Taurus Qualities and Characteristics

Ruling PlanetVenus
Body PartNeck, throat
LimbsNeck, throat
Terrestrial Locomotion Quadruped
Luminary RulershipMoon
Symbolthe Bull
Symbol DescriptionA bull’s head
Positive Keywordsambitious, dependable, down-to-earth, determined, patient, reliable, sensual, stubborn, security-loving, thrifty, warmhearted, willful
Negative Keywordsgreedy, indulgent, lazy, materialistic, possessive, self-indulgent, self-righteous, stubborn, stingy, temperamental, unambitious, unchanging.
Related Careers (unverified)Banker, Investment banker, Financial analyst, Real estate developer, Gardener, Chef, Musician, Artist, Interior designer, Fashion designer, Makeup artist, Jeweler, Farmers, Butcher, Food critic

If Taurus is your Sun sign

Taurus is the sign of manhood, strength, stamina, perseverance and potency. You are quite calm and serene, but when bothered, you will turn wicked and dangerous. You also like your life to be stable and not perturbed with sudden changes.

You have an air of reliability and sensibility about that makes you quite valuable. You have an inherent urge to create and build stuff that is why you are impeccable when it comes to managing money, men and tasks. You are quite attracted by the luxuries that come with money and are ready to work for them. You also have a hospitable, and a epicurean side to your personality and have a tremendous urge for physical pleasure.

You are consistent with whatever they do or say, as you don’t have a tendency to change opinion; your temper is also quite distinctive – short burst with no prior caution. Even Taureans are quite moody, and like to keep themselves immersed in their work. You are the ones who get restless and mischievous when idle. You do care a lot about your family and friends. There is a double world within you, a normal world and another spiritual and enigmatic to the extreme.

Qualities that make you lucky are realistic, reliable, openhanded, and arty. Qualities that hinder your success are possessiveness, stubbornness, lethargy, and self-indulgence.

Taurus Personality

Of all the twelve sun-signs, Taurus is the one most in need of order, security and self-assurance. Taurus are not friendly to indecision and chaos at all. They work hard at bringing security – social and economical, in their and their loved ones’ lives. They will find it very hard to risk it for something in the air, no matter how great and majestic it might be. These are really patient people that will never throw in the towel and keep fighting for what they value and what they believe in. They can settle for very few accomplishments, or long lean periods, but they need to know that certain changes are inevitable, and certain things will come to you only when they have to, no matter how hard and long you try. Quite a contrast from the patient plodder, huh?

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This is why onlookers would feel that Taurus are too slow or too dull – the truth is they are in a world of their own, where everything has its own pace, and nothing needs to be hurried. Emotional security is just as important for them as economic. They make really stable relationships, and hold on to them with all their moral strength. But as we have said, they are afraid of change, and afraid of letting things go. Thus they might get really possessive at times, to the inconvenience of the companion.

However, Taurus are known to be the most attractive looking of all the twelve signs. And they happen to be very passionate, even though some might find them to be a little on the slow side. They can’t help it – they don’t like rude shocks, and always like to know the result of something before leaping into it. So in short, they are beautiful, sensual people who have great taste for the grander and more subtle things in life.

Taurus in Friendship

In friendship, Taurus are consistent and reliable. You will do your best for a friend in need, and be there for him through thick and thin. You are also honest, which means that if you are swamped at the moment and can’t help someone, you will tell him so and still make earnest suggestions that could help him. You are not one to go for new friends; you’d prefer an old and time-tested friend on any day. And that’s simply because you yourself are like that. So you are a little slow at making friends, and never rush it. But this can also be viewed as reluctance.

However, the real problem with such an approach is that when you go to a new place, and come in contact with new people, it will be long before you can form a rapport and start feeling comfortable. It’s not that you don’t like new people – it’s just that you can’t just throw your trust without making sure.

So you will definitely observe that you are slower than people you come into contact with. But you won’t really accept this fully until you have enough bitter experiences in life to make you feel that accepting it will only help you adjust better with life as it comes to you. For some people, it might not be so important to share common interests with your friends, but for you, this is not acceptable at all. You have certain subjects and activities that fascinated since you were a kid, and you need to have at least one of those interests in common with your friends. This is probably what makes you so choosy.

Your greatest strength in friendships is your readiness to help those in need. On a certain occasion, you might give a friend a shoulder to cry on, and on some other, you might do daily outdoor chores for a friend who is in great stress.

Taurus in Love

In love, when it comes to the Taurus, most people picture the charging bull. The reality is in stark contrast from that. When a Taurus feels drawn to another person, he/she will sit down, relax and try to look at the situation as objectively as possible. It’s not that they are not passionate – their passion is just overridden by their patience at this point. And once they have assured themselves that the juice is worth the squeeze, they will go right into it and try to win the person over with careful planning and charm.

And if you are a Taurean, this is where you can go wrong – you are just not ready to accept the fact that someone might really like you for what you really are! Why the planning and scheming? Why can’t you be your natural self? You will surely see that winning over someone is not always about overwhelming the person. Ultimately, the relationship will work only if the other person is ready to accept you even with all the shortcomings you have.

Sexually, Taurus are known to take time to be aroused, but once they are, there is nothing in the world that can pull them back. This is quite true, and in this department, you would be quite right in summoning that charging bull’s picture to mind. The time you take is just for a reality check – you can’t charge into such matters without being sure that you will not be hurt by being rejected.

The Taurus’ most negative characteristic is possessiveness. The more the Taurus is fond of his/her companion, the more possessive he/she is. Not many companions will be comfortable with such an attitude. And on occasions, it might happen that the partner parts ways for this reason, and the Taurus doesn’t even understand why this is happening to him/her. So your ability to charm those you like makes you a marvelous catch but just don’t try to own your companion, and everything will go fine.

Taurus in Marriage

Being a Taurus, you will work hard to make your marriage a comfortable and fruitful one. For this, you will work hard and get to a respectable position in the operational ladder of your field even before you get married. So by the time you have tied the knot, you have a pretty enviable bank balance and a good position. You have settled in your career and do not wish to do anything bold and risky, at least for the next several years. You have a home of your own in which you move with your newly wedded wife. All this is being done just to remove any sort of anxiety from your married life, and provide your wife with a stable financial atmosphere and your kids with supportive and tension-free surroundings where to grow up.

Here again, try to keep your possessive streak under control; it may feed on any kind of reason. Initially, for example, if you are a male, you might not like the fact the wife interacts with some one more than she should (according to you). Later on, when you have kids, you might not like the fact that she is not able to give you as much time as she used to. You start thinking that she doesn’t love you like she used to. That is total rubbish! Your only issue is that you have started to take the partner as a possession of yours, and don’t like the changes that happen in life thereafter. This can be checked if you force to tell yourself that the other person is not your possession; he/she is not to be owned, but just to be loved.

Now as far as your parenthood is concerned, you are not exactly the disciplinarian kind. You, at times, tend to spoil your child more than the usual – by buying new expensive toys for them, by letting them off the hook when they spoil their grades and so on. After a certain age, you might start feeling that they are out of your hand. So make amends while they are young. The weird part here is that when the kids are young, you are lenient and when they grow up, you start feeling that they do not behave properly and need to be disciplined. The truth is that you did what you had to do in their early years. And now, the generation gap is so much that you can’t go along with their ways. Just try your best and learn from them – that is all I can say!

Taurus Career and Money Profile

Taurus are very hardworking people who don’t mind giving some project endless hours without the smallest glimpse of returns or results. They are not the resilient sturdy kind who likes to work under stress with a huge load and deadlines to be met; and neither do they like working in a disturbing and noisy atmosphere. They need to choose a career wherein they are not forced to give immediate results and take sudden action, they like taking life the easy yet serious way.

Another issue with them is their tendency to put on weight. No matter how hard they work or how little they eat, they just don’t seem to be able to burn those extra calories! And this takes a toll on their work – after the afternoon lunch, they are hardly in a position to keep the drowsiness away and concentrate on their work. Not a big problem if they are able to make up for it in the morning.

Another very important issue for the Taurus while choosing a career is the security. They cannot get into a job which makes demands at their ingenuity and imagination every single moment. If they are told to constantly improve the techniques of the company, and keep finding new ways of cutting the costs, they will just not like it. They cannot life with the fact that demands of this kind on their physical and mental reserves will be kept being made for all their lives.

They’d be much happier working in the outlines drawn by others, giving their know-how and wisdom wherever necessary. So they are not made for leading a company, but for playing a supporting role – fair enough; how many do we have these days even to do that!

That being said, Taurus can make great progress in fields which require long hours of patient study. For example, drawing the detailed architectural plans of a new building based on ideas and specifications already given by others might sound a very unimaginative and tedious job. But not everyone can do it – it needs long hours of terrible concentration.

  1. mitpofalun December 26th, 2019

    its a fake

  2. Taurus Guy July 24th, 2018

    Really constructive and helpful article, it has really made me stop and look at myself as others may see me. I think in the past I have gone headlong in without considering the other person perspective. Back to the drawing board!!

  3. Xiomi April 18th, 2018

    Female taurus with a male gemini this stuff maybe true most easy breeze relationship yet I love it…😌😌😌 fun fun

  4. pinki December 22nd, 2017

    i am a libra woman and want to know how to capture taurus’s attraction/mind/heart?

  5. Precious October 27th, 2017

    Am a Taurus also and is really hard sometimes for a guy to understand me. Still single what will do

  6. vicky January 22nd, 2017

    i m a tauras guy …i still not have a gemini girl

  7. Lizz9828 March 13th, 2015

    Yes we are very possesive but we can change that if our partner lets us know that they love us only we need that kind if reasuranve every once in a while and yes we are very passionate as we love to be in love we are very romantic to our partner and if we give something you best believe it comes from our heart as we love to spoil out soul mate because once we feel comfortable in a relationship we do not want to lose them as we fear change ..! And aquarious is a big no no i dated 2 diff guys and we would fight a lot both relationships only lasted shortly 2 year !piscies in the other hand can make you fall in love with them so fast that you never realise how deeply you love them untill they leave and you feal heartbroken and think u will never love someone as much as you did them! 

  8. Dimpels March 10th, 2015

    @mk621 This is not all true. It is just that virgo’s are maybe just too sensitive

  9. Dimpels March 10th, 2015

    Taurus woman are very loyal and honest, but not very patient though. They are a bit possesive as they do not share their men. When they get hurt, they are very stubborn.

  10. ann8605 July 18th, 2014

    i am a taurus and my lovely is gemini… sometimes dunno why hv a misunderstanding when we had in work . and when we going back home two each other will quiet and no more discuss…
    i love him i wish him is my hubby….but sometimes im blame him until he angry me when my fire calm down he wilk try to patient make me smile… hopefully he is my best relationship until be my hubby

  11. Noonette August 3rd, 2013

    I’m scorpio girl i’ve been chatting with Taurus guy for 2 years but he just keep hurting me with his insulting words he jokes sometimes but sometimes he MEAN IT! and don’t care if i get sad or not, so i deleted him and after 3 months i added him back becuase i have feelings for him´. He also  love to talk to me and todl he want to meet me in real. we kep adding eachother and deleting, until i’m fed up with him and insulting. TAURUS MEN RE ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Damon March 12th, 2018

      I don’t think you should be too quick to judge us all as the same

  12. 198604271100084 July 9th, 2013

    I am taurus women who is in love with Gemini man. Will our relationship work?. We have been together for 5 years , but we still have problems. Please tell me what to do, I love him and want him to marry me.

  13. mk621 March 2nd, 2013

    Taurus girls are probably the most stub-born people i have ever met in my life, they are obstinate, had worst time with taurus girls always, I am a virgo man, and as per text available on this site, that virgos and taurus are best match.. this is totaly crap.. Virgos are sensitive people who need a partner who can understand them and support them emotionally as well. wheres Tauruses are selfish and not at all emotionally connected to others
    advice to virgos. please do not waste your time with tauruses, they will make you dance on theier tunes.

  14. GanjaQueen August 7th, 2012

    @Taurus-PrincessI am the sam way 🙂

  15. Tauru_Princess July 22nd, 2012

    I am A Taurus woman. Yes I am very possessive,
    but only if I am in love .
    I am very sensual & passionate. I believe in love completely.
    It takes no time for me to be aroused by my partner.
    I am silly, optimistic, care free & I believe almost everything is beautiful. LOL 🙂

  16. [email protected] July 13th, 2012

    HEY ! I’m a Sage, loved my tuarus wife for years great lady wish we were still together. Shes decided to not hang we me in my business and developed it and headed back to her old  old toen and suroundings. She is remarried, I’m remarried and I still lve her, Tauraus womwns are great wives and lovers… The best…

  17. minddlost_xain November 18th, 2011

    man Tareauns ….. are the best louvers and the most romantic when it come to the LOVE . like myself a taureaun i m the prove of this DAMN 🙂

  18. VenusGoddess August 5th, 2011

    well i am i tauren female born May 11, 1998 im 13 and i find tht some of tha things about ppl thinking tht we r dull is not true…everything else ya…but ppl find me very intresting for my way of thinking and my compassion and personality and how im willing to do almost anything as soon as someone ask me to do it (sex is in tht almost) and for my outgoingness and how stubborn i am and how angry i get…and its true ppl only see us for tht of our aggressive side i preffer to be seen as a person tht u cnt mess with but tht u can also be open and friends with… and my trust is hard to come by quickly and after u betray me… ur done and it doesn’t end well like maybe u might get punched or beat up..and it might not even be by me (i do have older friends and a family :)) but i m in my own lil world and i do hide a lot of unresolved feelings..there is stuff i only tell my friends cuz they r my real family more than my family! im afraid to get hurt but tht doesn’t mean i wont take a chance cuz i take a chance everyday 😀

  19. VenusGoddess August 5th, 2011

    Actually for some Taureans…like myself…r not easily aroused i no im not…im easilsy attracted to someone but they might not arouse me. I’m not sayin thts it true for all of us but for some of us its true…and i am pretty patient…but sometimes tht patience runs out wwwaaayyyy too quick, and i get very angry very easily sometimes. so truthfully u cnt say some things r true and untrue about all Taureans or Geminis or Cancers etc… sometimes it actually depends on tha person themselves 🙂

  20. candy April 5th, 2011

    im a taurus and my bf is a gemini. ive ready all these traits and have to say they are very true. im very posseive bt also very patient. n im super protective of my family.

  21. Douglas Rego April 1st, 2011

    I am a taurean I was born on the 3rd of May, when I read my horoscope, I discovered that most of activities are the same with it. My major concern is that of my weakness, I really need to work on this side to improve my life. Thank you for your accurate predictions.

  22. Cindy March 11th, 2011

    I am a taurean i was born on 20th of may 94 but wen i read my horoscopes i found out dat most of my activities correspnds wit it al tank 2 dis website&physciologist i kind of kind out dat we taureans are unique as 1 i hardly trust pple i cant disclose my feelings 2 pple woow they’re lots but am prooooud 2 b a taurean.

  23. nerd26 October 11th, 2010

    btw, i’m a cancer. taurus’s “dream” mate, puh-lease ‘>.>

  24. nerd26 October 11th, 2010

    i’ve recently hooked up with a Taurean, and life isn’t all as peachy as people make it out to be. sure he’s tender, romantic and physical. he’s also stubborn, insecure, condescending, controlling, shallow and emotionally unexpressive. taureans treat people like prized possessions, i miss my gemini bf. he was emotionally inconsistent but at least he saw me as his intellectual equal.

  25. KEN August 3rd, 2010

    Taurus are highly romantic when it comes to relationship/love making .

  26. Constance July 24th, 2010

    Taurus r grt ppl bt do tend 2 own de 1s we love…bt we r gr8 lovers

  27. rich July 19th, 2010

    i’m a virgo and my boyfriend is a taurus and right now we have a very harmonious and passionate relationship…yes it’s true that taurus are very thoughtful and securing and when it comes to love making oh my god !!!i can’t resist to his powerful possessiveness in sex….and it’s true that it takes time for him to got married because he want to be financialy stable to have a well organized family

  28. Shanna May 3rd, 2010

    I concur with this site as well. I was born April 20th, ’78. I believe that I am a Taurus thru and thru. We are very practical people that will stand by friends and lovers. As soon as that person does something to us, its gone take alot to bring them back into favor. I’m currently dating a pisces and at first his nature irked me. As time went on I learned to accept his unusual way of life. I am deeply endeared to him and until he does something…we’re good. 🙂

  29. criddal April 25th, 2010

    taurus are great people

  30. britannie February 16th, 2010

    im a taurus, and my boyfriend is a pisces. thats not at all true about us taking time to get aroused..
    he does love art and music but so do i,
    and i dont get why taurus’s are said to be overly practical. im a bit of a dreamer myself. <3 love him to the death:)

  31. y November 22nd, 2009

    I am taurus ,I am 37 year old my birthday is May 15, 1972. I don’t trust people easy, once you got my trust you better not lose it.Once you are in my circle and i can trust you , you have a friend for life and lover.

  32. Reezii September 27th, 2009

    Taurus we are likeb the best luvers ever…But i aint guna front we do try to own our boyfriend or girlfriend. And we also like to be controled by our partner…..lol

  33. Reezii September 27th, 2009

    Heah my people it’s Reezii again lol…I just wanted to say thank you for putting this website up cause it’s a really nice one. And Taraus girl who is reading this don’t let boys take advantage of you cause it will end in desaster…I know for a facted……And tjis website is sooooo true…it describes the Taurus personality all the way……Thankzzz guys…Love Reezii

  34. Reezii September 27th, 2009

    Im 13teen and im a Taurus girl. My birthday is May 19, 1996. I wanted to say that are people are easily hurt and once you’ve losted are trust you’ll most likly never get it back at all. I know from experience.

  35. retr July 19th, 2009

    you got the whole taurus’s taking time to get aroused completly wrong. iv had men tell me that i get aroused ridiculously quickly and am more passionate than many woman.
    also as a taurus i found the possessive traits about the partner correct. i am very much like that.

    not so sure about the patient thing neither me nor my taurus friends are patient at all!

  36. sfida June 11th, 2009

    taurus are the best in the whole wide world.

  37. shinai April 28th, 2009

    Not true about Tauruses taking time to be aroused. It’s not known, or else all of the other books I have wouldn’t say the opposite. If that were also true, then why are we equally sexually matched for our opposite sign, Scorpio? I think opne should consult their Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury and then go from there. All tauruses are not the same sexually, as All scorpios are not the best lovers.

  38. maya nieva February 3rd, 2009

    In Bicol;Sadto warang bago sakun pirming sala an nagigibo ko sa buay ko na di ko mapiglang umibi pero salamat sa horoscope,kahit na pawno nagataw sakun ning tibay sa pagpundar nin sakung pangarap…
    in English: Before there’s nothing new in me always i’m doing wrong in my life that i can’t help but cry but thanks to the horoscope,somehow it gives me encouragement to fulfill my dreams…

  39. shreedhar iyer March 29th, 2008

    After a very long time I thought of looking at the 2008 for taurus.
    The thrill is what I read about and the same thing is happening.
    Opportunities are my way and the decision to go with one is already
    done. To conclude there is no teacher than what saturn can teach you.
    Thanking for the direction it has given me courage.

  40. Harsh September 27th, 2007

    Its awesome, whatever written in this is perfect. The same thing happening with me, even the month they mentioned is also correct.
    I m flattered

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