Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

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The pairing of Cancer and Virgo is one of the better combinations in almost all the relationships. Care and nurture is a strong theme among these two. This is most likely to be a low-key relationship perhaps not as exciting as some, but rich in a quiet way. There is also a lot of respect between the two of them, and a feeling of security that is enviable.

Cancer are highly valued by people for their subtle and compassionate nature. They never harm anyone intentionally and are themselves cautious enough to keep away from all kinds of harms. Cancer like to think about the sad incidences that have transpired in their life. They are fully equipped people with hard shell determination to achieve their success which is generally in terms of money. They give a lot of priority to money because for them it is a necessity. Cancer are very gentle and kind but can get very hurt if someone criticizes them for anything and also at the same time they are quite prone to flattery and pampering. People around should be aware of their mood swings or else they might get surprised by their constant change in behavior.

Virgo are very practical people with strong intellect and detailed information of all the aspects of life. They are the perfectionist with rules to abide everyone around them. They are usually success hungry, and take short, calculated and precise steps to reach the desired destination. Virgo are most comfortable when they spend time alone, because then they do not have to change their lifestyles according to the whimsical needs of other people. They can be very choosy about things and are most likely to pick up the best item from the entire lot. They might show their generous side when it comes to issues related to other people. These people can be quite obsessed about the responsibility towards their professional life.

During the initial phase of any relationship, Virgo do not exhibit their false pride whenever they are with Cancer. And similarly even the Cancer would try to get out of their protective cocoon. Virgo feel very comfortable with Cancer because they do not control them totally like other people. A Virgo can appreciate Cancer’s sense of humor because it exudes the right amount of humor and sophistication. Since Virgo are an excellent critic, they can easily assess and appreciate Cancer’s great determination. Cancer like Virgo for their responsible attitude and both of them like to earn money and build a status in their society. Virgo always want to remain independent throughout their lives and they would simply hate the idea of being dependent on somebody. A certain sense of security is experienced by Virgo through the protective nature of Cancer.

Even the Cancer like the company of Virgo. Virgo can always teach the Cancer to be a little rational and not take everything to the heart while Cancer teach them to be more tender and kind towards the mistakes of others. When both the Cancer and Virgo unite together then they have a great quality of curing many types of physical and mental illnesses. When they remain alone then they can easily succumb to depression because of their brooding nature. So they should try to stay together so that they ward away feelings that are the causes of their depression. Virgo can be quite sympathetic towards the Cancer when they go through phases of depression by thinking about the memories of past. The Cancer also show a lot of appreciation for the humble gesture shown by the Virgo.

Cancer and Virgo share a happy and casual bonding in almost every relation of theirs. As sibling, friends, colleagues and relatives, they share a bond which is easy and nurturing. They help each other to grow, stand of each other and teach a lot to each other from their own experiences. Usually they never face competition as none of them is eager to get attention but money definitely plays an important role. Cancer and Virgo can also have a stable business venture with some appreciable success and profits as both are intelligent and money minded. Love connection between Cancer and Virgo are usually a success except for the chances when Cancer is too eager to tie a knot and Virgo needs time to think over. Parenthood and childhood are both equally welcoming for these two sun signs as they are loving, caring and ready to take responsibilities.

Some kind of misunderstandings might crop up in the relationships shared by Cancer and Virgo as Virgo like to think about things whereas Cancer like to act according to their feelings. If Virgo are not aware of this trait then they might hurt Cancer by behaving with them in an overtly pragmatic way. Even the Virgo might get surprised when they start to experience the changing mood swings of the Cancer. Both of them should try to be less critical about each other, as they both cannot accept criticism wholeheartedly. Virgo can be termed as perfectionists, but when things are not prefect then they can become very critical. On the other hand, Virgo should remember that the Cancer are very sensitive and they can get offended with criticism. Virgo can learn to be a bit patient from Cancer, and likewise Cancer should learn to be become rational and a bit stern in life, so that they can deal with criticism in a better way.

  1. Kurt Berhalter November 7th, 2023

    I am a Cancer,completely intrigued by the intellect,and depth by Virgo. Their uncommon traits continually fascinate me. This is a lifetime love and friendship. I am at the age,where l have overcome my moodiness. Bring it on! I can take constructive criticism. I wish everyone,the positive experience l have.

  2. Chris August 1st, 2021

    As of now i blocked my virgo.ex..always talking out past why we broke up..she thinks im the only ones fault… But she still keep on contacting me.. i dwserve more reapect.and love

  3. Lisa March 11th, 2021

    I’m a Cancer and I really don’t care who likes me just because I’m a cancer,,God made all of us in his image and he loves us all at at the end of the day, that is all that matters,,I love everyone no matter what sign they are,I do believe that in a relationship we all have to find the one that is right for us and the one who can and is willing to deal with our flaws and who can and will love us unconditional no matter what our flaws are

  4. Ari February 24th, 2021

    Cancers are very moody I feel it would work with a Virgo. If that Virgo is willing to put in all that work for his cancer woman. In my opinion I feel those moods I couldn’t deal with. I experienced that with a cancer ♋️ before too overwhelming. Bad energy can be well read!!!!

    • Sonya May 8th, 2022

      Ari, I am a Cancer and when I was younger I was more moody because I was still learning and adjusting to people and their way with others. Yes, I can claim moody but let me also claim perceptive to the core. It really bothers me when someone is judgemental or insensitive. But as time has passed, I have learned NOT to allow it to bother me because it really isn’t my problem, what others are focussing on. If I am in a relationship, I am usually doing my best to work on myself and be patient with my other half. I think it has to do with experience and age, you know. When we are younger, we can get swept away with emotions and the fantasy of romance and love and forget that there is WORK involved in having a healthy relationship. I think it is helpful to anyone who dates a Cancer for them to realize that we are sensitive because we are in tune with the world around us and we are considerate of other’s feelings. So, when others are not as sensitive or considerate it just really gets to us. Our though is, why can’t they respect me the way I am willing to respect them? We can hold alot of that emotion in until we finally get sick of what the other person is doing or how they are treating us or others and then you see the moods emerge. We are NOT good at hiding our feelings. We have to let our emotions and feelings be out in the open. We do not like to hide how we feel. I am sorry you had a hard time with a cancer. I know that some Zodiac signs are just not good with CANCER. Best of luck with you and finding compatibility and love.

  5. will January 17th, 2021

    Very interesting, I’m a Virgo man. I get along with everyone whether I like them or not. I have had a Cancer male friend, and a Cancer female friend. The male friend get’s overally emotional even if I had nothing to do with it. But, loyality always does well for our friendship. My Cancer female friend is the same way, I can warn her about something then it happens, I am not controlling or manipulative. In my mind I want to protect my loved one, I enjoy stability, so the small pains of problems I make disappear. That’s where we thrive in a relationship. My Cancer friends although I love them is a drain on energy, they both lose stability all the time, I was always there to catch them, but I had to stop, because it was hurting me. Virgo’s thrive best at not controlling your life, but will make you feel like the world is not falling down around you if a Cancer understands that; your anxiety will disappear. As I accept I might be seen as controlling I just to protect.

  6. Paige February 19th, 2020

    In my opinion cancers are very boring and moody I’m a virgo and really don’t have time to try and figure out how they feel emotionally I am not for feeled by a cancer male and they like their mom too much….

    • Christopher Johnson March 10th, 2020

      You can’t labelled that all cancers are boring and moody because I’m a cancer in a different way. There has never been a dull or boring moment in my life and I don’t get moody unless I have a reason to and that’s not too often plus I know a lot of cancer and virgo couples that has been together for years and is very happy. So not all cancers are like that there are different ones.

    • Derin May 29th, 2020

      I am A Cancer and dated A Virgo for 21 years. 1 thing I have learned that. Virgos need to be more sensative and understanding to the Cancer and other people. Cancers are the only Zodiac sign that has the Force. We can read the room as soon as we walk in. We know what mood you are in instantly. You can’t hide anything from Cancers. Virgo’s need to lighten up and think of other people for once. Virgo’s have A problem putting themselves in the other persons shoes. It is A real discusting trait that you all need to change. Virgos are not good people. Cancers weather you like it or not are the best. Virgos are liars and always think that rules don’t apply to them and never wrong. Trying to fight with A Virgo is imoossible. You will never win because they have the inabillity to put themselfs at the other persons level. Virgos alway ride on A high horse and you can’t knock them off. Just remember Virgos, Your shit stinks just as bad as everyone elseses. If you can learn to change and compromise. You can be real good people, But you cant. All Virgos pay in the end, 1 way or other

      • Ruth August 13th, 2020

        I can only agree with the fact that Virgos don’t put themselves in other people’s shoes. My bf is a Virgo and I often find myself having to put him in my shoes by doing what is being done to me. We have a very interesting relationship, we balance each other out. I can only say we’ve bumped heads because I’m a feeler and he’s more of a thinker. We’re beginning to understand that so hopefully everything continues to work out.

      • Honey Everett September 15th, 2020

        Yikes this is a 1st but I dated a Virgo for 21 how bad are we?? I agree to a point that we are not as sensitive and understanding as others because emotions don’t rule our decision making, reality does. People don’t understand just how much Virgos endure mentally and emotionally. Put ourselves in others peoples shoes? Our love language is acts of service WE ARE ALWAYS THINKING OF OTHER PEOPLE OR PUTTING THEM FIRST until you cross us, make us feel unappreciated or you’re constantly draining us until we can’t take it then and only then will get the darker side of Virgo. We will not lower our vibration or come down to your level EVER. Call it a high horse but we have high standards but we also have a good heart and always want to see the good in others even when they’ve wronged us. We give so many chances because we hate loosing relationships and friendships. Don’t get it twisted though once we give up you’re dead to us. Invisible.

        Cancers are phenomenal yes, however as a Earth sign we are empaths and feel way more than any other sign. We just keep everything we think and feel to ourselves because 1.) we don’t want to burden others with our shit and 2.) we are extremely blunt and HONEST. Liar is not a trait of Virgo. Half the time we are quiet because we know how brutally honest and critical we can be (less sensitive as you stated).

        We are fun, outgoing and can be the life of the party in the right environment around people we like and trust. We lighten up in environments that bring us light. We are light. Virgos are amazing people and good people. We give the best advice, support, love (tough love included), encouragement, sex and can upgrade your whole life. To sum it up EVERYBODY needs a Virgo in their life. Especially a woman Virgo. Men Virgos can be a different story (sorry fellas) but idk one person who has or has had a Virgo and doesn’t regret loosing them. I’m tooting all our Virgo horns!! It’s Virgo SZN !!! 💕 ps I love my Cancer babe I can be my full Virgo self with him and he loves every part of me and vice versa. He’s moody, boring (with a splash of fun and excitement), sensitive but most importantly crazy about me ☺️. And the sex…I get a heartbeat down there thinking about him 💓

      • Dennette A Green October 3rd, 2020

        You’re too funny, however, just like you said not all cancers are moody and boring, all Virgos aren’t bad people who ride on high horse egos. One thing that u did get right is that we can be insensitive sometimes. I’ve found myself doing that, but I actually found myself apologizing for it later, because I do have a heart, and I dont like to see people hurt, especially if I’m the one who hurt them! We all have flaws and faults. One thing I can surely say is that communication helps us all understand each other! That’s the key to learning and changing anything! Thanks for the comment!

      • Blake September 23rd, 2022

        Were are wonderful people and you have a lot of typos…


      • Chrissy joe Hendrixx September 25th, 2022

        I’m a Virgo. And this comment is very accurate. & At the same time I see nothing wrong with what he said 😂😂.. even when knocked off that high horse we will sit in mud and own it with a tiara & fkin tutu ❤️

    • Gabriel Lim January 26th, 2021

      Not true. Cancerians are definitely not boring .. they are super creative and do things general people won’t even think it’s possible to do.. everyone just wants to stick to a cancerian when possible and this can get annoying because cancerians do love to have their own time alone.. especially if they are angry or hurt or just feel like hiding. We are exactly like crabs.. we will hide in that shell till we are ready to face the world . Yes cancerians can get moody .. but usually the best way to deal with it is to let them deal with it alone. Dont insist your ideas on them.. and after a while when they are done being moody they will be out to meet the world again

      • Christopher Johnson January 26th, 2021

        Gabriel Lim I’m a cancer ♋ myself and I totally agree with you 100%. People think cancerians aren’t good signs and it’s not true at all if they would take the time to understand us then they will see that we’re super great signs to be around. I know this for sure because it seems like everyone I meet admires me and my nature.

    • Dude March 8th, 2021


      Define “boring”. Cancers don’t expect from nobody to figure out hot they feel emotionally because cancers deal with those emotions by themselves.
      What a problem, “like their mom too much”, liking a person who birthed them, feed them, nurtured them etc.

  7. Emma November 24th, 2019

    My cancerian element doesn’t seem to quite fit with Virgo… I need my inner hearth to be fulfilling and warm. But with Virgo’s “particular” ways (everything has to be just right, at all times)…it can be emotionally draining.
    I got this free love reading and it was helpful:
    I hope it helps xoxo

    • Harmony June 4th, 2022

      I (cancer woman) love my Virgo man so much. I feel like he completes me. He’s funny, focused, loves his family. We started off as friends but instantly became intimate and after 2 years of waiting for him to confess his love, he finally said it. Asked me to marry him and I said yes to my best friend, my brother and lover at the same time! Virgos and cancers are so similar yet so different but balance each other well

  8. Christopher Johnson July 2nd, 2019

    I’m a cancer man and my partner he’s a virgo. When we first met we got attached to each other fast because of our same background and common interest in things and communication with one another. We both love and enjoy being in each other’s company he’s so sweet and charming we enjoy doing things together going on vacation trips, cooking together. We can talk to each other about things he keeps my spirits up and vice versa. We’re both thankful and blessed to have each other. We love leaving each other love notes when we have to go to work. We’re both are madly in love with each other.

  9. Christopher Johnson July 2nd, 2019

    I’m a cancer man and my partner he’s a virgo. When we first met we got attached to each other fast because of our same background and same common interest in things and communication with one another. We both love and enjoy being in each other’s company he’s so sweet and charming we enjoy doing things together going on vacation trips, cooking together. We can talk to each other about things he keeps my spirits up and vice versa. We’re both thankful and blessed to have each other. We love leaving each other love notes when we have to go to work. We’re both are truly madly in love with each other.

  10. TammyN October 16th, 2018

    I am a cancer female and recently reconnected with a virgo male. Talk about slow moving. Wow this describes him to a “T” the relationship is so slow moving, it’s probably growing mold. At any rate, we have a great connection and I always felt like he was the one that got away. It was his elusiveness that kept me away the first time. He is so cautious with his feelings and not willing to share his romantic thoughts. Very protective of his feelings. Has been hurt so it’s like protection “on crack.” I love his mannerisms, personality, presence… the list goes on and on. He is a man’s man. I feel safe with him. I can open up and share my deepest self. While I’m a true communicator, he is not. That drives me crazy and I know my constant moods puzzle him. What he tells or promises is somewhat diminished by his actions. All and all, I am willing to wait. He is a good person.

  11. Michael October 12th, 2018

    Wouldn’t mind meeting another cancer woman. Late wife, second one, was a cancer and we were very happy.

  12. Re December 1st, 2017

    Me (Cancer female) and my (Virgo guy friend) met when we were 15/16 yrs old. Instant attraction…..Now it’s 26 years later and we are still friends that are still very much into each other but having trouble getting this thing off the ground. He seems like he’s not ready to commit or he’s afraid to commit. I’m not sure but I may have to move on since he’s no longer talking to me after telling me he has no intentions towards me and that we are only friends……which is weird after we have already had sex a few times on separate occasions since weve met, and he’s spends tons of money on my children that aren’t even his…

  13. Puggeri October 14th, 2017

    Seems that I ve just started dating Virgo man. We met 3 months ago and it was obvious that we liked each other even to our friends. After that he took 3 months of silence, no texts, nothing. And after he came out with a suggestion to go out together, we met twice and I feel that I d like this story to move on faster. I suggested to come to my place but he said “later”.. And so I decide not to be iniotiative at all. Because here in the description I see that it can be harmful if I try to tie a knot… It’s quite difficult because I overthink.. But he is so manly, his male energy is super strong and it makes me crazy. Apparantly, at this stage I prefer to build long term relationships, so I guess I should wait for his step by step decisions, and hope it will go ^^

  14. knyoung21 January 22nd, 2016

    The man I am deeply in love with is a Virgo and he couldn\’t handle my mood swings as a cancer woman and we split 2 months ago and my heart is heavy and I feel like I lost my best friend or a member of my family

  15. ARC44 May 11th, 2014

    I’m Insanely CRAZY about my Cancer Girl , GOD i cant Live Without Her , Please. If I cant get Her , I’d Better Die :’)

  16. ARC44 May 11th, 2014

    I’m A Virgo and my Mate was a Cancer. We were Childhood Friends , We met in 5th Grade and became Best-Friends in 7th Grade.
    I told her that I was in Love with Her and Could not Live Without Her. But Sadly She was in Love with Someone Else. 
    I let her Go , Not because I dont Love Her , but Because She Loves Another Guy. I want her to be Happy.
    I was very Hurt. I want to kill Myself now ! Life is Meaningless

    • austin January 17th, 2017

      your life is not your own. Please don’t take it from those who love you.

  17. shelly157 January 10th, 2014

    I am a cancer woman and i recently broke up with my virgo boyfriend of 3 and a quarter years. My virgo man was the man of my dreams! He was everything a girl could ask for in a man! I think virgo-cancer compatibility is really high. We were both insanely in love with each other. The only reason we broke up is because i cudnt accept his marriage proposal because im in a truly messed space in my life right now and i didnt wanna drag him into it and give him misery—and he is being pressured into getting married anyway due to external reasons.

  18. The_7th_Fist August 2nd, 2013

    I have recently got out of a rocky 8 year long relationship with a Gemini . Good times were overwhemed by some bad moments . Took its toll on how much i could stand. Im a Virgo man and over the past few months i have been in a blossoming friendship with a Cancer woman who lives far from me. She pursued me via Facebook through remarkable conversations about topics we share common interests in. She is a single mother of 3 and so full of life and all around positive vibe. It pains us to be so attracted on a conversation level and not being able to be together at this time due to the gp between us. But i feel like she is more then worth the journey to be with her. We just clicked instantly and its like a fairytale. I cant move to meet her just yet and neither can she. But despite the gap i told her that i have waited this long to find her and i can wait a little bit longer just to be with her. I live in VA and she in Colorado . Its maddening at times but everytime we talk , i feel like we just keep getting closer to each other spiritually. Cant wait to see her when she comes to visit me on her vacation. Its good to feel loved again.

  19. June 22nd, 2013

    virgo women and cancer men is the perfect for each other bcoz they have many similaraties.both are very emotional and family person , both are very practical. and me and my cacerian men i throught is the perfect match for each other.canceria are very caring but some times short tempered but by heart they are very loving . 

  20. sandra66 October 30th, 2011

    I truly was in love with cancer, but the stupid problem with him is ongoing help on his relatives- financially help involve all the time. I have to brake up with him as he is just being sympathize with his relatives using my money and my support.

  21. Joey April 3rd, 2011

    I’m Gay & a Virgo man &my Boyfriend is a Cancer .This is totally true . We love each other a lot .

  22. Tonya January 13th, 2011

    This is so true. The is me and my husband. I am a very emotional person, and he didn’t understand that when we first were together but he’s understanding it now after 7 years.

  23. Mabel November 20th, 2010

    this is exactly me and my husband as well. I am a virgo and he is a cancer. We fight all the time but never let each other go no matter what

  24. Angie November 18th, 2010

    This rings so true to the plight of the Cancer and Virgo!!!!!!

  25. StoneHawk August 15th, 2010

    This describes us. I have been married to a cancer woman for 3 years. The only thing different about this explanation is that I’m a capricorn not a virgo.

  26. Ariel July 9th, 2010

    omg the describes me and my boyfriend perfectly! I do love his sense of humor…..

  27. vicki January 16th, 2010

    My fiancee’ is a virgo man and I the cancer woman of 10 years. We have differences. He can be very social and I am choosey about who I socialize with. We share a deep intimacy between each other, it began intimate and remains strong. He is not always open to talk things out, whereas,I need to get it out in the open.

  28. 1992Girl January 6th, 2010 true it describes me and my mate to a “T”. I’m not a person who puts a lot of focus on astrology, but this is so on point. 2010

  29. kay May 18th, 2009

    This describes me and my husband exactly wow!

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