Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius are opposites of each other and their first rapport is based on ‘opposites attract’. Leo believes in personal expressions while Aquarius believes in great groups. With all the different styles and ways, they both have a sense of balance in their relationships.

Leo are generous and courteous people with tender protectiveness and sentimentally affectionate towards their near and dear ones. Whatever and wherever they do something, there is bound to be an audience. With their excellent organizational skills they show what should be done as well as where to go with something whether it is a project, an event or a fresh idea from them or someone else. Given the foundation for what needs to be done, they take over the authority and delegate just who should be doing what. With this ability to successfully direct and lead at the forefront, they are also quite fair and caring to the needy, the ones that are on the lower level of life. This makes Leo even better choice for being the representative who take important decisions of life and work.

Aquarius live their life in an idealistic state. They are highly independent and stand behind any decision or promise they make. They are not the one to hide themselves or their emotions, which makes them easy to read and understand. But they do not easily commit themselves to anything or anyone if they do not care to. Aquarius are open minded creatures who have a tremendous imagination about anything regardless of how ludicrous it may seem at the time. They are highly intellectual and quite extraordinary. Aquarius research, pick apart and stop at nothing until they, themselves, prove it to be accurate. They mix fact with fantasy in their creation of life and stay intensely aware of today. They look into tomorrow with a calculating mind and never look back to what has already happened.

While Leo dictate and delegate their authority, Aquarius dream, plan, figure out and ascertain what needs to be done. Their differences do not cause controversy in their relationship. The similarities between Leo and Aquarius are as advantageous to them both as their differences are, if not more so. They are both very optimistic about things, they are more than generous to others as well as to each other, and they both have a high spirit and are more than willing to protect the needy and the unprotected. What Leo lack in, Aquarius makes up for and teach to the Leo. The same thing holds true for Aquarius’ lack of quality that Leo possess. In a nutshell they make a connection that is always very fulfilling and complementing in all aspect, whatever relationship they share. Leo are able to show Aquarius about reliability, stability and self-respect whereas Aquarius show Leo the art of being able to accept criticism and admit to errors when they occur.

There are occasions where Aquarius’ imagination and plans collide with Leo’s authority and delegation of things. If this is to occur, neither one back down as both are equally dominating and hard headed. Both being as stubborn as the other one they butt heads and they both argue the point that they are justified in what they are doing over the other one. If they both learn to look at the others’ qualities, they may just become a better person for their relationship and strengthen the bond between them. Aquarius tend to go with the flow of things. They merely nod in agreement when criticized and shrug with mere unimpressed indifference to a compliment. Even though Aquarius does not need to be complimented like the Leo do, the former most definitely benefit from learning from Leo’s traits, their warm disposition, their self-assurance and pride. Moreover, they compliment each other’s lifestyles and respect their personal freedoms as well.

Leo and Aquarius make very lively relationships with each other. They have different tastes and together they enjoy them and flourish beautifully. Friends, siblings, relatives and colleagues have great tuning with each other and can work and enjoy their time leisurely as well as in useful manner. But there can be times when they stand apart with their own views and have tiffs which are to be taken care of. As business partners it is very necessary for them to first plan the moves together and see that their opinions coincides or else they can tend of have great loses. Marriages and love relationships works well for most of time especially if Aquarius are ready to give away their detached attitude. Children and parents always enjoy a very fulfilled and happy relationship when they are Leo and Aquarius.

Leo and Aquarius are all dimensions apart. They have a lot to learn and share but at the same time a lot to worry about and argue. Leo are personal, involved, and intense in their dealings while Aquarius are impersonal and rather detached. This makes the Leo feels unwanted and unappreciated which hurts them the most. On the other hand the dramatic and arrogant behavior of Leo is not tolerated by Aquarius. As a result, Leo and Aquarius struggle together just as they thrive together. They are both very caring and generous to others as well as to each other and they leave a lasting impression wherever they may go. But since they both stand to their own opinion, they have to adjust and get ready to sacrifice a bit.

  1. Joseph May 24th, 2022

    I am very sorry for your loss David

  2. David Kaye February 18th, 2022

    My late wife was a Leo. I’m an Aquarius. We were together almost 50 years. Covid took her from me and almost got me as well. I survived but 6 weeks in hospitals. We were together almost 50 years. Married 44 years. I was 16 and she was 14 when we started dating. I’m 66 years old and have been with only one woman my whole life. I miss her terribly.

    • susan March 1st, 2022

      I am so sorry for your loss but inspired by the love you had for your wife. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • atiboy15 July 3rd, 2022

      I am sorry for your loss!

  3. mayagrigsby145 March 31st, 2021


  4. Emma November 24th, 2019

    I love Aquarian men…highly intellectual and free spirited. The key is passionately playing a mental game of chess with them. And try not to get offended when they seem lost in thought. I got this free love reading and it was helpful: https://youtu.be/DMsWLwr-kvI
    I hope it helps xoxo

  5. Tiana Whiting July 8th, 2019

    I’m a Leo woman dating an aqua man, my soul mate! Me being a Leo I need to be shown that I’m appreciated and adored more often than not. The key is communication. After some work, some fights along the way… he can be very detached, but some don’t realize that aquas can be oh so warm and affectionate when they want to be, and i think a leo woman brings this out in him like no other. And hes so respectful. He offers me a very lofgical and detached view on things when i might be letting myself get caught up in the emotional/fiery side of things, and i can offer him subtle warmth when hes feeling distant and cold, and needs help expressing and recognising his deeper emotions. We can make them feel safe. We are the best of friends and truly compliment eachother. Leo woman/aqua man are the best.

    • Alexis August 20th, 2021

      are y’all still together today?

    • Enhle August 22nd, 2021

      I totally agree with this 👌

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  7. CaliforniaKing March 12th, 2014

    I’m a Leo man…and i’m dating an Aquarius woman. I’ve read alot of the comments and i notice alot of it being true lol…there was just something about the aqua woman that was so mysterious to me…we started off as co-workers. I would always catch myself staring at her off in the distance…she always seemed to be so focused in her work. I think thats what initially attrated me to her. I love a hard working woman. Over time, i finally found the courage to break the ice and spark conversation with her and im glad i did because she has a really great sence of humor, and on top of that she is a really great listener. Aqua women need space, and lots of it. We dont live together, and the way our schedules work, we only get to see eachother once or twice a week. I think this is why we work so well because spending time apart makes us cherish the times we spend together even more. Try to do little activities with them, joke and play around. Aquarius women loves someone who can be charming and yet humorous at the same time. And yes, We do have disagreements from time to time, but i always make an effort to “agree to disagree” lol…but anyways..
    For any Leo Man falling for an Aqua Woman…My advice is to pay attention to her. There is nothing that hurts her more in this Whole World than to be ignored. And i know we have ego’s and like to be in control, but we have to be able to let them take charge every once in a while. Even in Bed. 😉

  8. W33709 May 11th, 2013

    I am an aquarian woman dating a Leo man for about a month now.  He is extremley controlling wanting 24 hours a day of my time…..seems to get irritated when I don’t respond to his text or phone call right away.  He also seems irritated when I have to put something like cutting my lawn or cleaning before him.  He wants to be first all the time.  He also picks fights out of nowhere making a big deal out of nothing…..claims that I’m detached and I don’t know exactly what he means by that. I notice that when he picks fights, I try to say I’m sorry to calm the arguement as I don’t like arguing and confrontation in a relationship.  He seems to enjoy getting into quarrels with me as he knows i will try to bring the relationship back to good terms.  It’s true that Leo men are very sexual….they like to start sex very early in the relationship.  We like to snuggle and hold each other but he seems to need a ton of attention.  He’s very giving, spending an unlimited amount of money on me trying to protect and impress me…..anything I want he gets…..claims he will get me the world.  Also, protects and gives to anyone around him.  I need some space to myself but he seems pissed off when he can’t get all of my attention.

    • Zee May 23rd, 2021

      It’s crazy how that was in 2013, this is 2021 and some leo men are still the same. Everything she just said so true. I went through this with my Leo guy bestfriend and I’m an aquarius women but I didn’t understand why he acted this way because he was only my bestfriend, I knew he liked me & wanted more for us, so did I but I wanted us to stay friends for a little while longer until we learned to communicate better, also because we lived in 2 different states he just didn’t understand that. After like 6 months of being bestfriends he blocked me and I had no way of contacting him to even know why he really did it, this hurt the shit out of my feelings because when we became bestfriends he told me he would be scared sometimes about our situation & I always told him I would never hurt you he assure me the same thing but for some reason by the tone of his voice just the way he said it I didn’t feel he meant it. I guess I was right cause he indeed did hurt my feelings which pisses me off cause my feelings are not easily hurt. I hope this message finds him one day and he’s able to read it and understand how immature and cowardly it was of him to just block me without saying anything which is why I wanted us to stay bestfriends due to poor communication. What really bothered me is the fact that I asked him 3 times in different scenarios if he needed space from me, if he wanted to call it quits, or if I bothered him. Each response was no I don’t need any space, it’s not even that I wanna call it quits I’ve just been going through something which I understood cause his mom was sick & I was always there for him staying up till 3, 4 a.m. talking to make him feel better cause that’s what real bestfriends do, he was never there for me like I was for him which is why I wasn’t ready for a relationship with him he always told me how grateful he was for me & that he would always be there for me when I needed him but yet he never really was I just let it go cause we were only bestfriends & for that I was foolish. His last response to 1 of those questions was now you know damn well u don’t bother me. Maybe 2 weeks before he ghosted me our communication was bad I tried to make it better but he kept responding to me whenever he felt like it but got upset when I did the same to him he would send me 👀eye emojis like I be looking for you I be wanting you and you don’t respond which I did respond just not right away cause I found that rude like who texts a girl they like with eye emojis cause they want attention he could have just kept saying hey, but anyway a week before he ghosted me he sent me a snapchat video saying he missed me then I sent 1 back I was sick so I wasn’t at work which I don’t think he believed me, I’m also always cold due to my anemia when I’m sick its worse but he sent me a video back saying I hope u get better if I was there I’d keep u warm he even blew me a kiss at the end. That was his last communication with me then. Then due to work I had to start going to sleep earlier I have insomnia real bad which he knew, so he knew I was up but I started trying to force myself to sleep earlier due to me being exhausted at work I was a DA at a busy practice so every night he would tx at like 10, 11, 12 & I would say I’m going to sleep or I’m finna lay down he would get so mad about this so then he asked me when I was available again for the hundredth time he always asked this but never tx or called me when I said I would be available it was like he wanted me to be available when he said so why even ask me then I was tired of that so I told him idk he asked if I was mad I said no I really just don’t know which I didn’t it varied but even if I did I wasn’t wasting my breath to tell him something he never even cared about apparently. Then the week he ghosted me he told me he couldn’t wait to show me how good he was going to look for a wedding he went to but I was really just tired of him ignoring me whenever he didn’t get his way so when he sent me the picture he sent it like 2 days after the wedding when I texted him days before and he never responded so I deleted the message I sent him and when he sent me the picture he didn’t caption or say anything so I didn’t respond I think he wanted me to fall all over him like some little school girl and tell him how ohh so good he looked but 1 thing I’m not is a ass kisser I’m not gonna stroke your ego after you’ve been ignoring me so often due to me not giving u all my time whenever u wanted it, I don’t care how good a man looks its about respecting a women u wanna be with in the future and many more things. I just wish he would have told me he was done with our friendship so we both could have just moved on peacefully. So I reached out to him on my old snapchat & told him Hey I tried to contact u last night and saw that u blocked me u don’t have to unblock me or anything I want you to know that I respect your decision, and I’m ok with it if that’s what u felt u needed to do, I would like to know why you did it, but no worries after this we don’t ever have to talk again I wish u nothing but the best and if I hurt u in any way I’m deeply sorry I hope you have a great life!! What he did showed alot about his character but my response also showed another about mine you can’t let one bad experience with a person define you. Maybe it was the cocky cop in him that lead him to do this carelessly whatever it was so be it, I know he will never find another women to give him what I could have in a relationship or a friendship and that itself gives me piece of mind.

  9. canadianaquarian April 30th, 2013

    I realized not that long ago that every signifcant romantic relationship I’ve ever had is with a Leo. This last one has been for 13 years, and it’s been comfortable, but not rock my world awesome…none of them have been. I’ve vowed no more Leos….great friends, but not for romance.

  10. aquarius-anna April 26th, 2013

    i need advice from leo man
    Im aquarius woman and i m in love in leo guy, we are both in another relationship; but with big attraction between us, know each other for 3 weeks and work together, we were togeter it was amazing for both  and now I’m totally in love and I do not know how to treat it and what to expect from it I am afraid that is not ready to be with me and leave his girlfriend and it is too soon for anything, we didnt go out for 1 week but see each other at work he is fine wth me kind but he is not open to me about his feelings and plans, and i aquarius dreamer imagine him with me together, though I am engaged with  to a guy who I’m about 12 years but gave him it clear that it did not mean anything and i m not happy with him.
    So i need advice what to do go away from him or be patient to feel the need to be with me

  11. shutterbird13 December 11th, 2012

    “As a result, Leo and Aquarius struggle together just as they thrive together.”
    I’m a Leo woman who’s been with my Aquarius/Pisces cusp guy for 14 years, and I can say the above sentence pretty well sums up our relationship. When things are good, they’re good, when things go wrong, they can get really, really bad. But we always seem to pull through it stronger than we were before. We’re the best of friends and try to respect each other’s views and opinions, though sometimes we both act as if the other is crazy. 😀 Being a person who tends to rely on my emotional intuitiveness, I appreciate my husband’s sometimes detached view of things. He’s always capable of helping me to see things in a more rational light, even if I do sometimes have to drag his opinions out of him. He silently observes others and is very perceptive without many people knowing it. As such, he will sometimes offer me a nugget of wisdom about a particular individual or event and I find myself staring at him open-mouthed because I realize he’s right…and he’s the only person who sees it. Honestly, he amazes me more and more each day, and while I sometimes don’t get the attention I need, he is quick to offer it when I ask, and he is extremely devoted to me, which makes this feline pretty content.

  12. smiley11 December 11th, 2012

    am an aquarian and i dated a leo guy for two months, he promised me he’d never hurt me, never leave me alone, but within two months hez forgotten all his promises & keeps saying for every lil thing he wants to end the relation.Its always his way and whatever he wants.One thing must say leo’s are good at “taking a person into confidence by your talks” in short faking themselves. I wont say that all leo’s are same but this guy whom i fell in love wid has ruined my life so girls you better know a leo guy really well before taking the plunge

  13. Alexandra1589 August 23rd, 2012

    I’m almost in the same situation, except with an aqua male. We dated for a while, and broke up. It took him 5 months to realize he wants me back. Us Leos do have big egos, but if you stroke his ego, open up emotionally, and compliment him — he’ll come around. I’m still on a little edge about getting back with my aqua man, but simply because I don’t want to be hurt again. Show your Leo male that it’s safe. 
    Aquarians and Leos are different in many ways, as far as courting goes anyways. Leos love to be the center of attention — so ask him to hang out at a club — go dancing! Don’t hold back your feelings from him — that is the #1 way to get him. If you can keep your Leo laughing, you got them. Leos are governed by the heart, so do some pampering and he’ll pamper you right back 🙂 

  14. tastyballer July 14th, 2012

    @CacoaBear  u can win him back and this is coming from a leo man  and i qoute  tell him that u made ur biggest mistake  and tell him that u are the most stupid woman ever and that u have a very strong sexuall desire whenever u see him  tell how hard u want to get fucked by him over and over again and again for the rest of ur life    and i garantee u  he will take u back!!  but iam telling u it can be hard  but are u willing to do it  i really dont think u have the gutts and if u say what i told that will kill his pride and he will be ur puppy again  but never hurt him again never remember he is a king!

  15. MichaelBear91 May 7th, 2012

    Im an Aquarius man and i really dig this Leo girl, lady, beauty! at work. I have a feeling if i can just get her on a date its all gravy after that. Any advice to trying after a Leo girl? Her name is Ashley, shes wonderful, i understand i have a hard time expressing my feeling sometimes, but damn when it comes to her i wouldnt mind spending the rest of my life telling her how gorgeous she is.

  16. QueenLeo February 26th, 2012

    @CacoaBear To tell you the truth, Leo’s will hold on to someone until they are sure they don’t have feelings to that person;however that being said, they don’t turn back. When it’s over, it’s done. Your welcome to be friend him though, very forgiving person. So yea, I am a Leo too.:)!

  17. CacoaBear November 17th, 2011

    i totally agree with oracle. Leo and Aquarius are so balanced is nurturing to the soul. but the type that grows with time. I am an Aquarius and my first love was a leo. i still love him to death and sadly it took me losing him to realize what he meant to me.i am in a relationship with a Scorpio man.But for some reason we are never on the same page(big age difference also). he thinks with his emotions and i think with my logic,we are opposite that don’t seem to attract but rather compliment each other. but no mad love. he loves me more than i do and he is so intense constantly .he is self-centered and hates how unpredictable and detached i am and excepts me to change who i am. Comparing him to my Leo Ex-Man, he don’t stand a chance. with Leo he accepted me for who i am, his actions spoke volumes to me, not what he only said…i want my Leo man back, but i hurt him too much and his pride is soo over the moon too take me back. My Question is how do i win Back my Leo man. Running out of Solutions.

    • MissM December 18th, 2016

      CacoaBear, I’m probably 5 years late with my reply but I’m curious to know if the Leo man has forgiven you?
      I’ve been hurt and humiliated by an Aquarius dude 4 years ago and it took me 3 years to finally forgive him and move on. He broke me down completely and I’ve never been so vulnerable and weak in my whole life. Never. i naturally did not tell him nor let him know how tremendously hurt I was… But I cried myself to sleep for several weeks and planned revenge and vodoo tricks on him for years! But anways, time heals everything and Karma has probably hit him. He is now trying to get back in my life and I can feel he seems to appreciate me more and he is more expressive about his feelings. I have forgiven him but what he did to me has changed me forever… We have occasional sex but I can honestly say that I could never have romantic feelings for him again. We can be FWB (cuz the sex is addictive) but he has no place in my heart anymore. He ruthlessly and consciously broke it with such violence, consequently he will never ever be welcome inside my heart ever again. He is dead to me. Even if he gets on his knees and forgives me with a ring, I will never take him back. My heart says no.
      We Leos are ruled by the heart. We think with our hearts and feel with our brains so in that sense we aren’t just emotional imbeciles. We are extremely forgiving but we Never forget…
      Anyways, I hope you are doing fine with or without the Leo man.

      • Aquagirl January 27th, 2017

        Hi Lady,
        Miss M..Hope you are fine.

        Need a lil help..Can we talk? Cause even I am stuck with a leo guy badly over his confusing behaviour. Pls reply if there is a chance of communication. This portal is v v new to me, dunno how it works. Thx in advance.

  18. wondering August 10th, 2011

    @Desi omg let me tell you something this is so true me and mine have been together for 6 months we argued alot but for odd reason we are friends now… but he treats me as if we were together.. he said he needs time to figure stuff out… out most arguments were about his dating website we met on i want him to delete it but i guess thats where the love their freedom comes .. right now he tells me he loves me so much he cant never tell me no .. so should i just let this time go by .just be friends and let him make the choice … or what???

  19. cheryll44 July 29th, 2011

    I am a Leo ,and i can understand Marks comment big time,Aquarians are a real mixture of everything ..
    Leo’s love a challenge ,you don’t know what your always getting and the sad thing is ,when an Aquarius opens up Leos don’t see what is happening ,the moment has pasted..Leo’s do need to stop thinking about themselves and look whats in front of them …but i still don’t think i will 100% understand this awesome sign of Aquarius …unless i think logic..:)

  20. secret April 10th, 2011

    Aquarius appears to completely understand their emotions. But somehow have a difficult time expressing them.

  21. Mark March 21st, 2011

    Myself Aquarius, Communication and understanding is vital to make this relationship work, Leos perceive themselves to be always right and need to practice wisdom to be able to learn and listen with patience their big ego’s strangles them from emotional growth because they love attention and want to see themselves through others eyes as the center of attraction, However Leos are Beautiful, and steaming hot in bed, there needs to be balance in a relationship with a Leo

  22. Desi January 10th, 2011

    My dear lioness, if you love your water bearer enough you have to invest some time. He is not going to let of his freedom that easy. It took me years and finally he is where he wants to marry. Been through ups and downs but it’s up from now on. We broke up for months and he realized I was the one and did all he could to win me back. It’s hard to believe him cuz he is so in love with his freedom, but 3 years later, he is still holding on to our commiment. Believe me he is one of the most hard working individuals you will meet and the sex part WOW!! amazing both signs are kinky and no shyness at all. ALL is permitted!

  23. Summer King October 8th, 2010

    Omg me and my leo are like really close friends but we never dated. When we first met though he said we would and we acted like we were but then he said we were better off as friends. Idk why. I’m still in love with him and he’s attracted to me and this article is so true because whenever we have strong disagreements, give it three days or so and were back to normal!!! And the funny part… this is true and I’m only fifteen and he’s seventeen!! Lol

  24. tiffany cooper October 4th, 2010

    im with a leo man and im an aquarius woman and this article is so true

  25. Sofia January 2nd, 2010

    This is great because Im a female Leo and im in love with a female Aquarius and This means that we will have our issues but we will make each other stronger. thanks

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