a son later we still have a fantastic relationship. You can liken our relationship to this:
    I am the kite, he is the one on the ground guiding the kite.
    We call my husband *The Thinking Man” he never say’s anything without deeply thinking about it first. Where I am the complete opposite I say what I want when I want then think about it after. 
    We argue, then 10 minutes later we look at each other and laugh, realizing we are both being goof’s. 
    We are complete opposites. He is calm, collected, gentle, kind, reasonable etc. I am not. When we are dealing with outside issues it always follows like this:
    Husband calm, collected, cool, reasonable. If that approach doesn’t work he simply states “Either you try to work with me, or I will unleash the beast” 

  12. pinkixora July 22nd, 2013

    I have met my aquarian after 6 years. We had some misunderstanding back then because he thought i talked to a lot o guys back then. After 6 years we talked to each other again and we are both so much in love and he didnt mind telling me he would have asked me to married him 6 years ago if we hadnt had the misunderstanding. But now he just dissapear for two weeks and the last time i heard of him he told me he was sick and nothing else. I just dont understand what is going on. 

  13. aqualibr April 2nd, 2013

    i’m an aquarian man,and i do agree with the info because its uncanny how accurate it is! There however is a ‘twist’as i wud say, in that i firmly believe there is such a thing as meeting the right person, so similarly there is the RIGHT LIBRAN WOMAN out there, and i wud say after explosive episodes with 4 libran women, and over time i did a ‘weeding out’ process of sorts, i’m now gonna marry the RIGHT LIBRAN WOMAN this year and i KNOW i’m marrying the right woman bcuz i never settled for less happiness than i believed in,and knew i cud eventually find. We,re both the same age,and we know we,re going to be truely happy together for the rest of our lives.

  14. clhjdllm August 6th, 2012

    I am a Libra woman who has been in a relationship with an Aquarius man. A lot of what has been said is true. But, let me warn you about Aquarius men: (1) They put their friends first, no matter what; (2) Their friends opinions and ideas are ALWAYS more important, more sound than yours; (3) They will flirt right in front of you and they tend to send out “I’m single” “we can hookup” vibes to women they find attractive; (4) They are commitment phobes (marriage wise); (5) They are stubborn and can be very eccentric and have weird quirks that make no sense to anyone but them; (6) They will cancel plans with you at the last minute if their friends call out of the blue and want their time;(7) Birthdays, Christmas, etc are forgotten when it comes to you, but never for their friends; (8) Those born toward the end of January tend to lie A LOT and are sneaky (take it from one who knows).  The fights/arguments between these two signs can be VERY painful and an Aquarius man will ignore you for weeks at a time or even if you’re sitting there with him, he’s in his own world.  Which, for a Libra woman, is not good AT ALL. All the talk about him being a wandering but always coming back to you is true, BUT, you will find that while he was wandering, he wasn’t always emotionally faithful. So for all the Libra women: I say try it and enjoy it, but if you want something more tangible go for a Gemini man (the heat is even hotter than with an Aquarius, plus you don’t have to deal with all the things I’ve listed)

    • Stl October 4th, 2020

      None of those things are true about my Aquarius. Maybe you are just with the wrong Aquarius man. It seems as though he is not living his truth and has been conditioned to be this way due circumstances be has been through. My Aquarius puts me before EVERYONE even his own family. It has been this way 90 percent of the time since we were kids. Leave this Aquarius and allow another one to court you. You may find that you just had a lemon.

  15. lovelylady1 May 14th, 2012

    Very insightful and so true! I have been with my Libran husband for 13 years and we have had a very passionate relationship. We love hard, forgive and understand eachother very well. We are very passionate. At first it was difficult to get one another but once you understand how to handle eachothers feelings since we are sensitive creatures it has made our relationship better. I am very thankful to have found this article it makes me appreciate my Libran so much more!

  16. kaybrown April 28th, 2012

    PROS:This is the most acurate i have seen when it comes on to a Aquarius Libra relationship. It is so dynamic. We feed off of each others energy in goals, seduction of each other, and even in backing down in arguments [calming each other down].
    i love how easy it it is to genuinely be upset with each other, but with seeing the other persons perspective or just agreeing to dissagree it dissolves. He knows when something is wrong with me without *signs of a mood change[feed off of each others energy]. I love how sensual and passionate things can get at the drop of a hat just by him looking at me. That telepathic like communication the zodiac has attributed to aquarius is ABSOLUTELY spot on. God forbid he touches me…I have been scared that its just lust, but according to our match up it gets better over time *[eep!].
    I hate how most websites generalize Aquarius as cold hearted, non feeling people. I have received the most genuine, honest emotions that flow easily from this sign. Completely expressive without inhibition. This Sign is a releif to date, a breath of fresh air for u Libra girl!! [traits comparable only to a Leo match up in my opinion.]

    CONS: he REALLY does not care about social graces or public opinion as much as we do.  He likes a little bit of a show, and doesnt care if ur EX  or ur exs messenger is in the room before he sweeps you up romantically and plants a lustfull kiss on the lips. Libras care about the backlash of that  action for example, if its too soon for such a boisterous show…Libra will be uncomfortable. Aquarus will never see/admit that that is a problem. Dont worry Libra..u WILL continue to bump heads with him in this area because u are by nature more refined that this jagged edged rebel.

  17. mishela October 26th, 2011

    Respond to Bee:
    Hi, I am aqua girl dating libra man. I just wanted to add few words and perhaps lift your spirit a little. I love libras! My best friend is libra and my boyfriend is libra! Please dont think you are useless or u r giving up on love. U have just met an idiot aquarius. Star signs are not the only think u should consider and also there is more than 1 aqua man in this world so do not hesitate and found him! We genuinly like confident people but we dont need it..just be there and talk to us..stimulate our minds. Thats all u need to do! EASY! 🙂 he is gone but believe me u didnt need a guy u had to clean after. If it helps aquariuses make decisions, sometimes too quickly and despite hating everything that is irrational can be very irrational. And what im trying to say here is that he will sooner or later realize how much u meant to him. Still, MOVE ON! Libras are amazing creatures. You are so easily hurt as well. Thats what I had to learn with my libras. My best friend is let put it this way – well trained!LOL. she is now capable to kick my ass and so be stronger with others who trying to step on her! I love her so much and im so proud of her! I almost lost my bf for being so harsh. It took me few months to realize I fell in love with him. I didnt want to but he was there and very patient! He got me..he completely took my heart away and I couldnt be more happy! NO KIDDING! Now to all aquas, girls and boys, please treat your libras with respect and give them all u can because they deserve it. u can turn them the most sweetest creatures when u love them. they love back 10000 times more 🙂 My sweet Bee, be strong and look for another aqua man! Make urself happy! u deserve it!

  18. busybeeka July 19th, 2011

    Everything about libra and Aquarius said in this web. It’s so true. I libra woman. My lover gone now. He had big family problem in england and im in CA. We are care about each other but he doesn’t do anything to keep our relationship. I don’t know what to do.I have to just let him go. It’s too much for me. He doesn’t treat me right when we are together.8 years and this is how it end. after all we been through.It’s sad.I did all my best to be positive.he never can help or offer to help me anything. All day he played pc game Fb game when i cleaning around him.Im clean person. After i finished clean my house. He just make a mess if i not say anything he will never do clean after himself. Omg alot more in not good way. im tries my best to have a comfortable life in our home sweet home. It’s take two to tango. if i single i understand i make everything alone. Now he gone. i miss him so much every day. I know i have to be strong. He is not come back. I have to move on and be happy. Life is to short to put up with someone not try they best. It’s big change to me for 8 years my life with him. Something tell me i should be single. I guess god too busy so he forgot Mr. right for me.

  19. Nur January 25th, 2011

    …I love my Libra man…..!!!
    He is sweet,sensitive,understanding…he loves to enjoy everything as I do. He loves travel,fun,friends.
    Im with him since 1 year and I love him every day more.
    He is sooooo unbelievable handsom and sexayyyy uffff 🙂

    Never felt this way before!

    Thank YOU GOD!


  20. ana January 22nd, 2011

    Ive stayed with an Aquarius for 6 months. Fought every week, broke up every other. Got back together because of the feeling towards each other. Both are supper stubborn. I fought for attention. And i didnt like his immature friends. He fought…well he never really fought for anything. He was one of those super cool and collected and nothing seemed to bother him. Which pissed me off even more, because as a Libra girl i like to see some emotion from time to time…Which he would only express during sex. So we eventually finished it. No more Aquariuses for me! Very detached and unemotional creatures. They also love their friends. At first you think ‘oh well its not that big of a deal…” But after a while you want to hear where this relationship is going, when he’ll change his status on fb and are you EVER going to reach the level his friends are on so he can be attached to you just as much?

  21. Iva October 13th, 2010

    My parents are aquarius (my dad) and my mom is a libra… They have been together for more than 30 years, 3 kids and still very happy. Although it has to be said that my dad get sometimes very frustrated by my mom’s lack of independence. Not sure if thats libra related thou.

  22. reanie July 23rd, 2010

    My Aquarius man and I just met months ago and we feud every other week. WHen it is great, it is the best!! We are super compatible and comfortable with each other. THen… he acts out and my Libra side demands respect and attention. Both of us are stubborn so a feud is born. However, one always returns to the other in time… we’ve managed to stay together.

  23. ..mely baybee.. May 3rd, 2010

    yup! very true ive hooked up libras and we share many similar qualities and as i read this i laugh because as i read it, it brings back memories of disagreements ive had with libras and being completely enamored one moment and then bickering like children the next libras guys are cute to talk to you could be your weird ol eccentric aquarius self around them!! & itsn -completely natural to them-
    i looooove it.. melissa[aquarius]

  24. […] Aquarius have many similar interests such as travel, friends, family, children, a good education, religion, idealism and art. They have their differences, but have the same dreams and ideals as well. […]

  25. blahblah January 17th, 2010

    omg its so true im an a libra woman I’ve been with my aquarius man for almost 3 years now nd I couldn’t be any more happier ! =]

  26. blahblah January 17th, 2010

    omg its so true I’ve been with my aquarius man for almost 3 years now nd I couldn’t be any more happier ! =]

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