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Advice on Cancer + Aries?

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    Rebecca Cobb

    So recently I’ve met this boy that I really like, but he is an aries and I am a cancer. I know that relationships between these two signs can be rough but turn out to be great once the difficulties are overcome. Now being a cancer, I am very sensitive. He can be pretty shallow.

    His best friend and I had been talking and I decided to tell his friend that I like him. His friend says I shouldn’t ever date him. I know that he really likes my personality, but not my appearance very much. (His friend has been telling me a few things here and there.) That already causes me a little worry. I was also told that he will make a girl feel special before he asks her out and that he always talks about how awesome so and so is, but if he starts dating the girl he will talk about them just complaining about how terrible they are. Apparently he’s date some kind and sweet girls and even talked bad about them. I of course don’t want that.

    So I don’t know what I want to do. I want to tell him, but I don’t want to end up dating him just to have him talk down on me constantly. Maybe it’s avoidable? Any advice for dealing with this Aries boy? Thanks.

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