Virgo and Libra Compatibility

When Virgo and Libra form a relationship, balance and harmony are the two major factors that help them to take things beautifully. Both of them are very co-operative and ready to adapt to the situations around them. They respect each other’s different style and usually have a stimulating conversation.

Virgo are constantly updating their skills to reach their ultimate abilities as a person. They fear any type of commitment that may bring about failure and thus can be called emotionally very dry people. When things become problematic Virgo analyze every detail possible and then get to the bottom of it with a solution. Virgo are such absorbed people that due to it they may often miss all of the other things that are going on around them. They sometimes use criticism as a defense mechanism to protect their self-esteem. They may seem slow to react at first, but don’t mistake this for a lack of intelligence. Virgo needs to evaluate every aspect of a situation before they can make a decision. Every day they think of new ways to become a better person.

Libra are extremely intelligent and very charming individuals. They have a charisma in them that attracts many people. It would take a great amount of effort to destroy the morale of a Libra. They carry themselves with elegance and poise. They love the harmonious tones of music. Their attraction helps them to talk their way out of any wrong doing. They can be master manipulators with their words and smiles. Libra can be quick to help with a problem but they do not jump to any solution till they balance the situation. They like to win their arguments and stop at virtually nothing to do so. They are often dreamy as they are constantly changing their ideals and weigh all options before concluding anything.

Somehow the Virgo finds peace with the Libra. The Virgo respects the Libra for their cheerful optimism and decision-making process, while refraining from criticism. For quite some time, these two are able to balance their relationship harmoniously. Their relationships are never full of great excitement, but there is always peace and contentment. Between the two the Libra who normally like their peace and quiet, become the social butterfly at times. The Virgo are then left tending to the boring daily duties and eventually become critical of the Libra. In order for Virgo to be happy with Libra, the Libra needs to show a little more responsibility. The two of them, whether in a love affair, friendship or family setting they make a great team that can conquer many obstacles.

These two argue with one another, but eventually they easily make up for all the loss. Then criticism by Virgo begins all over again. Libra are sensitive and the Virgo needs to understand that he or she needs to be a little less critical of the Libra. These two seem to do very well together. Virgo respects Libra which allows Virgo to learn how to back away from constantly criticizing their loved ones. Virgo and Libra can become full of themselves knowing they have superior intellect when together. Virgo may find Libra to be lazy at times, but respects Libra for their sense of justice and fairness. Libra also envies Virgo for their strict work ethics.

Life can be a happy road for Librans and Virgo together. They have a lot to share and admire about each other in almost all the relations. As lovers and spouse they can make good pair with lots of similarities and some differences to enjoy. Especially it is very nice to have Virgo man and Libran woman together. As siblings and buddies they make a fantastic pair to share and care and make the best out of their talents. Colleagues and business partners are also well played by both of them except for the fact that Virgo finds Librans lazy and Librans find them too pessimistic. But generally they do well. Parents and children usually enjoy a very healthy relationship with each other. If Librans are the parents then they keep their Virgo children stimulating with lots of things and if parents are Virgo they keep their children to as much perfection as possible. In both the ways they love and respect each other and enjoy their relationship.

The problem creating areas of the relationship of Virgo and Libra are foremost the critical nature of Virgo, that again and again hurts the soft and jolly heart of Librans. On the other hand, Virgo may find Librans to be very uncaring due to their social nature which keeps them engrossed. Moreover, Virgo are pessimist while Librans are optimistic; this also creates a clash in their day to day life. But together they can always talk on these problems and solve them out. A union between a Virgo and a Libra is almost always emotionally stable due to their ability to digest their feelings and emotions before they speak. They are both soft creatures who create a stable balance for one another. With a little bit of work, the Virgo and Libra can be great together in almost all relationships. Together they put off a wonderful vibration.

  1. AsphyDearest April 16th, 2022

    I’m a Virgo genderfluid person with a Libra male. I don’t normally believe in this sort of stuff, but I think it’s interesting to read on.
    I don’t fit most of the Virgo stereotypes though- yes I’m a perfectionist at times, but I’m also extremely insecure and immature. I’m childlike by nature, not to mention a social butterfly.
    My Libra male fits some things- he’s charming and elegant, for sure, but otherwise, he’s shy, not very social, and not a big people person.
    Our relationship is wonderful. We’re learning new things through each other, and changing in small but beautiful ways.

  2. Daniel Anderson April 7th, 2022

    Hello I am a VIRGO male, and I am married to a LIBRA female, and it has been an extremely hard and rough marriage, we have just celebrated our 10th year wedding anniversary last month in March, but I tell ya it has been hard, about 6 years ago I noticed a change in her when she was working at this place around all these different people and our sex life pretty much completely stopped, it was almost 2 years before anything happened!! Then we moved to a different place and we hardly ever talked all she did was sleep when she was home or was on her damned phone playing games or reading stories on reddit, then here about 2 years ago we moved again to a different city and she was working at a gas station as the manager of food service there and she worked with this little motherf****r there named Collin and I was suspicious from the get go on how we as husband and wife never did shit together but she always so happy to go to work and when I would confront her about it she would lie and say she was miserable at that job and just wanted to be with us, so this one day about a year and 7months ago I was using my phone and realized she was still signed into her Facebook account on it and seen a message from that Collin (“and might I say she always deleted her messages never kept any ANY messages on her phone deleted all,”) but the message said you can thank me later, and she messaged need to tell the other old lady that she was the one that asked for your help lol, and he messaged she doesn’t have anything I want you do, and she messaged lol 😉, and when I blew the fuck up about it she lied lied lied saying that she didn’t even notice what it said and that she didn’t even think it was anything like that, she knew she knew, but anyways she promised she wouldn’t talk to him on Facebook anymore or at work only about work related things that’s it!! Well remember our sex and home life is still pretty much nothing and I am always asking why at this time?? But about 9-10 months back she had to go in to unload truck and she was just gonna be there for about an hour to 2 and left her phone with me because we have 4 kids from 13yrs to 9yrs of age and I was sitting outside and a message came across her phone so I opened it it was from a lady friend of hers no biggie buuuut I seen a number no name just a phone number that had sent a shitload of messages and I read through a few and guess what it was fucking Collin and there was messages all the way back to when she promised swore on her mother’s soul who sadly passed 8yrs ago from cancer, but swore that she had stopped but there was all these messages and she was talking soooo much shit on me and allowing him to talk shit on me and saying that she wasn’t mad at him all this!! I fucking lost it everything inside of me was ripped apart that day, I went straight up to her work and told her to come outside I needed to talk to her and I said you are a goddamned liar and a cheat and she gets all defensive saying I’m not a cheat and not a liar so I set the phone down on the hood of my truck and said read and she then looked straight at the ground I went home waited for her to get home and then we had a long argument about it, and she still says to this day that she never cheated but I have noticed so many different things like we did have a little bit of a fiery sex life after that but she was doing things for me that she has NEVER DONE and she would have me move to a different position or something and in the 15+ years I’ve known her and have been sexual with her never anything like that so where did it come from she still says that she never cheated OK my argument with that is why hide the number, and why bad talk me so badly and continue with all that if you weren’t cheating why HIDE IT so STRONGLY and why did our relationship pretty much be nothing at all if there was nothing going on and coming from being a male myself and seeing this from a males perspective that fucker wouldn’t have kept any contact with her and all that messaging her at early morning hours and shit if he wasn’t getting anything out of it!! You know what I’m saying?? And now that all that has happened I don’t trust her at all I think everything she says is lies and once again after we had a really good sex life for about a month after the finding out of all this, it has stopped again and she is back to being on her stupid dumbass phone all day or she sleeps all day before work and she is just happy to go to work, so please some advice?‽? I have done everything I can with very little to no avail and I have prayed for the truth, I have asked the spirits for the truth, I have tried everything to get the truth, I just want to know if she did cheat I need to know so that I can move on from this so I can heal, so I can start a new, so my mind can heal and my heart can mend please help me out!!?? Thank you

  3. VirgoSushi June 17th, 2015

    Geez…  I dont feel like a Virgo. I dont like formality , I like romantic . I am not practical . me myself is quite immature. Is this even normal?

  4. IntoTheNorth March 31st, 2015

    Hello, I’m a Virgo woman (Sept. 6th)  and my boyfriend a Libra (Oct. 21st) Sorry, bit of a back story.. So my parents met through hang gliding and so I was then born into and raised in the sport, which I now do myself.  Even though a Virgo I am very spontanious and love to travel, I get it from my Dad’s Hungarian gypsy lifestyle and my mom’s wonderlust..I like to go on weekend trips, etc. at the last minuet, but I still keep things organized haha.. Anyways, hang gliding has a small world wide community. It’s more a family really, anywhere you go you’re automatically accepted into the club there. Since I was 14 I always dreamed of moving to New Zealand and being with another pilot.. Around Thanksgiving 2014 a mutual hang gliding friend of mine and my now boyfriend introduced us in a way (over facebook 😛 ).. long story short I moved to NZ to be with him.  We have been together over a year now and honestly… It’s been the greatest year of my life. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in past relationships, taking it all in stride or with a grain of salt. Always a life lesson in those things, which deffinatly prepared me for moving in straight away with my Libra. He is 22 and I’m now 19; We have a joint bank account, a car, a cat.. if we aren’t at work we are together.. Yes, we have our differences, everything listed above is our relationship in words. The only part I find difficult to accept is his lack of emotional communication. Sometimes I need a good cry, as I am very homesick, or a rant because I’m an empath and working retail get very tired emotionally from being around so many people. He just bottles it up and forgets about anything bothering him so he doesn’t get my need to talk.  I have been told since I was probably about 5 that I am an old soul.. I had my palms and aura read and the woman pretty much shit herself with my reading. I have a hard time find  people I connect with, and I was lucky enough to be born into hang gliding since it has given me the greatest family and lead me to my Libra.. But I feel he is still the young part of our soul. I see and feel magic with him, but I just wish parts of him were more understanding. he has a very short temper and I could wait for the stars to fall from the sky. He is very good with his hands and I’m just good at thinking. He has bikes, I have running. He has tools, I write stories.. But we both have hang gliding and hiking and wonderlust. We jumped in with both feet into this relationship, not expecting or planning anything. I’ve always gone with the flow of things, but nothing felt easier than this. 
      In reading these comments saying ”don’t date virgos, they’ll distory you!’ Or ‘liberas manipulate!’.. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit; Maybe it’s because some of them were young, mind and/or soul.. Or maybe too stubborn.
    As a typical Virgo my understanding of relationships is this.. When entering a relationship be sure to be in check of your emotions before investing in some one else’s, be sure to know your intentions, motives, and expectations, but don’t expect anything from them or to go to ‘plan’. GROW TOGETHER: you aren’t the same person you were when you were 5, or even yesterday. You’re always learning and experiencing. So are they. Your relationship will change over the course of a week or life time, go with it and learn to understand and accept it. Obviously, don’t stay if it’s emotionally, physically or mentally damaging you.. But if you want to love a person, no matter their sign, just love them. Be happy, honest and whole with them. They may not be your soul mate, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth loving. 

  5. sososexxy March 26th, 2015

    Well my virgo I must admit she is quite intriguing and complex indeed, I a libra male and she of course a virgo female, we met about 2 and a half yrs ago, when we first met she was having all kinds of propblems with her ex..a male virgo, my ex at the time was is an aries ( bad match for a libra).  when we first started seeing each other I found her difficult to understand as our styles are so different,  I have found that if a virgo doesn’t really know you they are not really into a lot of touching/smooching/cuddling and whatnot..I found this off putting at first and it caused great problems in the beginning,  eventually she left her ex
    For me and in the beginning our contrasting styles were too much for me as I did not understand her ways and mistook them for a lack of care/interest/concern. But the communication had always been excellent between us and her nuturing ways just had me hooked, she always knew just what to say to make my heart sing, the lovemaking was slow and quietly intense but I always knew there was something more…but my patience ran out and her critical side drove me away so we broke up.
    I never forgot about her and thought about her often after the break up, and we began chatting again after about a 9 month hiatus,  this time around she seems much more interested and we have a much better understanding of each others wants and needs, I’m really thinking about giving this another try, I plan on seeing my virgo next week, wish me luck,

  6. Annybelle May 8th, 2014

    I’m a libra women and I should probably mention most of my chart is scorpio except for a asc libra, mars leo, saturn pieces and uranus and neptune capricorn. 
    I don’t understand why all these virgo men are cheating on libra women in the comment, sounds like some leo deflect in their chart or something.
    Gonna be blunt, in the beginning of my life, virgos were my enemy. Virgo girls acted like they were god and virgo guys totally perverted geeks underneath their oh so caring displays. I hated them, kept away from them and said no thankyou; I’m a hang with the geeks and underdogs while ignoring you divaz. Like hot damn, get a Kool Aid Man to help you because I’m not fishing.
    Figured out Virgos were not the only flaw filled bunch, every sign has a flaw or something I don’t like. (Born the year of the dog, so I’m very diplomatic.) 
    Highschool Virgos were drawn to me, all around me. I couldn’t breath without a virgo asking romance advice because apparently I was a love guru (Great…) Not the career I had in mind. Dated a few, broke up with them, mostly because I was more interested in short term relationships and having a variety of people (I never cheated, warned everyone I went out with.) I was not interested in a relationship.
    After highschool, I met a virgo guy on my last year. He was nervous, anal, always asking questions, arguing with my facts and telling me how to do my job. I either told him to bugger off or I gave him the silent treatment, because turns out that fired some display of emotion in him. 
    We finally accept each other, he still thinks I’m some hippie, free spirited hard core classy type but he’s accepted that about me. One day this guy ask me to go out for some drinks. I was like “Hell yah”, me and my bud, drinks, sure…  Found out he actually asked me out, I was like wow, had no clue because most Saggitarias guys I’ve dated would buy me flowers and woo me to their hell. 
    No this virgo guy kept it simple and from there on he kept it simple. I liked his simple methods because it made me calmer than usual. When I went to his house, slipped right into bed with him. He didn;t care and I did not have to worry about his dignity.
    We chat, debate, correct and act on our mistakes. I’ve never felt so calm and happy in my lifetime. I already told him boundries he would have to break to get me to walk away and he’s more afraid than ever to make me unhappy. It just makes me want to make him the happiest guy ever. 
    So yah, not bad. But it does matter what you’re rising, venus, mars and mood signs are. If they are incompatible, it’s more complexed to deal with each other. You really have to ask yourself what you want and who you prefer but also don’t be afraid to break a few rules. Just have fun and if someone is treating you unfairly, give them time alone to figure out how much you mean to them. 

  7. Libranheart January 23rd, 2014

    Libra women stay away from Virgo men before they destroy you.

  8. libra-lady October 6th, 2013

    This really hit the nail on the head. I am the Libra and my husband who I’ve been with for 15 years is the Virgo. We are definitely different and have had our struggles to include infidelity several times. What is it about Virgo’s being sorry cheaters!? At the same rate we are so great together when things are good. This analogy described him and myself perfectly and as much as I hate to admit, his constant criticism and my laziness and happy-go-lucky attitude about life is so spot on! Nothing was amiss. 

  9. August 28th, 2013

    My girlfrind birthday is on sep 24 1986 and i would like to check our match.

  10. Joanel March 20th, 2013

    I am a libra women and i have been dating for about a year now a virgo man….in the begining it was great….now i feel like im living a nightmare he tries to manipulate me; and is not what every one thinks it is….we might look good but only reason is because i ignore what he says. His also ignarent and a mamas boy. Libra women and Virgo man NO GOOD!!

  11. uns2013 November 8th, 2012

    I am Virgo man and engaged with Libra women.My relationship seems like a formalilty. I tries to make our relationship to take a romantic turn but seems never thought that way.. instead i ignore so many things of her to make our relationship strong. But its been more than 3 months of seeing same thing..
    Now i feel to get rid off!! Seriously i never seems Virgo man & Libra women can make a good pair 🙁

  12. Love2love August 3rd, 2012

    I’m finding this incredible that all these Virgo women are talking badly about Libra men. I’m a Libra woman and was with a Virgo man for close to three years. He cheated on me in the first few months of our relationship. He is a master manipulator, he has a huge ego which always needs stroking. He’s an incredible liar while being incredibly charming, and because of this everyone seems to love him. He was emotionally shallow, never opening up enough for me to see the true him until it was too late. He lacked communication, he was EXTREMELY critical and as a Libra I can tell you how much grief this caused me. He had no trouble dishing out the criticism but refused to hear how he was causing the relationship to fail at all. I was constantly dedicated to him, loving, supportive and all things Libran. In the end he ruined me with his lying cheating ways, his constantly pesimissm and negativity. The Virgo is not the best match for a Libran and I can attest to this 100%.

  13. caseyj12 December 29th, 2011

    I am a Libra woman and im in a relationship with a virgo man and he cheated on me the first whole year of our relationshp.. If another man would ask us if we were together he would say yes but if a woman that he was messing with would ask he would call me his babymama.. Now he’s saying that he’s deeply in love with me and that im who he wants to be with but im so scared he might go back to his old ways.. i love him and it shows because even though he took me through an emotional ride i still wanna make it work but i cant trust him.. i dont know.. you cant hurt someone and expect them to be secure with you with a snap of a finger.. im trying so hard to believe hes changed but i dont know..

  14. Memma October 10th, 2011

    i’ve been in and out of a relationship with my libra man for just over two yrs now i do love him dearly but often feel he’s vry neg towards lifes ways which ends up in us fightin alot, i always end up finishin and gettin bk with a month i cnt seem to stay away from him, i also dont want to but hw cn i get past this awlful stage with him, i do love his carin devotin side and i knw he loves me just drives me crazy at times!! he always needs reasurences i find him a very needy person which suits my need to take of people but it be very over whelmin to!!

  15. jowens828 September 21st, 2011

    Hi I’m a Virgo woman & I like a Libra man which is younger.I’ve known him for a while but I realize he’s a liar I never know when he’s telling the truth.You can’t trust them to go around the corner without STOPPING and talking to the next female. They will make you think they like YOU only into YOU,master of maipulations,great at bull shitting anyone because they are soooooo charming.

  16. Virgo-Woman June 13th, 2011

    I am a Virgo woman who was married to a Libra man for 22 yrs. He was very charming and a great flirt. The problem is that he needs constant validation from others, other women. I honestly cannot recall a time when there was not another woman friend in the picture, one who was a little too close bordering on impropriety. His ego needed too much stroking, and he embellishes(lies)to make himself important, which caused me great concern. His spending habits became too much, as I am a planner and saver. The relationship lasted for such a long time because of my Virgo nature of being loyal and fixing broken things i.e. our bank account, mortgage, and family.In the end, I was just tired of fighting a losing battle with the Libra Man. He cannot even be my friend because it would lead me back into a relationship, because he is too charming and convincing. He still needs validation from me that he is really a good guy.

  17. Catwoman September 26th, 2010

    I admire your situation Awilda. I am also a Virgo woman dating a Libra man for quite awhile. I feel similar to what you describe it’s quite amazing 🙂

  18. Awilda Miro April 11th, 2010

    I am a Virgo woman and have been dating a Libra man for the past 3/4 months. I have to say that I am very much in love and so is he. I have never felt so complete in a relationship on an emotional level. He brings out the best in me and I make sure that I respect him and accept exactly for who he is. I am not critical of him at all. I guess this is based for they way he treats me and feels comfortable around me, accepting me exactly the way I am.

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