1. Alethea Brewer 18 hours ago

    Page not found error code 404 on several pages

  2. yinka olla 5 days ago

    want to know my lucky days and my lucky numbers. my birthday is March 17th 1969. I am Pisces. thanks.

  3. Ama May 27th, 2017

    my name is Ama please help me to no my love life and my work

  4. Alabi, Olusegun Michael May 12th, 2017

    Dear Psychic

    Please i need my weekly and monthly horoscope reading.

    My name is Alabi, Olusegun Michael from Nigeria

    Date of Birth is 25th February, 1975

  5. dickson February 18th, 2017

    I need a libra womam to marry

  6. Amaka Nwosu January 19th, 2017

    hello am Amaka and I want to know what my work and love life holds this year

  7. olla yinka January 1st, 2017

    want to know my lucky days and lucky numbers.thanks

  8. Marlon Labelle December 30th, 2016

    My star is Scorpio & i read my horoscope that tells ” You will be truly vocal about your emotions today” and this is happening to me today 🙂

  9. Profile photo of Pashmak
    Pashmak November 23rd, 2016

    I lost so many thing in my life and again this year was very bad for me BC I lost my father.in these years so many painful things happen in my life.and until now I am under pressure .

  10. Profile photo of Pashmak
    Pashmak November 23rd, 2016

    Good evening 
    According to your astrologer in this month I should not travel over board ?would please tell me why?why I should be far from my sweety?I am so upset and tired .

  11. Profile photo of dodo
    dodo November 12th, 2016

    Hi, my dob s 5.3.1986. I have a very important exam in December..a life changing one. Will I be able to get the desires rank n subject of my choice. 

  12. Profile photo of gghayes07@gmail.com
    gghayes07@gmail.com October 22nd, 2016

    Iam  leo and I been with sagittarus for seven years now, and I am still  cofuse he became distance he doesn’t call for three days or more  we aren’t living together, what should I do, 

  13. Profile photo of Latanya713
    Latanya713 October 17th, 2016

    I’m not having any luck in a relationship department I’m still hurt by my ex and it’s making me feel I should be by myself 

  14. Profile photo of jansi21mary@gmail.com
    jansi21mary@gmail.com October 17th, 2016

    Hi my name is jansi my DOB is 21-04-1990 so when do i get married whether i marry to my boyfriend or to some other ……….plz help me to knw

  15. Profile photo of rsrmaruthi@yahoo.com
    rsrmaruthi@yahoo.com October 12th, 2016

    When I will get job 

  16. Profile photo of Truescorpio1981
    Truescorpio1981 September 22nd, 2016

    I’m a 34 year old Scorpio woman who has recently started dating .I am having such a hard time with this,please help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. I have tried dating my compatible signs……. Ugh no use 

  17. Profile photo of asmanibrahim2@gmail.com
    asmanibrahim2@gmail.com September 22nd, 2016

    Morning when am I going to get a well paid job and get money

  18. Profile photo of minna08
    minna08 September 4th, 2016

    I am stilling living in the nightmare eith Aquaman. The one that I met, online, he is a good guy, generous, friendly, but also creppy. He think he can do whatever he want, without caring and thinking others feeling.  
    I feel like he never been in love, and will never know what love really is and what live can bring to life. All he think is money, car, jobs, a total materialistic. 
    I feel terrible to trust him. But i got to admit i have the most wonderful sex with him and the capatibility of this is so great . 

  19. Profile photo of cancer bae
    cancer bae January 27th, 2016

    I also met this Taurus man, he is very possesive and ever asking questions.., Hez very articulate and he has an eye for beauty.. I have to keep up to please him… whats so frustrating is he is a strong head and he wants things done his way. . he stands for what he believes and u cant change him… so stubborn .. m running out of patience ….

  20. Profile photo of gladiator187
    gladiator187 December 30th, 2015

    i have a question . I’m 33, last year I met a sagittarius 21 year old, I was 32 at the time. I fell in love with her the moment we locked eyes.  I think she felt the same. Even after I up front told her of my age and that I have a 15 year old daughter none of that seemed to matter to her. I’ve never had to shower her with materialistic things so I know it wasn’t money. We really believe in our feelings towards one another. over the last 6 months we’ve made some efforts to go separate ways. But I personally cannot see a life beyond her. And for her, she’s reached out to me almost immidiatly of cutting things off.. Over the past 16 month with all this we’ve managed to keep contact through calls or text every single day. even if all it is is a good night at the end of the day…. Is she the one ? Her name is jessica, 

  21. Profile photo of Jemi9
    Jemi9 December 17th, 2015

    @patilsfamily  It is absolutely unlikely for the guy to start thinking of you , with the same attraction levels again. He has some different things , seen , and what remains between him and you now, is your longing for him,  and nothing else. Why did’nt you understand the very moment he disproved ? please run away from thoughts you’r getting of him, and put yourself into restraint , do whatever it takes to change your mind, remember you’ve been cheated, just take  good care of your  respect and go away.This is a time when you need to run away from your dominating mind.  

  22. Profile photo of Jemi9
    Jemi9 December 17th, 2015

    @Cherry It is absolutely unlikely for the guy to start thinking of you , with the same attraction levels again. He has some different things , seen , and what remains between him and you now, is your longing for him,  and nothing else. Why did’nt you understand the very moment he disproved ? please run away from thoughts you’r getting of him, and put yourself into restraint , do whatever it takes to change your mind, remember you’ve been cheated, just take  good care of your  respect and go away.This is a time when you need to run away from your dominating mind.  

  23. Profile photo of patilsfamily
    patilsfamily October 27th, 2015

    Hi.. I just want to share something.. My 11th Std classmate proposed me when we were 25.. From 11th Std we didn’t had any contact.. But one fine day we came in contact became frnds n finally one fine day he proposed me..i accepted it.. We both took this matter to our parents.. Both family agreed.. Actually boy stays in abroad when he American to India he told to his parents. They agreed n even in my family I convinced.. And then boy went back to abroad saying that he will be back in one n half month. I waited for him he came after 3 months.. We were abt to get engaged but unfortunately don’t know the reason boy’s dad rejected for this n even boy is telling that no.. Will I get my love back?

  24. Profile photo of arose187
    arose187 October 2nd, 2015

    This site is pretty cool I like it, it was quite helpfull in finding some direction. another good one I saw was the answeringoracle.com it will actually give you complete response to questions, idk know if it’s just a computer or what but its really cool. 

  25. Profile photo of aquaSC
    aquaSC June 3rd, 2015

    hello, Im a girl who secretly had a crush on a Sag friend… We go to same school but he didnt know me that  time. My Boy-friend introduces me to him and we became friends, like very close friends. we share secrets like good buddies for almost a year.  we decided to go out for a date. for almost 4mos of dating, everytime Im with him I feel like loving a man everyminute we meet 🙂 so there it goes, after a month he didnt contact me no text, emails. so i decided to run away in our town. I was also scared to fall because the last thing i heard from my friends is they’re still together with his Girlfriend…  and now, after 3 mos of not seeing each other ( i dont know how it happend but, its like we’re not mad to each other) and then we started our conversation again, lots of text messages, chats, and this time he’s more sweeter that before he calls be beautiful everytime he texted me and I still like him badly I dont know why, i dated guys but He’s different I dont know whats with him!! and then now, he unfollowed me on intsagram and then added me again and then he  texted me beautiful again and he miss me, and then suddenly his next text says He needed to forget me, and then he deactivated his facebook.. ooh!! what wrong with this man?? sorry I just dont know what to say and where to share this story. actually it happend just today june03,2015… I dont know what he thinking.. but i know I should let him be. let him go? let him think.. Aquarius here!! 🙂

  26. Profile photo of tomphilbin
    tomphilbin May 1st, 2015

    im just responding to an interesting article on Aquarius woman and Pisces man. im Pisces, met her 2 years ago and everything was very Surreal. It was fate indeed. Im not sobbing, most comments in the article makes sense to me about my relationship with her. My instict told me to not get attached in the beginning, then we experienced Tantric sex( physical reality and time disappeared), I was floored, thats why I kept in relationship. I didnt understand how she could go away for 4 and a half months one time and no contact and return as though everything was fine when I believed we were done. Broke up and got back again 6 times. It was to be the last time in March, she going back home to Brazil. Wanted to meet up Easter Sunday(to say goodbye I thought), she is pregnant by me, so neither of us can get free from one another that easily. I’d often think she regrets the day she met me, sometimes I regret not trusting my gut. But maybe I will grow up a bit now that Im going to be a dad. With help of Astrological understanding I am starting to get to know her more, learn to trust her more, realise not to be so selfish and sensitive. I dont know if it is a good idea being her partner though,because I will probably give her another 5 kids, she really yearned for a child, she is 34, Im 29.

  27. Profile photo of ConfusedScorpioWomen
    ConfusedScorpioWomen March 6th, 2015

    scorpio female here…have been a relationship with a sag male for 11yrs we have two handsome boys together but i feel as if our relationship has come to a close because of his anger outburts when it comes to helping with our children and meeting my quote expectations when it comes to finacially responsiblities and being commmunative with our emotions. I have gave him alot of time to change but it seems as if he does for awhile and then goes back to the same routine. i have known this capricorn male that i used to talk too and have currently started talking to again..i feel as if he could be my soul mate but dont know if i should move on with my life and children to be happier or not. anyone have advice? and ever experience feeling in love with two ppl? or is it a sense of familarity i feel for the relationship im in instead of love? 

  28. Profile photo of ariket-alayomi
    ariket-alayomi January 29th, 2015

    It can never workout between a leo n a spices,bcos selfish act of a spices man

  29. Profile photo of lblue322
    lblue322 January 21st, 2015

    im a scorpio and married to a scoripo woman this has its good days and bad we both r so demanding and jelous in some ways in a lot of ways sex is so off the chart i doint think a normal femail would have a problem.the both of us have a desire tobe great in each others life.

  30. Profile photo of Lee_ratoh
    Lee_ratoh January 8th, 2015

    I’m a Scorpio woman and I met the saggitarius guy in 2013,we chatted for while bout general stuff.we exchanged numbers we kept  having convos on whatsapp,he would even call me sometimes.on January 2014 we slept together it was nice.hence I didn’t knw y.evrything happened so fast..we kept seing eachother till i fell pregnant in march..he was so good to me very suppotive.gave birth on december same day as his birthday gave birth to twins.now im carrying triplets buy him aswell..i cnt complain i love him so much..he is very loving too and responsible..

  31. Profile photo of Angel-2go
    Angel-2go December 11th, 2014

    Yes i was with a Leo four years ago and when i was with him i really loved him a whole lot more than any other man i dated in my life. When i was with him i felt like i wanted to be with him for ever. But when he was away from me it took me to another level i didn’t want to be in. Now till this day i can’t stop thinking about him when he first started out as being friends and not hanky panky like most guys always want. Now I’m really trying to find him because he my everything. What he was wasn’t just a lover he was like my whole family to me and more. He actually replaced my my family with his love in me not for my looks or body. He loved me for me and nothing else. Till this day i am paying to find where he is. Cause he completed me with all his heart. But other things and places prevent us from being together which is very wrong. And i hope i find him again.

  32. Profile photo of hesterprynne
    hesterprynne December 11th, 2014

    I just recently started dating a Cancer man I am a Virgo woman. He is 24 years older than I and when he unexpectedly asked me out I was surprised but never thought it would be anything more than friendship because of the age difference. I was plesantly surprised when after dating for a few months that we have become very close to one another and manage to see one another on a daily basis, even if it’s only for a few minutes. We seem to effortlessly understand and appreciate one another and I can say that, that has never happened to me before in any relationship as I have a tendency to come off as somewhat critical even when I’m trying not to. He seems to bring out the best side of me and I am extra careful of his sensitive nature and he is very patient with me…I read the compatibility report of the Virgo woman/Cancer man and I have to say it was spot on and read like it was written for us…Thank you…PJ

  33. Profile photo of lovetesh
    lovetesh December 2nd, 2014

    love and marriage life virgo with sagitarrius

  34. Profile photo of Karenw
    Karenw November 20th, 2014

    Iam a cancer woman who recently broke up with a scorpio man after a year bc I found out he was in a two & a half year relationship with a much younger woman then him who is also a cancer. Without my knowledg he had made me the other woman in their relationship… I asked him in the very beginning if he was involved with anyone & he told me he was not. I made it clear that I was not interested in being with someone in a relationship & he needed to be honest with me. During our year together he and I had the most amazing relationship we were compatible in every way, we never argured once ever and for both of us we had found what we had never found in anyone else. We spent so much time together that there was absolutely no reason for me to feel suspecious but even though things were so good between us I couldnt help but feel like something was very wrong & that there was someone else. The more I tried to ignore it the more intense the feelings got.When I confronted him about it he told me he would never cheat on me ! But I just did not believe  him bc the feelings were way too strong.. About a week later he was sleeping & I decided to read his text messages & everything I needed to know was tthere. I sent her my phone number so she could call me & she called while he was still at my house. She is 16 years younger then him w/ 3 young children that arent his… Iam 4 years younger with 2 grown sons… He had I have mutual ffriends who had No idea about her until I made them aware of it. He tells them he regrets everything & he wishes he would have done things differently bc he loves me. He is still with her but our mutual friends tell me it isnt where he wants be but he knows Ill never take him back.. Last week he called to say he wanted to give me some money back for something I did for him while we were together.. It wasnt a loan, but I told him Id take it since he wanted to give it back. This will be the first time weve seen each other since I found out about her and Im afraid he wants to come back & Im afraid Ill let him bc I miss what we had together & I may never find it again.. Im so confused.

  35. Profile photo of
    1460182 November 8th, 2014

    ok guys first of all i have a couple of ideas i would like to say im a typical capriocrn to a T  and i have saw that leos are the sexiest but so conceited !!!!!!!! i have walk on cumous 7 months see myself spending the rest of my life with him hes a leo boy im a capricorn girl/women, single very beautiful and searching for LEO TAURUS SAG EVEN CAPRICORN. KEEP CALM LOVE US CAPRICORN WOMEN (: BUT WHEN I MEET HIM HES ALWAYS IN A CROWD … ADVICE ?????????

  36. Profile photo of ariesbabyamanda1
    ariesbabyamanda1 November 5th, 2014

    When will i marry? 4/1/88 time is 10:10 pm

  37. Profile photo of
    11306 October 30th, 2014

    Ok guys I need your help. I met this gemeni. Well his moon is in gemeni and my moon is in aquarius. We both have taurus sun signs but we are basically aquarius and gemeni. I am an aquarius female, him gemeni male. We are both 28. Were do I begin. We met online. We actually decided to meet in person and the sparks flew!! It picked up so quickly. Calls, textes came several times a day. I was aware that he had a baby with a female about 4 months ago. He advised me that there was no love there and the relationship was over. I met his baby a few times him being a single father had her with him when we would see oneanother. Which I definitely understand because I have a 8 year old son. I know how it is to have a child with someone and then finding out that the relationship is not going to work. I didnt judge him.. Ive been over his place several times. He has a very nice bachelors pad, a good career. We ended up fooling around in different ways. We kissed, touched, everything under the sun. Then it went down after a month and a half later of knowing eachother. It was bound to happen from our magical chemistry. Then the cold shoulder. Not even two days later the calls and textes slowed. I sent him a pictured/image text saying” I wonder if you think about me and say dang I miss her.” His response text was yes. I said prove it. He called me and said theres your proof!This is two days after sex. Now that was pretty much the last Ive heard from him. Its been two and a half weeks now. I havent contacted him because I not clingy. I ve been waiting and thinking about him every second. WIll he ever come back??

  38. Profile photo of divyagadhiya55@gmail.com
    divyagadhiya55@gmail.com October 15th, 2014

    When will I get married….?

  39. Profile photo of
    namsugirl October 8th, 2014

    When will i get married????

  40. Profile photo of
    manlovewomanwait September 23rd, 2014

    Im a gemini woman and my new friend is a Aries and we hit off from the jump and he told me that he have this strong bound with me already he might be the one idk tho im still checking him out

  41. Profile photo of Cancerman2014
    Cancerman2014 September 14th, 2014

    I just started a job as a car sales man.
    My astrological forcast says I would be buying and selling.
    Seems to be dead on, it always is!
    Thanks for great forecast they really help me allot!

  42. Profile photo of devimaya000@gmail.com
    devimaya000@gmail.com September 14th, 2014

    will i get good job near future. how long our financial problems will continue.and when i shell get married 
    my date of birth is 23/08/1981

  43. Profile photo of hellonearth
    hellonearth September 14th, 2014

    I live in uk and have been married 47 years to a gemini and in conclusion its HELL

  44. Profile photo of mk.ani88
    mk.ani88 September 7th, 2014

    I m unemployed n unmarried now.i want to know about my marriage and job.i m trying for govt jobs..when will i get success….please guide..

  45. Profile photo of kuhlesigasa907@gmail.com
    kuhlesigasa907@gmail.com September 3rd, 2014

    I have met a Leo man and Im a Leo as well. Would like to know if our future is looking good. And when are we going to get married??

  46. Profile photo of Divyamalik
    Divyamalik September 1st, 2014

    I Having relationship problems fom quite sometime in my 6 year relationship.The Guy name is Ishan Singh Thakur born on 12th May 1990 at 11:58 PM at New Delhi. PLz tell me whether we are having marriage on cards or not.If yes then when and in which year.plz help and give some advise.The time of my birth is 06:01 AM on 17th November 1990 at New Delhi.

  47. Profile photo of Divyamalik
    Divyamalik September 1st, 2014

    I Having relationship problems fom quite sometime in my 6 year relationship.The Guy name is Ishan Singh Thakur born on 12th May 1990 at 11:58 PM at New Delhi. PLz tell me whether we are having marriage on cards or not.If yes then when and in which year.plz help and give some advise.

  48. Profile photo of aremu
    aremu August 25th, 2014

    4th December 1986 want to know my career and woman

  49. Profile photo of ponase
    ponase August 22nd, 2014

    when shall i get married???

  50. Profile photo of Alise
    Alise August 1st, 2014

    Hey guys recently turned 25 years old man amazing relationship with one pisces abd one aies and one pig, but i thing the winner for now is a pisces and aies. men signs two. Cause scopio is not a scorpio.

  51. Profile photo of himdat2
    himdat2 July 22nd, 2014

    I live how I am as a cancer i love how I. Am as a cancer I love to love 

  52. Profile photo of aastha-sharma0401
    aastha-sharma0401 July 11th, 2014

    Wen do I get married?

  53. Profile photo of rojila
    rojila July 10th, 2014

    widow with kids want to restart my life wil i get my soulmate again ?? when will i get married?? 

  54. Profile photo of flowzwilliams
    flowzwilliams July 7th, 2014

    I wish to know about my future

  55. Profile photo of sivaramankvb@gmail.com
    sivaramankvb@gmail.com July 5th, 2014

    I am born on 3rd april ,1987.my wish when do i get marriage ?  How  my future? 

  56. Profile photo of noraluvlawliet
    noraluvlawliet June 20th, 2014

    hi! I’m a scorpio woman and happened to meet this very attractive scorpio man. As time passes we get along with each other and in some way we understand each others thought expressing it. Our friendship went so deep and made me developed romantic feelings towards him. And he acted like he really cared a lot about me and always on my back with everything I do. He is a hard working focused guy. He sets his mind on work but really buys sometime with me and gets upset whenever I’m not around. He is willing to waste his entire day spending with me and neglects work. Sometimes he had some jokes of having a family with me. We really enjoy each others business. But he is married with leo woman. Is there a future for us? Will he leave his current partner for me? I need your thoughts on this .thanks

  57. Profile photo of Sam23
    Sam23 June 10th, 2014

    Going to be married to my fiancé in three months however, me being so curious I went through his phone and found some flirtatious comments to his fellow friend living miles away. (comments such as wishing he take care of her and cuddle with her) haven’t yet to confront him but I was wrong for going through his phone. I don’t know what to do.. Is this this something that should be a concern? 

  58. Profile photo of vishanth1989
    vishanth1989 June 8th, 2014

    will I get a real good job abroad soon
    plus will my family problems reduce in the near future?? I have lost hope in waiting for these dreams to come true
    Do reply
    thank you

  59. Profile photo of lhackley
    lhackley June 2nd, 2014

    I like this, seems real to me, it described me & my man accurately.

  60. Profile photo of shreemanshu@gmail.com
    shreemanshu@gmail.com June 1st, 2014

    When shall I get married ?

  61. Profile photo of kindnloving
    kindnloving June 1st, 2014

    Hi My name is S****I have been divorced twice and recently met an Aquarius man whom I like alot but I find him very hard to work out…when we are together he is very loving but as soon as we are apart he goes very cold and it can be days before I hear from him again.
    we have been together 5 mths and I’m wondering whether I should end this relationship before I get hurt again. I trust him and he always talks about the future…He has talked about us going away in October on holiday…
    Where do I from here????

  62. Profile photo of Cheroux
    Cheroux May 28th, 2014

    I dated a cancerian man he was immature, unable to express himself. Perfect example to describe him was a “big kid”. I am also a cancer woman he was my first and last cancerian man never again. He had femine qualities, verbally abusive and a whiner. When we first met he told me  he had never experienced any lenghty relationship before.Now I understand why; he was a mommas boy and played mental games. I really cared about him; I gave him my all. Unfortunately it didn;t last. He asked me if we could “be friends”; I didn’t think this was a good idea so I said “NO”. I relocated and moved on with my life. Seven years later “I heard through the grapevine that he had drowned during the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. What goes around;does come around.

  63. Profile photo of Wallacesgurl
    Wallacesgurl May 16th, 2014

    According to all reports this is my year, this is my time to enjoy life for once and to change the things about myself that will align with moving forward, receiving prosperity at it’s finest, and matching up with the love of my life.  I am ready, willing, and able to handle at this point in my life.  Bring it on!!!!

  64. Profile photo of Berdadee
    Berdadee April 19th, 2014

    Hi my name is Roberta I live in western Australia I have to beautiful daughter to the most amazing man inkym life I just want to know when will he ever ask me to marry him

  65. Profile photo of
    1000 April 16th, 2014

    im feeling happy to become a member of this.

  66. Profile photo of
    truthseeker April 12th, 2014

    your site needs some attention. but… inyour leo weekly hororscope it accurately states money does buy it all. i concur but you cannot serve God and mammon. do you think this corporeal existance / however illusional is following a predetermined path, or is our existance a preconditioning so in an afterlife there is no way the horrors/ terrors/ fears and pain here could leave us any thing but gratefull to be dead?fallen angels all?

  67. Profile photo of kayz86
    kayz86 April 7th, 2014

    What’s the future of marriage?, is my hubby being faithful to me?

  68. Profile photo of sundarirulappan
    sundarirulappan April 7th, 2014

    How. Will be my future partner

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