How to cultivate and grow LOVE

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    Ask Oracle

    Everyone seems to be looking for this thing called Love but seems like the search never ends.

    So lets discuss authentic and useful methods which can help us deeply experience Love and Life.

    Ask Oracle

    I will post my research first and have got some results:

    I have found that when I am really in Love there are absolutely no desires/wants/thinking for anything.

    Reverse is also true, when there are no more longings, Love is there.

    Life begins from Sex. That’s true for most organisms known to us.

    Because we cannot seperate Sex from Life, we can accept it deeply and use it as an instrument to cultivate/transform it into Love.

    The entire idea is to transform all desires including sexual ones into Love. As soon as there will be less desires, there will be less and less suffering and more Love. How to do that? How to go beyond desires?

    Well… that’s simple – by understanding them and experiencing them. Awareness is the key.

    So to give an example:

    Many people have lust and longings for opposite sex – they will keep thinking about sex/relationship day and night.

    Instead they can choose to move into the act, with awareness. Enjoy it, with awareness. Each and every move, and breathing rhythm has to be given needed attention. Keep repeating, with awareness.

    Bonus tip: One doesn’t needs a real person to go beyond desires, they can simply go in a room alone and take a pillow/toy as a partner.

    Soon all thinking/longing about sex will disappear. Now one will be more truthful and honest, and one step closer to Love. Similarly other desires can be overcome.

    These are the signs of success: feeling light and happy, less and less worries/anxiety, less fear, more smile and acceptance, less talk and less thinking, more and more gratitude etc.


    I think personally being in a relationship with someone is about trust. Loyalty. Sexuality is a big part of a relationship but eventually that will die down after a while. You have to be able to tolerate that person. Be able to be best friends as well as lovers.


    I think Love needs to be taken step by step. But love is always so complicated. And it’s really important to be happy in yoyr relationship, but also to get what you want! Here are some excellent tips to get what you want in love!

    Marie Košťálová

    As for me, I need to be honest with myself. You can love not only people, but also what you are passionate about. The main thing is that it does not contradict your principles and does not bring you harm.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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