Relationship problem, with Aquarius woman. Need help

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    I am a virgo man of 40 and i was in a relation with someone a lady whom i met online chat. This relation last for 4 and a half years. There was one thing in us was a Trust and it was a blind trust on her from my side. She was in other city then me. I put my 100% best in my relation cause i thought this match is made in heaven. She was 8 years younger then me, according to her age was not a matter of concern. She was kind of unexpressive from her side rather i should say she was more interested in knowing others / me instead of telling about her. She had every traits of a aquarius personality, but i kept ignoring her and inviting her to give me a big lose of my life. Because i was completely honest for her from my mind, from my heart, from everything damn thing. Whenever she was in any kind of trouble related to her confused personality, i was the one to help her from my suggestions. In return, she gave me a big mental block in mind. I caught her from her own words, that she is cheating on me. When she realise that she is being caught. She ended the relation like anything and Started finding the reasons to end this relation and started finding faults within me. She gave me a big shock. I wanted to help her out and was giving the solutions to how to get out those wrong relations that she build from my back. She didn’t wanted to stop those relations, she wanted to end the relation with me. There are so many things that are going in my head and keep hammering my head. If she had to do this why she showed me her soft side in initial stages of our relation? so many questions, i tried to ask her, she said your questions are too difficult ones and ignored my queries. Above of all she ended the relation right on my birthday. Now after 1 month i am struggling very badly, i don’t have any one to talk to whom i discuss what i have been through. I lost my friends during these 4 years. I can’t discuss this to my family. Really don’t know what to do? May be if i will find friends here, may be i am able to get out her from my mind. Guys please help me from your sincere advices. Thanks


    Salute to any body who is reading my comment, thanks all going to DR Akim, I married my husband, and lived well and happy. coming to an extent that my husband used to love and care for me, those who have most my time until fined me for who he was having an affair with another woman, I try to stop it, all my effort was – sadly vain got divorced and went to women. I live with two of our children, I cry all day, I was in pain, the pain and seeking help. i was reading a newspaper, I saw dr akim in helping people with their love and reunion spell. so I decided to contact him and explain my problem with him, he made a love spell to make my husband to come back to me and our children and never think about women. this man is God sent to restore heart break and gather relationship. May the Lord be your strength and continue to use to save people relationship and any problems that come into contact with him for help [email protected] I promise you, you will, but a smile on your face and make you feel happy . good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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