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    Okkkk….sooo here goes! Well theres this guy named max, that ive had a crush on for a few months now! Hes sweet, caring, loving, dead-pan cocky, has a huge ego, and has a killer smile. He was also born on july 26! Long story short, hes a leo! Im an arie, born on april 13th. The reason i am putting my business out there like that is because i want to know if he likes me or not. We have gym class together and when we have to partner up, he usually tries to find a way to be with me. When were doing physical activites, he’ll try to make physical contact with me. He gets sort of jealous when one of my guy friends touches me in a certain way. If i smile at him, he’ll say “dont smile like that, its sort of stalkerish and i cant look” then he’ll turn away and start blushing and smiling. He often does things like sneak up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist and pull me close…etc. for some reason, he likes to bite and lick me, not in a sexual manner but more in a playful way (possible sexually). A lot of people think he isnt the boy friend type, but to me hes really sweet. Im still not sure if this is enough for him to like me….so 1.) Does he like me???? 2.) What are some things that i could to make sure??

    Ask Oracle

    Everything is cool and nice, except two things:

    a) His ego, jealousy and attitude.

    b) Your own tendency to think and analyze every small thing.

    So yes an exciting relationship is in making BUT elements of a successful long term relationship are missing.

    Love exists in surrender and freedom, and since you are trying to make “sure” simply indicates something is wrong.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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