Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius make an easy pairing as they inspire each other, enjoy each other’s company and find plenty of common interests to be worked on together. Together they make things fresh and steady in any relationship they share and usually end up as great friends irrespective of the real relationship they have with each other.

Gemini people are child at heart and always remain so. Adult antics such as suspicions, future predictions, criticism and emotional turmoil are not things they actually deal with well. However, Gemini is very bright when it comes to figures, computers or putting their own twist on a conversation or the truth for that matter but extravagance comes with them. They are intellectually strong but emotionally weak as they do not have any promising attachments. Not wanting to settle on to any one decision, Gemini always looks around for all possible options. Their smart and intellectual minds delegate what needs to be done and they sit back and let others do so. They move so fast from one thing to another that it’s difficult to keep an eye on them.

The Aquarians are intellectual people with very friendly attitude and extrovert nature. They never have a problem in making friends; in fact, their whole world is filled with friends from all walks of life. The favorite pastime of Aquarians is delving into ones inner most core of a person to find out what is in there that they may learn about that person. Aquarians can never have awful prestige issues but their own independence and individuality is something they stand tall for. Aquarians are always thinking, always open to any possibility, no matter how far fetched that possibility is and they settle on the outcome only when they are completely positive about it. As stubborn as they are, they are also quite extraordinary creatures.

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Gemini and Aquarius are highly compatible. They get along on many different levels and are not taken back by the levels they are not similar on. This makes for a nice playing ground for a good relationship of any kind they share. Together they can make life magical and quite interesting with their child like hearts. Gemini likes their changing personalities while Aquarius likes to frolic and spend their time in a fantasy land. Each being so much like the other makes for a fun loving, breezy and wonderment of a relationship. Even with the occasional argument between the two, it is never enough to do any real harm. Although Gemini has a better and more precise way of translating a subject that arises out of conversation, Aquarius has the intellect and insanity in keeping things interesting. Overall, they both have a gift of persuasion and conversation that could quite easily be construed as an art and keeps them together for longer time.

Nothing is boring about this duo as they continue to baffle everyone around them. To others, even though they are quite liked, they may seem like an enigma of sorts and more often annoying in their argument. To each other everything is as clear as day. They amuse each other and attempt to do so with others, but their highly calculating minds and flying around from one thing to other causes to be too complex for most. The chaos caused between the Gemini and the Aquarius is much needed in their relationship to keep interest and order, so to speak. Although they are both naturally compassionate, they need the eccentricity that makes this unity what it is. Calm and smooth makes for an unhappy relationship when these two are involved. In financial matters, they both make it just as fast as they can both spend it. Neither will admit to whether they have gained or lost because their minds are constantly turning and changing.

Mostly all the relationships that are shared by Gemini and Aquarius are full of fun and sunshine. They both are lively and intellectual beings and whatever they mean to each other, their relationship never misses this enthusiasm. As siblings, friends, colleagues or relatives they have a tuning which is envied by most people around them. They love taking, helping, discovering and making things together. Business venture is a fine idea for them till the time they don’t have any interest in keeping the money for a very long time. Romantic relationship is very clicking to both of them. Parenthood is the last thing they like to fall for, but once they are parents they are more the best friends of their children.

Though they have an easy time with each other, there are a few things that can be disturbing for them too. Gemini is not much for truth and its plethora of half truths, what ifs and possibilities. So, to avoid such calamity they simply avoid that truth all together and its multifaceted meanings. Aquarius, on the other hand, looks for it, the clear and concise truth that lies under the entire hubbub. They crave it, on a more logical level. This is where argument lies between Gemini and Aquarius. If their relationship could be all fascination and frills then this is one relationship that would work. However, life isn’t all fascination and frills. Sometimes even Aquarius becomes very easy going with the relationships and their importance which can be an alarming thing for Gemini if they are in more affectionate mood. But such things hardly take place. They don’t have to explain their actions to each other, nor do they have to worry about what the other one is doing.

  1. JennaGem November 9th, 2022

    Aquarius and Gemini should be FRIENDS only!
    I have been with an Aquarius male for over 10 years. And the intellect does not match. Geminis learn ALOT and like to share it with people we love. Aquarius people are way too stubborn to hear Geminis out. Gem/Aquarius vibrate on totally different vibrations. Geminis learn then change. Aquarians know what they know and won’t change. Geminis are as fickle as the people around them and Aquarius are fickle about plans so couples almost always waste a bunch of money and time. And let’s not hit on the competition. I think Gemini is most definitely Alpha female and Aquarius are much too mentally fickle to be able to handle a Gemini woman. Aquarius is a fixed sign. I think Gemini pair better with Virgo. Or some other extroverted but stable sign. Because Geminis love to be the student and need someone who can teach, counsel and guide. I have dated lots of zodiacs but the one I seem to be stuck with is Aquarius. And that’s because Aquarius people like what they can’t truly have. 10 years and he still haven’t completely learned me.

    • Gladwin27227 May 19th, 2024

      I agree I don’t believe the foolish soulmate of Aquarius and Gemini couples. Aquarius and Leo who should work, ends up being far more compatible than gem and aqua. Also Aquarius are debaters so we like to exchange opinion not teach. Aquarius men are more sigma than alpha. Dominant but reserved. We like to socialize but we are not extroverts. I think both Aquarius and Gemini are too cold to be together. We need another sign with high emotional intelligence to keep us stable. Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius and libra are good matches for Aquarius.

  2. Mr k March 4th, 2017

    Wow your story is a impressive I’m a Aquarius man in a love/ hate relationship. I think it is because I have a different view of things she likes things I hate. Sometimes she lets me get close to her other times she try to avoid me and sometimes she hate me but when I talk to her she fine. And she doesn’t change the subject when I talk to her. she doesn’t text me back on social media. Sometimes she cares about me and I like that about her and we have a few common interests. I was born February 13th she was born The start of June. And there much more I feel good now that I can express my self in private. I hope I get a Gemini relatetionship because I think we could have a lot of fun. When it comes to where she have to go. The strange thing is I don’t feel like I’m going to lose her because if I’m going to lose her I get a terrible feeling but I don’t feel that because she didn’t block me out completely…

  3. nannab October 2nd, 2015

    I am a gemini woman in love with my aquarius friend. We were in the same class for 3 years. He has always been my best friend. I never realized i liked him, because there where so many other boys in my life, I just wasn’t ready. We have a really playfull friendship, he likes to stay close to me and touches me all the time! When we have been drunk together we always dance, not the club like dance, its more classic and slow, and believe me, we are not the types that normally would do that. We have romantic small moments all the time. He likes to tease me and point out all the bad things I do and how I act. Being a typical gemini, I’m quite loud, energetic and I talk a lot, for example. He pays extra attention, both good and bad. Many of our friends does not understand why I don’t get mad, but it’s because I know it comes from a good place! When other people do stupid things, he rarely comments on it, comparing to how often he does it with me. One day I realized that my feelings was more than friends I kept it in, not wanting to get rejected. He sort of has a girlfriend, but I know she’s in love with her ex, because I know she still writes him texts. One drunk night she told me something bad about my friend, I flipped out and in all off my rage, it sort of came out that i liked him. Honestly I was so drunk I forget everything. But later i found out that he had been asking our friends about me. So i called him, we talked for an hour. And I did not admit that i loved him, just that I loved the connection we have. Both mentally and romantic. He agreed. We never talked about since then. We began spending more time together, but nothing really changed, other then we no longer discuesed love, sex or relationships anymore. He broke up with his girl, because she cheated. And since then, he is always eager to see me. He reseantly told me out of the blue, that I’ve was the one that understod him the best out off like everyone in his life. 
    Honestly we are the perfect fit mentally, I know he feels the same in that department. We are like the same human being, but we still learn a lot from each other!
    I think the problem is, that I’m a little overweight. Once i overheard him saying that I’ve was one of the most beautiful girls he knew, I just needed to loose the weight. I honestly isn’t that instrested in his looks either, but he still makes me feel like im 5 again. And i don’t really care how how you look, as long as you’re funny and intelligent. Sex just isn’t as important to me as it is to him.
    What should I do? 

    • Queenie March 2nd, 2023

      Did you get with your Aquarius friend?

    • Gladwin27227 May 19th, 2024

      Yea aqua men love sex, we see it as a bonding process instead of just pleasure. As for what should you do, us aqua men value a person soul over their looks and we won’t hesitate to leave if we’re not compatible. If you say you two are on the same wavelength you should let your feeling be heard. He probably just value your friendship and don’t wanna ruin it. We love confident wemen so you should express yourself to him.

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  5. Owly February 7th, 2014

    I’m a Gemini woman who is in my twenties. The longest romantic relationship I’ve had was with an Aquarius man (3 years). This is a breezy match, that thrives on intellectual stimulation and tons of communication. You will find great friendship in this match that functions as a strong foundation for romance. Gemini and Aquarius seem like they were just made for eachother. Their connection is usually immediate and long-lasting, and is built from the core character traits of each sign. I believe these two signs would make a great “forever” marriage, because if the romance dies, the friendship will keep the marriage alive until the fire is rekindled. That said, sometimes this relationship can be too agreeable and lacks a little bit of passion.

  6. Rbohman September 20th, 2013

    I am a gemini female and i have been living with a aquarius man for about 6 monthes now. I moved out of my state and met him where i am at now. We have really gotten along well. We have fun together and laugh alot which i love however we are struggling somewhat now since i lost my job and the stress has been really hard on both of us. We have not always agreed on things and he does better with the fun life than with real life. But that is what i love about him so when things are getting hard instand of focusing on the bills or whats coming up he takes me away to where its nice and pretty and for a moment we have no worries or problems. But then when it gets to him its best to leave him to his thoughts he isnt as easily pulled to a dream as i am. He always comes out of it after his time alone doing his thing and lets me know how much he loves me. He always let me know that no matter what we have to deal with he doest want to deal with it without mw at his side. I am 47 years old and this is the first real love that i have felt in my life. I wouldnt trade him for anything or anyone else.
    Gemini woman & Aquarius Man 🙂

  7. lilrazberry March 22nd, 2013

    Ive read this so many times. I am a aqarius woman, and Ive been in a relationship with a gemini man. I can honestly say I love him to death. We’ve been together for almost 4 years. I was just having somefun looking at out love compatibility and it is scary real. We both have the exact charaistics. He loves me as much as I love him. And we are planning to get married in the future. I want him to be the father of my children, and he wants me to be the mother of his. I can not picture my life without him. We are great friends. He is my best friend and we love spending time together. And when we do make love it is magical. The only thing is I do feel like I have to put more in the relationship then he does. But then again relationships aren’t 50/50 down the middle. He does like to tell small white lies, he would never lie about something huge though. We trust eachother 100%. We are eachothers first real relationship, but it doesn’t bother us that we haven’t been with anyone else like we have with eachother. And the spiritual connection thing is so true. I was telling my mother how great him and I were together, and I felt like we were connected spritually. And then I read this article and it said it exactly how I felt. She told me when we look at eachother, kiss, touch it’s like no one else is in the room. That we are both connected and we feel so much love. I do feel like I need space from time to time from him. That’s why I reread this article to remind me how strong our love is and we are made for eachother. <3

  8. zahara February 16th, 2012

    @ashley, dear I am an Aquarian Man born on the 06 February and involved with a Germini woman. I use to think we are a match made in a roller coaster but hang on this is untrue. I asked her to be more open with me if everything she wants to talk about and i will have an input, remember ashley Germini’s enjoy stimulating conversations were they want to always win at opinions and can be a turn off for Aquarian Man. We get into coversations with you guys as lovers and not oponents, once the conversation turns to be “I want to be the last person to have the last word” we turn to switch off and we apply our minds somwhere else.
    Ashore the brother that he means a lot to you and you will do anything to protect him. You will see what happens in your daily lifes and at night!!!Take care

  9. ashley January 29th, 2011

    I’m a gemini and boyfriend is a Aquarius and this is so not true our relationship sucks big time

  10. Alex November 1st, 2010

    I’m a Gemini and my fionce is an Aquarius. This describes us perfectly. I can get really flirty with him and he loves it. Our relationship works really well.

  11. Roxi October 24th, 2010

    I’m a Gemini female that has been married to an Aquarius male for 16 years and I must say he finds me fascinating which really works for me. He knows when to back down and when he needs to definitely not back down. He is very forgiving which is what the flirtacious Gemini need!!

  12. m2k January 18th, 2010

    biased much? the concluding statements are unnecessarily disheartening. i’m not trying to defend aqua/gem compatibility but based on the other compatibility reports i’ve read on your site, this one seems to be suspiciously facetious.

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