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    my love

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    no fuck you

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    what will be, will be and what won’t, can’t be forced.

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    It is either meant to be, or it isn’t there is no in between.

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    oookkkaaayyy i agree wuth linden…there is nothin more to say besides wat it is…and i will not go threw tht never ending list!!! lol 😀

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    You can love anything and anyone, the question is how.

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    Love is something so compelling
    I think I hear my heartbeat telling
    me that its time to take control
    Fill the void, fill the hole
    I have in my heart a shaky start
    but for you i shall pursue
    a love so great, that we can anialate
    any thing that comes in our way.

    -Taslema <3


    love is unconditional. and should not have limits.when i love i love the person the way i would want to be love.everything else is irrelevant and there is nothing that can affect that love.when in love you will always have up and down. because both parties have to adjust to another person who will be sharing your space. so boundaries are created to respect each other character and style.if one truly love someone these changes could transit quickly. but if one is shallow and empty and can’t understand. that mean that they did not really experience love in their life. it also means that they do not love themselves.


    Love, is learning how to connect and stay connected to another on an emotional, physical and mental level. From this love, respect and a relationship flourish, communication comes naturally… remember at the beginning of a relationship how u could complete each others sentences even tho u may not hav known them all that well? Being connected on those levels is where the foundation of love truly shines.

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    love isent force, is giving up for someone so they can have a happy relationship with other people. thats what we should be happy about if we cant get our love

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    It only happens once.

    The feeling so crazy.

    My head is in a rush.

    Picking petals from daisies.

    Hoping that it happens.

    Hoping that it will.

    Trying to climb over

    what people call a love hill.


    love is kind but how kind can one be when heart broaken?

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    i love a person truly and madly from the bottom of my heart and want to marry him…..but he says he loves me but if his parents will not allow our relationship in future he will not marry me because he loves his parents….but i cnt live without him i feel so disturbed that i can’t even concentrate on anything else….i dnt know what i will be doing in future if he doesn’t marry me…..what should i do plz help…:'(

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    if dat person dont mind leaving u aside dan y shud u ryt? it means dat he does not love u. somthng which is above evri thng is caled love. if he mind doing compromises 4 u dan he neva loved u. dear i respect ur sentiment so u respect ur cel n show dat heck dat u cud go on witout him. show how much strong a lady can be if she meant to be kept alone.

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