Gemini and Libra Compatibility

Gemini and Libra make one of the most bouncy combinations in all their bonds. They enjoy plenty of social and mental stimulation in their union with considerable respect for each other on all levels. Though together they lack the power of decision making and make them less observant towards goals but they definitely enjoy each other’s company.

Gemini people have a way of communication. A beautiful art of word manipulation is the key to it all. To the Gemini, the ability to be able to slide them in or out of a situation is the difference between winning and losing. They have the ability to change on a moment’s notice and being able to fly along, moving from one plan to the next, discarding the past and quickly looking ahead to the unpredictable future while playing their own role in the present. They love a good challenge whether it is a mere idea or a full blown test of ability. They have no recourse in the consequence of picking up from one involvement and moving swiftly on to the next one.

Librans are certainly one of a kind people with magic in their eyes and sweetness in their voice which can melt every heart. They often appear to be a pushover, being frail and quite passive. However, there is nothing further from the truth. They are sweet, charming and pleasant creatures with an irresistible charm, graceful beauty and a brilliance that guarantees them a second look from everyone. They are natural born winners, leaders and successors. Always wanting to be right, their logic takes an idea, masters it, ponders it, balances any pros and cons and contradicts it until it becomes the best answer. If that goal doesn’t come, they put it off until tomorrow when they revisit the idea and the process in what makes it better.

Gemini and Libra have a mutual curiosity about other people. This, along with their fresh approach into a relationship makes for a refreshing unity they can both enjoy. They share in each other’s ideas, their love for culture and art and their desire to socially entertain. They relish in a relationship with many friends coupled with good conversations, fun and a brilliant insight they both share. Their lives are never boring nor do they ever tire of each other. With Libra’s plethora of wonderful ideas and Gemini’s ever changing thoughts, they always have a new and exciting occasion to look forward to. As long as their union stays on this level, there is never a problem. On the instance that Librans decide to go further and deepen the relationship, tension arises as the Gemini people tend to have a problem in settling into one relationship or situation. To Libra, this is the natural flow of the way things are supposed to go.

Never a grounded decision, never a need to stay where they are, Gemini likes to move along from one thing to another as quickly as a wink if they so choose. Librans are well grounded and their ideas are well thought out, balanced, taken to the next level, counteracted with other ideas that may work out better. Gemini tends to make a decision about something, and change their minds at the turn of a hat. Librans, once they process such a decision and decide that it is the best course of action, they stick to it and not budge from their standpoint. To Gemini, if a decision is a bad one, they simply cut the threads that bind them, and then they pick up and move onto the next one with no regard of the mess they are to leave behind. The much more cautious Librans know that the decisions they make are good ones and there is no room for error or improvement.

The excitement and brightness flows high in all the relationships that bound Gemini and Librans together. They both are so lively that whether they are friends, siblings, colleagues or relatives, once they are together they can be together forever with their great discussions and amusing qualities that they admire in each other. Whether they are in agreement with each other or arguing about a subject, they never stop and never let go of their deep seeded love and friendship. Silence in this relationship is not a variable. Commercial partnership may not be great for them as they both are easy going but definitely they can carry on any work which includes sales and marketing as their sweet talks and velvety voice creates a magic. Librans are a good match for Gemini people’s silver tongued conversations and they can always make a great pair, especially when Gemini gives ample amount time to Libran partner. They both make very co-operative parents, understanding their kids and giving them all fair chances and very intelligent kids who make their parents proud of them.

Any type of relationship between Gemini and Libra is as unpredictable as the weather. There can be some temporary troubles which lead them to arguments but generally things can be quite peaceful. If Gemini can be a little more devoted and Libra can be a bit easier going then things can be as smooth as satin road. With Libra’s inability to make a final decision due to all of the analyzing it takes to come to a natural conclusion, and Gemini’s inability to stick to any one concrete decision, anyone can see why it’s hard to pinpoint just what lies ahead for the duo. But their relationship, regardless of what kind of a unity is created, is never boring. Their discussions are long and colorful, their imaginations run wild with one another, and there is never a lull in what goes on between the two of them.

  1. how to screenshot September 25th, 2023

    Great! I’m Leo

  2. no name June 9th, 2022

    i would like to say that im a libra and i am crushing on a men gemini hopefully in the future me & him can be something serious i just have a feeling that his my soulmate we started to talk maybe like a week ago and hopefully everything goes well oh yea and he also asked me to chill with him around this week and i said sure and im waiting on the date and hopefully we gona chil

  3. Nellybear11801 June 24th, 2016

    I am a gemini man seeing a libra woman…i have known this girl since we were in high school, we had a class together but i noticed her before that. Ever since we started talking to eachother back then i knew that she was different in the sense that she was bright, beautiful, kind, and interesting. Over the years we have spoken to eachother and no real relationship was started, we were always friends and sometimes one would dissapear and the other would track them down. Every time i heard of her or thought of her i felt butterflies and that true happiness that you get when you find a great person. Over the years i have always wanted to be more than friends and our timing and the circumstances of life have kept us away from eachother. A few years after we met for the first time we were finally able to persue something together and i gotta say its been one of the greatest things to happen to me in my life. Shes soo nice and i can listen to her for hours, she thinks alot, she likes my stories that i make on the spot and she likes my smile and i love the magic in hers. I hope that i can bring her all the happiness in the world and that together we surpass anything in out paths. We both have feelings for eachother and we captivate one another in many hours where the time just flies in the blink of an eye. Shes my bee boo and im her boo bee haha, we have what it takes to go the distance, and i will do anything in my power to get us there. To any geminis out there; find yourself a libra and you will never regret it. You were made for eachother, it will never be boring. Best of luck out there. A gemini man will not be happy without his libra woman at his side.

    • G March 3rd, 2020

      The first paragraph proves how crazy ya Gemini’s are, talking about a stranger that way but I understand how you feel at first sight. I’m sure I’ve been with all of the signs more than once through college.
      Only good connections with air and fire signs. Water signs are sensitive and boring, earth signs boring, don’t talk, boring sex, fire signs good sex, fun, but argue, yell and spiteful, air signs better conversations, more fun to spend every day with, but sneaky, probably talking to others unless you can lock it down as best you can.
      I’m with my libra now, I’m also her boobie. I’d give her a 9/10 in being perfect all around.
      Only bad thing I’d say is she doesn’t communicate feelings well, shuts down when stressed, and doesn’t like to apologize.

      Commenting because this page is much more empty than the others. Probably because Gemini’s aren’t questioning their Libra love or vice versa

  4. divagal69 May 4th, 2013

    I’m a libra lady and yeah I love geminis !! One of my best friends is a Gemini And our relationship is not common what we have is magical . But there is this other gemini friend I have he is a very good person but he keeps on saying oh I love you and he says all this love stuff but it really sucks because I don’t love him but it makes me feel really bad I tell him I don’t love him he just laughs and then sometimes he says I’m gonna marry you but I don’t want to and i’m not gonna. I said that I was seeing some one but i’m not but he still you know says that stuff. The thing that sucks is if I got married he would still do that and I don’t know how to make him go away . Well I guess I will try find a way . 

  5. superfantagirl February 14th, 2012

    I am a Gemini girl and I love a Libra man so deeply. We arent officially together because of the distance, but my love to him never change for almost five years. However, so true that I talk like crazy all the time and that he sometimes get fed up and think I am fans of horses talking too much. But he likes my conversations and enjoy reading letter I wrote to him.
    I think he’s the one- and surprisingly the horoscope seems so true and correctly describes both of our personalities. I really hope we will work out, I love him.

  6. this-guy September 6th, 2011

    Im a gemini guy and to tell you the truth im very spontanious and I love to travel and I love meeting new people… I’ve had plenty of girl friends in my past… and I fell in love but it never worked out… im not trying to sound vile or anything but alot of people are attracted to me I have tons of friends and few enemies… when it comes to relationships I feel like I love the girl but I feel like when I go out girls look at me, I talk to them and something happens. Its hard for me to stay faithful. I tell my self not to do it but it happens and I can say that out of 90 percent of my relationships I cheated… its not good. And yes I talk my way out of everything because I don’t want to deal with any situation that makes me feel uncomfortable and I always get out. And I can turn the conversation on someone so easily and when I get mad I say stuff I don’t mean.. and later feel like a complete butt about it… im not the type to go out and look for a fight but if it comes to me its like im uncontrolable. I can be the sweetest, most romantic guy that could make a girl fall head over heals for.. even some of my friends ask about ideas for takin their gfs out and I tell them… anyways I met a libra woman and wow she’s the best ever. We’ve been dating for about a month now and I haven’t felt like this in a long time and I don’t want to mess this up this time I feel as if I finally found that person that makes me happy its just different and she’s not like other girls. I really hope it works out. But to all the girls im not saying all gemini dudes are the same but that’s how I feel, love them, give them your world and I promise they’ll do the same… well I would anyways but I’ve been screwed over many times maybe that’s why it made me who I am today but not with thus one ill make sure its different… I just thought id let you know and than some on a gemini guy

  7. tine marie March 4th, 2011

    I am a libra and my man is a gemini. We have been in a lot of ups and down. I have been trying to understand his attitude since i am very curious of what i can do to keep him or make him more into me. We have been dating for more than six years now. And I can’t seem to find where we are compatible since we don’t share the same hobbies. We fight and quarrel most of the time. I want everything to be well and arranged while he is not. But i am very much in love with this man. But as far as i know with all the research i did, Gemini are restless and they tend to move from one place to another. I think we maybe really compatible because after all of the flaws between us, we ares till together and BTW we already have a 2 year old daughter now.

  8. JO-AN RHODEN August 12th, 2010

    I am a Gemini and i have been Dating a Libra for 18 months i am in my forties and never wanted to marry but with him i would marry him tommorow if he asked. At long last the right one we never argue we are alike but not alike as mad as that seem (gemini) we are very compatible.He is the one !

  9. Diane July 25th, 2010

    I’m a Gemini newly dating a Libra man and we click effortlessly. Sometimes as if we are one mind. It’s a little scary but exhillerating at the same time. He understands & accepts me like no else ever has. Think this one is a keeper.

  10. lizbeth April 27th, 2010

    i am a gemini woman i been dating my libra boyfriend for 5 months and im still in love,, we get alone ,, i speak a lot and he just listens sometimes he gets tyred of listening of my nonsence combersations but is ok , he likes it….. he is the first libra man i had ever dated and i think i love hem…

  11. LeeAnna August 12th, 2009

    I’m a Gemini woman with a new Libra man. He & I found each other on Facebook 29 years after high school. I can’t believe his mind & his passion are so compatible with mine. I’ve never felt so stimulated intellectually, spiritually and physically. The glory is that he feels the same. It was instant chemistry that goes much deeper than with any other man (or sign) I’ve ever known. I’m going to enjoy seeing where this goes.”

  12. Ed June 23rd, 2009

    I am a Gemini man and have started dating a libra woman this is the first relationship where I feel really challenged in a positive way she is no push over though she reflects many of the thoughts and feelings I have I find her deeply attractive and feel I could learn something important though still cannot see where the damn thing is going!

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