Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer share one of the sweetest relationships of all. Whatever their relation maybe, they both are dependable and provides each other lots of emotional support and strength. Though occasional stubbornness of Taurus and mood swings of Cancer can create problems but they are usually not permanent.

Taurus people are very quiet and practical individuals who retain an admirable calm. They appreciate and enjoy well established homes, love money and family. Taurus feels comfortable with stability and with that comes modesty and reservation in everything they do. The hardworking Taurus people believe in reality and are almost always sensible and even-tempered. But then they can show brute force and aggression when angered, but this is rare. They manage to keep their past disappointments far from the forefront of their mind, and work hard to reach their goal. Taurus is extreme in possessing enormous creativity causing a wonderful outlet for the stress relief they so often crave. Being a bit more traditional, they are often less than comfortable dealing with the realities of modern society, which can result in some anxiety.

Cancer people are often fickle and unpredictable but generally very nice and caring. Anger them and it’s a different scenario. Get personal with them and one can see a mixture of tough yet soft, emotional yet romantic almost to a point of a sentimental fantasy. Reality and marriage brings more of a tenacious loyalty than a sentimental fantasy. Because Cancer is so sensitive, they are more in tune with the emotions of others, and quite compassionate also. Cancers also cultivate great sense of humor and pronounced leadership skills. At times they can change their minds according to the opinions of the people they love the most, if they find it worthy. Cancer people are highly imaginative with a good taste for art and music and they have special values for traditions and culture in their hearts.

Cancer and Taurus is a perfect match when it comes to business, whether it is industrial ventures, banking, gardening, politics or real estate; in friendship, love or even just in the family circle. Taurus begins and builds and organizes the foundation, while Cancer grabs hold and runs it efficiently and profoundly. Outside of this, Taurus, from time to time shows their stubborn streak, but Cancer’s patience are well fitted until Taurus pulls through and mellows again. Taurus and Cancer create a natural and smooth relationship most of the time. This is not always the case, but as a whole, they are wonderful together. Cancer, in time, become compatible and mold to Taurus’ way of thinking and way of life. With Taurus’ creativity and grounded roots and Cancers sensitivity for color, the two can paint some wonderful life scenarios that would make anyone wish they were in their shoes.

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Taurus’ need for material security and Cancer’s need for emotional security fits well together. Each begins to envision a future that includes the other one and dreams begin to form. Taurus wants a steady relationship which ever it is, to possess, to become loyal. Cancer doesn’t mind. They might even secretly consider it a show of affection to each other. It fulfills Cancer’s longing for something enduring. Both are fairly domestic and see the dreams of a home, family and memories as a very real and happy way to live their lives. They want to be together, they are good at it, sharing and making meals together, doing things together, it is an important aspect of their relationship. Another area Taurus and Cancer are in tune together is the financial stability. Cancer thinks twice about getting into their checkbook while saving for the future is the key to the lifestyle for Taurus as well.

Cancer and Taurus make home bound and honey dipped relationships whenever they get a chance. They both are modest and feel lucky to have each other in form of friends, colleagues, siblings or relatives. They are deeply attached to each other and always there to take care and listen to what other one has to speak about. Also the business ventures can be one of the greatest successes as they play their part well and hold up with the money and status they earn, very dearly. Romantic relationship of Taurus and Cancer is no less than a beautiful rainbow of love and understanding where they fulfill their dreams and treasure their togetherness. Parenthood is greatly enjoyed by both Taurus and Cancer as they are caretakers by nature and love to nurture their family and babies. Also as children they respect their elders, love their sibling and appreciate the relations they make.

Although pleasant and easy to get along with, people normally tend to keep things on a level with Taurus and Cancer. Being so common in many ways, their ‘bad side’ is no exception. Cancer likes the attention, or pity, when unhappy or irritated. However, despite the many similarities between the two, Taurus finds it difficult and a huge waste of time in trying to understand Cancer and their mood swings. Another thing is stubbornness of Taurus and above that, their, none at all verbal expression of care. Such things make Cancer insecure and more moody which can result into silent wars and sometimes even an explosive argument which can even lead to permanent tamper to the relationship they share. But if they both give each other time and be patient enough, which is definitely a common virtue they both share, they can enjoy some of the best and long term relations to cherish forever.

  1. Jacob July 1st, 2022

    I am a Cancer, and I can’t stand most Taurus women I have met.

  2. Nathan July 17th, 2017

    I am cancerian and wife is Taurus. We have been married for long time, I am very sensitive, typical cancerian and my wife is very organized. We have good marriage but lately for the past 15 years she tend to be materialistic, show selfish attitude with drawing a line, Yours and mine. Is it typical of Taurus native born on April 25th?

    • Nikola October 7th, 2017

      I am a female Taurean born on that exact same day. I can admit we are very protective of what is/are ours. We like our stuff and hold on too tightly to our stuff and it becomes more than just a habit, maybe an unhealthy obsession even. But I know myself personally, and would never really divide things in a committed relationship and I would be more than happy to share without hesitation and boundaries with my partner. Maybe you should try to talk to your wife about it and think of a compromise together.After all you’re married, and you married each other for a reason. Trust is the most important foundation any relationship is based on. Best of luck to you.

  3. Seety October 15th, 2016

    I’m a cancer I’ve been talking to this Taurus women for over a year in now were dating but my biggest problem is she’s very beautiful in have of guy friends in randomly get jealous I can’t help it in just makes me wanna push her away as far as possible cuz I can’t really say anything to her that will possibly fix it.like tbh that’s what the zodiac constantly forget Taurus women are perfect for us but they’re not home bodied people they’re always friendly in attract lots of guys or have guy friends in that doesn’t mix well with cancer.like I really love my gf I like that we have a lot in common both love family, work & want a future but I’m not finna constantly feel jealous or let another guy constantly chill with my girl.I post to feel comfortable in not get mad or angry but I can’t help it so that finna end.that’s what the zodiac forget to put down we don’t match with Taurus we not good with communication when it comes down to being jealous in explain feelings we don’t even know ourselves.like put that in the cancer& Taurus zodiac 

    • Narelle July 1st, 2021

      You need trust in a relationship, I’m cancer and I get jealous but then I realise that my Taurus man is with me, he comes home to me every night, cuddles me and gives me warmth you need to be patient and as a fellow Cancerian I understand that talking about the situation can be scary because of the outcome you just need to trust what she says feel her repose not just hear it

  4. [email protected] July 30th, 2016

    Im a cancer woman and a fell inlove to a Taurus man but he doesn’t like me back and he’s dating my .Capricorn friend and there have a strong bond (;´ຶДຶ `)

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  8. TM210 December 10th, 2014

    Banking institutions( correction).

  9. TM210 December 10th, 2014

    Omg, omg this post is spot on. I am a cancer women who is head over heel’s for a taurus guy who I have know for almost a year now. We are getting closer & closer although he has said he can’t be in a relationship with me because of him knows my ex (which is total bs). However we spend a lot of time with each other. We have so much in common down to us both having two of the same bank accounts. He is very stubborn& I am definitely moody. I made the first move by contacting him via fb. He tells me he wanted to ask me for my number but thought I had a boyfriend. He has to be mine! (could this be my soul). I’m crazy in love & he knows, the only crazy thing is he wont tell me how he feels. I hope him knowing my ex doesn’t keep us a part forever because I want him bad. Some one please pray for us.

    • Fel November 14th, 2021

      I am so curious. How has it been going with you 2 in this day and age of social media?

  10. Crabby78 December 5th, 2014

    I am a cancer and my wife is a Taurus.  This discription is absolutely spot on in so many ways.  We both learned how not to do a lot of things through previous relationships, and deftly avoid a lot of the pitfalls that can come from poor communication.

  11. Sunshinedeli July 3rd, 2014

    Hi everyone,
    I an a taurus woman madly, deeply in love with a cancer man.  I found this comptability article spot on.  I can be stubborn and my cancer man can be moody and we’re both extremely sensitive people.  I know when he’s had a mood and I just give him a huge hug and tell him how much I love him and everthing is okay again.  I’ve only been with this man for 2.5 months and it feels like we’re old souls and have been together forever.  For a 51 year old woman and a 53 year old man, finding each other at this stage of our lives has been a blessing.  Every relationship takes work but, this is by far the easiest, happiest and carefree relationship I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  I would not give him up for anything! Cheers…..

  12. El-Toro December 8th, 2012

    Could we get someone who is a native speaker of English to proofread and correct these articles? It would make them a HELL of a lot easier to read. Thank you.

  13. Cancer94 November 6th, 2012

    This is SPOT on. I mean it’s crazy I love horriscopes and it amazes me how this describes me perfectly! I’m a cancer and my boyfriend is a Taurus, we’ve been dating for almost a year and I am so in love with him! I have never felt this way about any other guy before. And it’s true, I get a lot of mood swings and he stays calm and patient but sometimes he does get angry, but we are so loving to eachother and even though we argue we make it our priority to talk it out and fix things. We have such a strong relationship and we’re very happy together. We always imagine our future together 🙂 we plan to stay together for a long time <3 

  14. XxSapphirexX September 6th, 2012

    I am a Taurus woman and have been in a relationship with my Cancer man for a little over 11 years now! We never rushed and took things at a steady pace. Got married after 5 years together, became parents to twin Aquarius’ and still to this day are just as in love as we were when we met and couldn’t be any happier. We have NEVER gotten to the point where we both felt our relationship was in trouble.
    It creeps me out how accurate this is! We enjoy each other’s company more than anyone else. When we butt heads, it never last long and we get over it fast (which is amazing since I hold grudges for a long time towards anyone else and I’m very hot headed). The only major fights we have ever been in was due to one of us being out of town for a long period of time so we both got very frustrated and took it out on each other on the phone till we are both together again. Any other fight is usually when an outsider comes in a causes problems (but we usually side together aganist the trouble maker).
    We are very good when it comes to the communication department. Never have to keep secrets from each other and jeliously has never been an issue. Whether this is true or not, I am very happy with my Cancer and have no desire to ever let him go.

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  19. Lucky0791 October 27th, 2011

    Have u talked to the guy? Play it cool, try be friends first get to kno him, trust me rushing things gets u nowhere… Good luck@VenusGoddess

  20. Lucky0791 October 27th, 2011

    Well I guess I’ve always liked taurus men, I fell for a taurus boy in highschool, but that didn’t last after graduation, I’m 20 now and I believe I’ve fallen for another taurus man. I met him 7 months ago but I had to move away. We talk lots, even about the possibility of having a relationship when I return to his home city. I don’t want to screw this up, if this compatability thing is even the slightest bit true, I hope me n him can grow a strong bond and eventually grow a strong love.

  21. VenusGoddess August 5th, 2011

    I am i Taurus girl…not exactly a woman yet lol 🙂 and well im having this trouble forgetting an old cancer crush…this article is spot on about us but… it was like 3 years ago i liked this guy then suddenly i look him up on facebook and i see his picture and now I CANT GET HIM OUTTA MY HEAD!!! i mean i even moved from tht town!!! >:( i tlked to my friend about it and she said tht i might be in love…so i said I CANT BE IN LOVE DAMMIT! IT WAS 3 YEARS AGO!!! i thought i had lost all feelings for him but some how…somethin happened… i no he used to like me but.. im not sure if he feels tha same way and even if he does.. i dnt even live anywhere near him :'( (any adivce on how to deal with this..or any answers about what tha FUCK is goin on!) (oh and i’m only a teenager so maybe its just hormones?.. hopefully 🙁 )

  22. Monica April 8th, 2011

    Mound of Venus, sorry this is a little late, I hope you’ve not given up on your relationship. I’m with a Cancer man and am a Taurus woman. It seems like you’re using your understanding of the star signs as excuses instead of realizing that what’s lacking in your relationship is communication. I was having some problems with my significant other and what cleared the tension was me figuring out what upset me and bringing it to his attention. If you haven’t tried to communicate your concerns, you’ll both continue retreating instead of facing and fixing what upsets you. Another thing I’ve gathered from my experiences is that when I’m upset, it sometimes has to do with personal issues I’ve not settled and I displace my anger towards my partner. Don’t let yourself be a stubborn bull about what’s making you upset, I’m sure your sweet Cancer will be open enough and try to make it work or help you if it’s a personal problem. Hope this helps, I wish you all the best. 🙂

  23. Tanesha March 14th, 2011

    I am a Cancer woman, and I’m in love with a Taurus man. I feel like I’ve known this man all my life. He so attentive to my needs emotionally and he makes me feel so secure he is my bestfriend. I feel like this man is my soul mate, there will never be a better love match then us too.

  24. Mound of Venus December 7th, 2010

    I am a Taurus woman. I am in love with a Cancer man. He’s also in love with me. This article is spot on! Cancers and Tauruses are too much alike. We’re both introverted, so communication is always lacking. We’re both protective of ourselves, so an attempt at closeness or intimacy is non-existent. Cancers and Tauruses seem to dance around each other instead of with each other. A Taurus will become stubborn and pull a disappearing act, and a Crab will be just as stubborn and hide in their shells. We both want to stay at home, love, give, nurture and possess each other, but due to our lack of understanding of one another, rarely are able to do these things. HELP! Any advice please!

  25. abcdefg October 22nd, 2010

    m a cancer woman n my tauras man makes me feel so secure..he has full tym n energy 4 my emotions n my mood swings…i wudnt blame u if u get drunk n do sex wid him da 1st nyt u’ll meet….:-P

  26. morgan November 30th, 2009

    I agree and this makes me feel so secure in the pursuit of a special someome I’ve been thinking about and planning to get in touch with soon

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