How to be an ADULT in relationships?

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    Please mention things/practices/habits that really helped you in creating, cultivating or enjoying love.


    By accepting each others’ differences with a smile 🙂


    Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge


    To be in a adult relationship you need to know what your looking for, understanding an how to make it work…

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    I believe its a matter of heart, not head. Head can only see winning and loosing, it can only see calculations, gains but its only heart that can see love.

    The way is to be relax and enjoy what you have in present.


    By really listening to eachother’s thoughts and taking them to heart, instead of just quickly agreeing so you can get YOUR point across.


    I tried to treat nice and respect her wises but she didn’t appreciate but rather said that was not enough so I want to know what do girls really want cuz I have no clue


    listening with your “HEART” and giving with no expectations of anything in return 😀


    Maturity and wisdom comes from experience. No one can teach you, it’s all hands on. You should be able to stand on your own two feet and love yourself before merging with another.


    Maturity and wisdom comes from experience. No one can teach you, it’s all hands on. You should be able to stand on your own two feet and love yourself before merging with another.


    Although I’m not technically an adult yet, I feel that you have to have a balance of head and heart in a relationship, as well as open communications, patience with your partner and a willingness to compromise if you want to be an adult in a relationship. If you follow your heart blindly, you may be ignorant of certain defects in a relationship and in that way, cant work towards trying to improve it and take it to the next level. If you only follow your head, you’ll probably come across as cold and harsh. I think you need some sense from your head, guided by the heart and softened with a compromise to make things work. Also, i feel that when you’re in a relationship, you can’t expect to have everything go your way, and you also have to accept that you’re not always right. Instead of defending yourself whe you get into an argument or a tense situation, the first step that should be taken is to evaluate and to offer a compromise and a sincere apology with no hint of sarcasm or reluctance.


    I am as of now enjoying my first relationship in which we both are ‘adults.’ First and foremost, don’t rush things. That fluttery, mushy feeling of infatuation is not love, even if it feels like it. So for starters, reign in the outpouring of emotion that teenagers tend to do. Know yourself, know your own heart, understand what you want, and don’t be afraid to express what you want or simply be yourself. It doesn’t do any good to put on, b/c in the end the other person will see the true you anyway. You should save both of you the time, and simply be yourself from the start, and don’t rush into anything, take it slow, and enjoy it.


    never let anger guide you, always think before you talk and remember that words spoken hurt more than a sharp blade. reason and think deeply about things that will make you come across as matured.




    +1 to you.. i agree to your explanation about the relationship.


    Being open to eachother’s diffences and accept them but know what you want don’t beat around the bush but know that you love yourself first

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