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First visit to a psychic: Bad news

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    I had my first visit with a psychic last Thursday. She had given my friend a reading before and I was interested in seeing what she had to say. Almost immediately she said she felt an intense negative energy on me and explained that a few months ago, people that were in my life at that time actually got together to perform a ritual against me, wishing for illness/misfortune/etc. She offered to help me with the negative “block” they put on me but its on the expensive side. She scared me, but I’m not sure what to think. Should I go back for her “help”?


    Please visit the sites I have provided…


    Self proclaimed psychic frauds usually always speak of a curse. Mediums and psychics usually operate under the direction of Spirit, Angels etc. They do not use crystal balls, tarot cards etc unless you have gone for one of these readings. Being a member of a Spiritual Centre in my area I have met alot of psychics and psychic mediums. They should be able to tell you things that seem to ring truth to you and things that only you know yourself.

    I would suggest that you do not go back to this individual. Before going to a psychic or a psychic medium do you research first. Speak to people you know personally who have had a positive outcome and experience from this individual. Online websites will provide a long list of testimonials of individuals who have used their services. I would suggest that you do not use them as you don’t know these individuals or if they actually exist.

    Remember…Do your research! Psychic frauds can scam you and cost you alot of money because of many unnecessary visits to them and the lies they tell. Good luck and BE CAREFUL!



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    I agree with Gabriella. Totally ignore this person.

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    She did give me some personal details about the kind of person I am and expieriences I’ve had but was vague overall. She didnt use any crystalball/tarot cards/etc. Only looked at my palms and asked my name and date of birth.


    I would still recommend doing your research. Psychics and psychic mediums don’t usually read your palms in a consultation unless you made an appointment for a palm reading. As I stated in my first post psychics and psychic mediums operate under the direction of Spirit!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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