Sagittarius and Taurus relationship?

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    Me (sagittarius) and this girl I’ve liked forever (Taurus) have been best friends since February of 2012. We’re both 18 and in high school. We had “feelings for each other” during April-end of June and that stopped because we fought all the time, and because she likes my friend that’s a Virgo too. We kissed early November and she convinced me that she liked me again, but then told me she didn’t because her feelings for my Virgo friend were too strong. Should I give up on her considering she plays games, is more compatable with Virgo, I’m quiet and kind of shy, and she doesn’t like me anymore? Or is she worth wasting my time on? I’ve liked this girl since our freshman year and not being friends with her right now kills me, we were so close with each other. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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