Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Opposites attract each other and so does Cancer and Capricorn. They find each other quite fascinating and represent the qualities that help to complement one another. Both of them are dependable and ready to commit to any relationship they make. But since the sense of expression is different, there can be a few differences in the beginning.

Cancer’s sensitive nature strikes the most when they get in contact with anyone. They possess oodles of charisma through which they can easily impress people but still they are humble enough to extend their support to the people in distress. Cancers are modest, superbly imaginative and definitely very emotional. Patience is their dearest virtue and flexibility is their biggest weapon to win in all circumstances. They have the ability to inspire a lot of people. But this can become a possibility when they come out of their shell and win the battle with their inner conflict. If they can erase their inhibitions and believe in their abilities, they can perform very well as leaders in fact they are the ones to get success in everything they go for.

Capricorns represent stability, permanence and determination. They are generally conformist thinkers who are highly ambitious and self-disciplined. Some Capricorns are decidedly arrogant about fame and prestige which is hard to discover behind their shy smile and gentle manners. They appear to want to be alone but long for admiration and acceptance from people just like everyone else. Capricorns like to seek pleasures from the uncomplicated things and risk free movements in life. Some of them can be quite concerned about their status symbol and they might wear the best designer labels and drive the snazziest cars. But at heart they are always simple and strongly dedicated to their family and dear ones with very kind attitude. They also fall short in the field of expressing their love and affection which makes them seem to be cold.

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Cancer have this strange connection with the past and like to take a walk down the memory lane quite often. Capricorns value learning which is based on the past experience, and hence they have a few things in common with Cancer. They both have similar feelings towards their families too as both are very protective and kind to their dear ones. The Capricorns are most likely to get engaged in a conventional profession. The Cancer try to find the element of practicality in every aspect of their lives. Both of them have a penchant for the artistic things in life. There are certain qualities between the Cancer and Capricorns which make them very similar but there are also qualities that make them as different as chalk and cheese. The Cancer do not want to exhibit their leadership in an extravagant way and hence it takes a long time for the Capricorns to realize about their need to dominate.

The Cancer should keep in mind the fact that once the Capricorns make up their mind, then it is very difficult to budge them. At the same time Capricorns should know that Cancer are not good at making the first move. Because they feel that they are not good enough for the task or they might get rejected. So just in order to save them from getting humiliated, Cancer then try to hide in their shell. The Capricorns are always confident about the decisions made by them. But the Cancer do a lot of analysis before making any decision because they want to be completely sure of the fact that their decisions are right. The Cancer do not have the strength to bear the burnt of a wrong decision because neither can they stand rejection nor criticism. Cancer want security in their lives and Capricorns are known for their ambitious nature and this aspect would act like glue in their bond.

Relations and bonds come naturally to both Cancer and Capricorns and hence they always enjoy every bond they tie with each other. If they are friends, siblings, colleagues or relatives, they also keep the decorum of their relation and always give their best to each other with lots of love and co-operation. These two make quite successful business partners with lots to earn and make together and cherish which includes money, status and fame. Cancer and Capricorns also perform well in love relationships if just the Capricorns try to be a little more sensitive towards Cancer. They both also enjoy parenthood and childhood beautifully. As parents they are always dedicated and protective and as children they both are obedient and respectful towards their elders.

With all the similarities and complementing factors, come the differences and problems that create tiffs between Cancer and Capricorns. Cancer are too sensitive while Capricorns are practical. Also Cancer are expressive while Capricorns find it difficult to give words to their feelings. This attitude makes the Cancer silent and unresponsive. Another thing is that it is always difficult to sustain a relationship which has more than one leader. In these kinds of circumstances the Cancer let go of the opportunity to lead the Capricorns. But at time they may compete with each other. It is up to the Cancer and Capricorns to decide as to who takes the reigns of the relationship. Their connection is quite unique because they possess qualities that the other has always wanted to have, and hence their camaraderie is palpable. When both of them are prepared to share their experience and learn from them, then it can benefit their relationship.

  1. Cap lady April 11th, 2022

    Currently, I will be done soon. Emotionally drained

  2. shelly August 15th, 2020

    toxic af. i’m a female capricorn and my old crush ig was a cancer man..lemme tell you, just walk away sis. he’ll give you mix signals one day and make flirty comments.. but the next day he’ll act so cold. also they can become so distant so fast. like we were on and off again for 3 years and it’s like none of that meant nothing to him. i’m honestly better off without his icy/hot self tho. done with kiss ass wimps😙

  3. morgan January 22nd, 2019

    capricorn and cancer, in the long run, is so boring, like a graveyard, cancer woman can be disgusting manipulating, and secret sheating

  4. Ella February 26th, 2018

    I searched the compatibility of me and this boy that I like who is a year younger. And we are strangers and he probably doesn’t like me but I hope we could someday get to know each other better, I’m taller and one year older but I’m afraid he probably won’t see me as a girl since I’m so “big”,

  5. ahdhdhdhdh May 27th, 2017

    Well, I’ve not been in a romantic relationship with a cancer buttttt my bestfriend is a cancer girl. I’m a Capricorn girl and we get along so so soooooo good. She makes me so happy man. Yeah she is pretty sensitive and also I feel that she hides her emotions from me too. Or she’s just really good at hiding that stuff. Sometimes, not gonna lie, I can also be in a weird mood like become distant to her bc Im just loving her too much. Or become like super inside my head and overthink everything and that makes me become cold and standoffish and confused honestly. But gosh my cancer friend..I’m so glad she’s in my life. I couldn’t be who I am without her and I absolutely mean that. I don’t mind her mood swings or even her sensitivity, I fact I favor that about her. Because that’s what I’m not. I love how caring and how nurturing she is. She really aids my soul and ah yeah… she’s just a great friend.❤️

  6. Alise October 13th, 2014

    Amma emma wonderful key connection to use in sexy relationship. 

  7. DeeLRed February 25th, 2014

    Did I mention once cap woman and cancer man separate there the real meaning of “when a tornado meets a volcano”!!!!!

  8. DeeLRed February 25th, 2014

    I married a cancer man and I am now separating. It’s a great relationship but long term wise it’s a failure waiting to happen. Don’t get me wrong I still love and care about the man, it’s just the whole who’s possessive. We have two children together, married for 3 years and dated for 5 years. He is now with his current gf and go back and forth, breaking up and struggling, the drama goes on an on. Am very expressive and this for some reason got on cancer mans nerves. I demanded to know what wa going on thru his mind. All I can say is if a Capricorn woman and cancer man marry and love together for as long as him and I did, it’ll be something you will never forget or get over. You will move on but this man will stay underneath your skin every time your with someone else. An the cancer man will never forget a Capricorn woman bc she’s the only one he ever opened up in love, sex, money. His deepest secreat lay on her eyes and every time he looks at her he wishes she was still his.

  9. Moonlight28 June 27th, 2012

    MY mom is a cancer and I love my mom from the bottom of my heart and I’m a Capricorn Female
    I just wish my mom wasn’t so dang sensitive all the time and stop wearing heart on her sleeve
    But really though some things us Capricorns just can’t say to a Cancer it do hurt their feelings trust me I would know cause I know I say things that really hurt my mom’s feelings and say sorry and give her hugs and kisses all the time like EVERY SINGLE DAY. A lot of people wish they had that kind of relationship with their moms, you know, go shoppin together WITHOUT ANY ARGUMENTS and have fun and laugh all the time.
    I can Get really greedy with my mom, Look I already gotta share my mom with my Sister who is a gemini, my little brother who is a Capricorn like me and my step dad who is a Scorpio okay I really don’t like it when my mother show mother affection towards other people i know that’s just her and she care about people but i was she show me some mother love sometimes too it’s not fair and I really don’t like to share my mother with EVERYBODY and assume they know my mother better then I do now that when I get really pissed off and wanna kick some asss cause they wasn’t there when we had hard times in life and been poor and save her from my real dad beating on her and I always gave her my money from work when she really needs or just give it to my mom just to give her money so she can go shopping and enjoy herself and time to herself cause that’s my mom she been there for my sister, brother and I through thick and thin and made sure she can stretch that penny I she Could to make sure we had a better life and always feed us instead of herself…
    so yeah when people like that tell me they know my mother better then i do when for one they’d just meet her and only known her for about what few months or weeks and think they know her better then me…..yes I get pissed off and wanna fight them and by the by not EVER lost a fight and beat there ass cause they was not there to support her and hear her cries like i did when i was little and while i was growing up and to comfort her, how DARE they assume they know my mom better than me that really get my clock to start clickin really loud and you bettter run..
    Like i said I don’t like sharing my mother with EVERYBODY cause she have no idea that the people she hang with that ” ASSUME THEY KNOW HER BETTER THAN I DO” try to start shit with me and a fight and say cleek shit out the mouth….
    What I’m gettin at with this you Cancers is becarful who you be friends with cause they will try your Capricorn and say cleek shit out the mouth and your friends will be in the hospital by a Capricorn… and when your Capricorn is trying to tell you something about the people you hang out with please do listen to us for we have no reason to lie EVER…..
    When I say you CANCERS wear your heart on your sleeves I do mean YOU WEAR YOUR HEARTS ON YOUR SLEEVES and can’t see what the heellllll is going on around you, for GOD SAKES open your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. okweyna March 22nd, 2012

    Im currently seeing a Cap man I am a cancer woman.  The connection was automatic. I  respect him and knew i loved him at first sight.  He works really hard and is very succesful. he can be strong and brutal when it comes to business. He is the dominate one in our relationship and this makes me more attractive to him. I know he miss understands my feelings for him, because I am shy,, but Baby if you get the chance to read this ,, I just want you to know I love you.

  11. KingCrab69 July 27th, 2011

    I am a Cancer male currently in a relationship with a Capi woman and i must agree with most of the things I’ve read about us Cancer Men. Some call us crazy and maybe we are (just a lil bit). We are naturally contradicting so that’s why we may seem confused or don’t know exactly what we want. Some things i have learned from my Capi is to NEVER be afraid to express my TRUE feelings to her because she gives me the same in return. Honesty and communication is the key to make this unlikely match a success. Cancer Men have a tendency to “Lead women on” and not be honest about our true intentions, and as a result of dat comes drama and unnecessary arguments. Take time to understand us Cancerians, do your homework on our compatibility. We understand you and all we ask is u take time to understand us as well. As time goes by it’ll be all good….jus see what happens! 🙂

  12. BiggE April 10th, 2011

    am a cap girl and my bf is a cancer, i seem to alway hurt him without meaning it, hes really romantic and take forever to decide on wether its okay to do things, but i love how since i like being in charge he gives me that freedom to decide on what to do, and we always end up agreeing(:

  13. Ricky March 15th, 2011

    capz nd cancers r a goot thang trust

  14. Ricky March 15th, 2011

    im dating a cancer nd he cryed one time it made me love him mo nd it wuz juz so truthfull nd raw… idk juz happy to hav meet such a deep person like dat. but im so amitious it scares me im so focused in everythang idk i wanna jus chill but itz hard fo me lol.

  15. Can March 4th, 2011

    I’m dating a cancer.I love him to death but I seem to always hurt his feelings with my nonchalant ways and he always gets mad over the simplest things.Yea I’m a cap lol.I really like them regardless.

  16. Shawnda March 4th, 2011

    I’m in love with a capi he is so ambitious i love that about him!!! we’ll work perfectly

  17. akanshabaghel November 14th, 2010

    hii this is akansha i want to know about my marriage im a cancer woman and i want to marry a capricorn guy.

  18. abcdefg October 22nd, 2010

    m a cancer women n m going around wid a capricorn…jus take my advice,dey r da most studious n moody people(no comments)…so if a capricorn approaches u,just show him da middle finger…

  19. ROB September 15th, 2010


  20. Nikki ann Chestnut August 16th, 2010

    Im trying to date a capricoorn now he is soo dominate but it turns me on completley and i just hope it works out.

  21. Ieisha majors July 23rd, 2010

    I think this reading applies to me and my current bf I mean we had been talkn for months on phone and textn and then juz recently we juz met it was amazing and I liked it for the most. I feel safe with hym bcuz he is dominant and I truly think we both appreciate that we both kinda complete each other meaning I not dominant a timid and he’s couragous brave and gives me that security. But amazing read fits our relarionshyp dwn to the last bit

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