Cancer man and Virgo Woman. Not really???

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    Due to the fact that I am probably beyond infatuated with a Virgo Woman, I decided to do some research on our signs. I am totally new to all this, so bare with me and don’t mind help. Anyways, on the research i have done, it has said that Cancers and Virgos are MADE FOR EACH OTHER? When i first met my Virgo woman, everything was perfect, but then drifted apart. After 3 months, we still kept in touch, and a few days after my birthday, i asked her why she drifted apart and said that i was too hyper. I think she meant i was too clingy. Anyways, if according to the signs and the stars we are suppose to be perfect for each other………why is not working out? Btw, I am mesmerized by her eyes and smile, the curves are next 🙂

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