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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 2,646 total)
Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 2,646 total)
  1. 1000 April 16th, 2014

    im feeling happy to become a member of this.

  2. truthseeker April 12th, 2014

    your site needs some attention. but… inyour leo weekly hororscope it accurately states money does buy it all. i concur but you cannot serve God and mammon. do you think this corporeal existance / however illusional is following a predetermined path, or is our existance a preconditioning so in an afterlife there is no way the horrors/ terrors/ fears and pain here could leave us any thing but gratefull to be dead?fallen angels all?

  3. kayz86 April 7th, 2014

    What’s the future of marriage?, is my hubby being faithful to me?

  4. sundarirulappan April 7th, 2014

    How. Will be my future partner

  5. cherrykoko March 27th, 2014

    Am proud 2 be a scorpio, my guy is also a scorpio.

  6. cherrykoko March 27th, 2014

    Please I want to ask When i will get married?

  7. butterfybelle March 25th, 2014

    I just would like to know if ill find true ove

  8. bantu March 20th, 2014

    I want to study in national institute of technology of india.Can i be able to get admission at renowned NITs of india in 2014?

  9. shally March 16th, 2014

    Wat 2 knw abt my lov life

  10. vijayjaybhaye4 March 8th, 2014

    I am trying to start business as partnership firm. Do u have any guess for consequences of it? 

  11. 36339 March 7th, 2014

    well if you are in an abusive relationship and dont know how to get out of it  than just tell them to leave you alone and walk out i have done that 3 times in my life and cant seem to stay away from it

  12. [email protected] March 5th, 2014


  13. claire13 February 28th, 2014

    Hi can you please tell me when I will get my keys for new house. And will my new job go ok thanks claire 

  14. bhuvi15 February 26th, 2014

    Hi am bhuvaneshwari ( 15/11/1985 ) still single. I want to know when wil i get married ? and how wil be my future life ? I lik one of my friend . His D.O.B ( 23/12/1985 ) . Do i have the chance of marrying him ?

  15. bhuvi15 February 26th, 2014

    Hi, am Bhuvaneshwari (15/11/1985) still single. I want to know when i wil get a good life partner . I like one of my friend who is my close friend. Wil i have a chance to marry him. his date of birth is 23/12/1985.

  16. raksha-bhatt February 20th, 2014

    great this a really wonderfull site of horscope

  17. rheena February 16th, 2014

    my name is reena yadav, my DOB is 24/8/1990 and time of birth is 1:35 pm. its been a year from the completion of my graduation and since then i am just sitting at home doing nothing, i am really confused with my life and career, since my dad is very strict regarding me and wants me to do or take up jobs that he likes ( government jobs, teachers, etc)
    but i dont know what to go for, as i am in huge dilema that shall i do as he says or persue my dreams..he keeps questioning me all time……..i have strong attraction towards art forms like dance, music, acting, drama etc but if still no idea what is best for me?? please throw light on this issue and let me know what exactly my life has been chosen me for???

  18. thanks February 9th, 2014

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    Raj fiona.
    From United Kingdom

  19. rosco January 23rd, 2014

    why is this site either down or the dates arent current ?today is jan 23 not 22and what about all us singles everything is about already being in a relationship ?would love more info cause really do like this site !

  20. wv23 January 19th, 2014

    i am a a cancer woman with an aquarian man,my love of my life now,thet said this 2 zodiac sign clash each other bec of many differences..i disaggre!..cancer learns how to accept and understands ,bec of is just a matter of understanding each other,sharing thoughts,affection,and sense of humor.give and take,and erase the is a matter of patience,trust,and honesty towards to aquarian man,and add some tolerance and space.he needs that.once he knows ,he will show his love and sincerity and he can be a very loving partner..

  21. jenn3200 January 19th, 2014


  22. [email protected] January 13th, 2014


  23. adetoun2012 January 6th, 2014

    when will i get married?

  24. [email protected] January 5th, 2014

    My name z harneet kaur my d.o.b is 12.6.72, im n love with a man im already married, he z born n 22.11.70

  25. [email protected] December 31st, 2013

    my name is amarnath, i am 36 yrs old, i got marriage on 2010, i have one daughter, my daughter date of birth 16/1/2011. can u pls tell me about my daughter life details, u can send it to my e mail adress.

  26. pooja1234 December 8th, 2013

    I luv da guy who caries Aries zodiac. I have him so n respect him but in return he always hurt me n confused me alwsys.and nw finally he brkup wit me.n he havent gav a valid reason till now.he ruin my many times he brkup wit me n again he cum bck in ma lyf n I accept him again n again coz I luv him truely.since 4 month he is not in connect eit me..plzzz help me..n giv sum suggestions. .

  27. pooja1234 December 8th, 2013

    I luv da guy who is carries Aries zodiac. I have him so n respect him but in return he always hurt me n confused me alwsys.and nw finally he brkup wit me.n he havent gav a valid reason till now.he ruin my many times he brkup wit me n again he cum bck in ma lyf n I accept him again n again coz I luv him truely.since 4 month he is not in connect eit me..plzzz help me..n giv sum suggestions. .

  28. Daniellaridley December 5th, 2013

    Am really grateful to Dr Sanu for what he has done for me, the love of my life broke up with me 4 months ago and it was devastating and I can give up the whole world to have him. I really have not done a love spell or even believed in it until I saw testimonies about a genuine spell caster. I contacted Dr Sanu and told him my problem, he told me not to be nervous and that he was going to help me bring my man back to me in 48 hours after he will cast a love spell. After 48 hours I was surprised when I got a call from my man that he would love to see me and when I met him at a restaurant he knelt on his knees in public begging for me to forgive and have him back. It was something so surprising and wonderful. I was shocked but glad he could do that because he hurt me so bad back then. He was truly sorry for all the pains he caused me and said he will never leave me for anything, we are both together and even happier. We are going to celebrate this Xmas in any country of my choice just to make things up to me. Now we are together and he can’t do without me. I am so happy to Dr Sanu for bringing back my happiness to me, his love spell is so strong and is working perfectly without any negative effect. I swear with my life Dr Sanu is a man to trust and believe, you can contact him on his mail [email protected]

  29. [email protected] December 4th, 2013

    Ivy      A POWERFUL SPELL CASTER WHO WIPE A WAY MY SORROWAmazing?? i do not know how to thanks OHUS LOVE SPELL TEMPLE, who did a spell that make my husband to come back to me. He left me for the past two years,and for the past two years i have been in pains,sorrow, Bitterness and wiping.until i read a magazine about this man called Dr Ohus, who help people to unite their relationship within two days.i never believe in spell or magic,so i decided to give her a try. i contacted him. he told me that he shall come back to me according to my believe.he also promise me that he shall return to me within two days,i was still doubting,if she can really do according to what she says, unfortunately on the third day he call me on phone saying that i should forget and forgive him.that he is now ready to love and cherish me,on the forth day he buy a car for me to say he is very,very ,very,sorry,big thanks to Dr Ohus, he help me to bring back my lovely husband, contact him at [email protected]

  30. mollybaby85 December 2nd, 2013

    Hello my name is Molly, my life is completely back!!! After 2 years of marriage, my husband left me and our kid for his ex wife. I felt like my life was about to end, and was falling apart. I was told by a friend of mine how a special spell caster helped her to solve her relationship problems with ease, she gave me this spell caster’s mail ([email protected]) for me to contact him and that my husband will surely come back to me. Only 48 hours after I contacted DOCTOR SANU my husband came back to me and begged me for another chance and that he regrets ever leaving me and our son or his ex wife. I was shocked because I haven’t seen or heard from him for more than 3 months. I don’t know the word I can use to describe this powerful spell caster DOCTOR SANU but I bet you don’t want to miss this spell caster’s help, he is such a blessing to earth.

  31. debbie10000 December 1st, 2013

    I’m a Capricorn women everybody knows Capricorns love money lol , I need a job so I can help my mother out with her bills and buy clothes for my self and other things I want . I feel like i’m having bad luck but I don’t wanna think that way because then again i’m not fully motivated to get a job . I applied for like almost every job on the earth my dream job for now is to work at stop & shop its a bus ride away and they have air condition lol . I just want a job so I can be happy and most likely break up with my boyfriend because he doesn’t help me with anything and he’s only here to past the time I wanna date new people and other signs i’m captible with such as Taurus . I’am never the type to go out with somebody because of there sign but since my last relationship I have to be more carefull cause some signs are crazy. I can’t be going out with a Taurus looking like a bum I need gear sneakers and stuff I need to get my eye brows done and my sister is moving out so my room is really big i need to buy things to go with my new dresser and bed i cant do nothing if i’m , i’m the type to do anything for some money maybe Dj or become a drug dealer either way i think i’m good I hate looking dirty , not that i’m dirty but i love looking nice . I need help I need money I need something

  32. waji November 22nd, 2013

    I want to know my events regarding job, children and promotion at job in 2014

  33. JaeSmitty November 19th, 2013

    I’m a Scorpio male(20) and I’ve dated an aries female(21). Our relationship was a long distance relationship, and it started off like any other scorpio – aries relationship, we hit it off big time. Let me try and example how unique this experience was for me. At first I wanted to take things very slowly, like just try and get to know her and feel her out or whatever, but that wasn’t the case. After a few days of doing nothing but talking to her all day I found myself have intense feelings for this person. There would be sometimes where one of us would say something that the other was thinking( Like Idk why but all I want to do is give you all my attention and love). For a few months things were solid, we both were so inlove with one another. It was like the love I was looking for, and I would do anything to keep it. Things started to calm down between us, but we had intensity in our relationship just not so much of it. She was becoming more distant because of her job, she got a promotion and we couldn’t talk as much anymore. I understood how her career comes first so I wouldn’t get upset, I just do my own thing til we could spend some time together. Now before I move on with my experience I need to give you guys this one good piece of information. Before we got so serious I asked her if she had a facebook or anything and she said no she’s too busy for things like that and they cause too much drama. I found that odd but i left it alone. I begun to find her being so distant because of work kind of suspecious. She use to always spend me photos of her. My iphone tells me the location of which photos were taking. So I search the locations of which her photos were taking and i ended up finding her on facebook. It turned out she had a different last name, was still in high school(so she lied about her age), and she was dating someone else( she was dating this person way before we started talking). I was devastated when i saw this. I never felt so betrayed in my life. so I waited awhile to see if she would come out and tell me herself about who she really was. That never happened so I ended up telling her myself that I knew. I sat to myself for ahwile thinking about what I wanted to do and do I still really want to be with her. So I told her even after knowing what I know i still want to be with her and still deeply love her. After i told her all that I needed to say and All that i knew she wouldn’t talk to me. She wouldn’t tell me how she felt about the whole situation. It was like she completely shut me out. So one day I had enough of being ignored so I told her, I was unhappy and I felt like she was unhappy and all i wanted is for her to be happy so I feel like the only to fix this is for me to get out of her life. That night was when she decided to talk to me, we fought but she ended up changing my mind about leaving, but yet still refused to tell me how she felt about the situation. She continued her thing of not talking to me. I soon felt like I was not important to her at all. Well my birthday came up and I was really hoping to hear something from her, but it never happened. I was devastated again so made the decision again to call it off, but this time I was not gonna let her talk me out of it. So it happened i broke up with her but i still love her and yet my feelings are growing stronger for her and it sucks because i know right now we cant be together but all i think about her. If there is no way this can be. Can someone shed some light on this to help me see things in a clear perpective because I’m very confused. I’ve also started dating someone else and i cant give her my all if it’s left with someone else and I want to be true to this person, but my feelings for this aries is just so strong.

  34. msproffitt November 17th, 2013

    When will I get married and to whom

  35. mandybo November 17th, 2013

    What date will i get married

  36. BRENDAKENT November 16th, 2013

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  37. raj_nam November 15th, 2013

    Hi, my date of birth is 9th sept, 1983, my question is what career option or business field should i choose to get a stability in life.

  38. jazpoz November 9th, 2013

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  39. LYDIADARREN November 8th, 2013

    My name is Lydia from Washington DC, I have to give this miraculous testimony. I had a problem with my Ex husband, which lead to our breakup. After we broke up I was never myself again, I felt so empty inside of me, my love and financial situation got even worse, until a good friend of mine told me about a spell caster who helped her solve her relationship trauma once, his name is doctor Sanu. I emailed doctor Sanu and told him my problem and I did what he asked of me, to cut the long story short. Before I knew what was happening my husband gave me an unusual call and told me that he was coming back to me in just 48 hours interval after doctor Sanu cast a love spell for me.The best of all is that I didn’t notice any negative effect of the spell on my husband as he shows more love and care than ever before and he always wants to assist me on everything I am doing, my jobs is now better than ever, it’s so amazing :-). Thanks to doctor Sanu for saving my marriage and job, please continue doing your good work, If you are interested to contact him and testify these miracles like me then you need this great spell caster to help you. His mail is {[email protected]} doctor Sanu is the greatest spell caster amongst all these spell caster you can ever find online. I hope you see my testimony and contact doctor Sanu .

  40. quest1944 November 6th, 2013

    I have been married to a virgo for 20 years n this virgo has been abusing me so badly. True he doesnt want to be told that hes making a mistake. He likes judging me and accuse me for nothing. For a small thing he makes it huge. He does not admit his wrong doing and hes not apologetic at all.
    I divorced him before and we got back together and that was the only time he apologised to me. He can insult and humiliate so badly. But he was a very charming man at first and persistence just to get me. That one even my friends ask how I have been surviving sometimes he keeps quiet instead of addressing the problems that he causes for weeks and choose to ignore. Then when he feel he wants to talk, then he expects me to be on tune which I do not like.
    Each time I try to be involved in another man, Last time when we were going through divorce I met a good charming man and he introduced himself as a virgo again and I stopped even talking to him since it seems I am always being directed to a virgo and believe me I do not want to go there after this sour relationship. Maybe capricons are meant to be with virgos I really do not know?

  41. lori855 November 6th, 2013

    My whole world crashed when my lover  left me 2 months ago to be with another woman. I cried and sobbed every day and could hardly concentrate on anything, it got so bad that I had to do something to get him back. Fortunately for me while I was on a site I saw so many people talking about a spell caster named Doctor  Sanu and how he brought back their love ones to them in 48 hours. I was so happy  and at same time I was scared so I contacted Doctor Sanu and told him my problem and he said he was going to bring him back, that gave me so much hope. I am so glad to say my lover came to me 48 hours after Doctor Sanu casted a love spell to apologize for the way things ended between us and was pleading for us to be back together, isn’t that wonderful? I bet it is, much thanks to this unique spell caster Doctor Sanu. For what you have done for me, I will not stop to share your goodness to people out there for the good work you are doing. Waste no time in contacting Doctor Sanu on [email protected] Moss, USA.

  42. KIMBERLYLI November 5th, 2013

    I and my lover had been apart for 7 months until my sister told me about a spell caster who had helped her, She said the man was very powerful and that he could help me too. The name of this powerful man is doctor sanu, after I contacted sanu in the next 48 hours my ex lover came back to me on his knees begging for my forgiveness and for me to accept him back. It was unbelievable as I was very surprised and happy I finally have him back after several attempts trying to get him back. Sanu spell is too strong and contains no negative effect because it’s just like the love spell opened his eyes for him to see how much I truly love him.I have believe doctor sanu can help everyone too,  Sanu mail = [email protected]

  43. 1979 November 3rd, 2013

    Hi my name is Thembi,
    Im currently unemployed and oing through a financial difficulty.
    Can you please tell me if I will get employment soon ans if my inancial situation will improve,

  44. samuel-lina October 28th, 2013

    I and my husband have been having a lot of problem living together, he will always not make me happy because he have fallen in love with another lady outside our relationship, i tried my best to make sure that my husband leave this woman but the more i talk to him the more he makes me feel sad, so my marriage is now leading to divorce because he no longer gives me attention. so with all this pain and agony, i decided to contact this spell caster to see if things can work out between me and my husband again. the spell caster told me what i will do to get my husband back, so he told me that he was going to make all things normal back. he did the spell on my husband and after 5 days my husband changed completely he even apologize with the way he treated me that he was not him self, i really thank this priest his name is Dr HOODOO he have bring back my husband back to me i want you all to contact him who are having any problem related to marriage issue and relationship problem he will solve it for you. his email hoodoolovespell@yahoo. com

  45. lanrewunmi October 21st, 2013

    At what age is pisces going to get marry

  46. mssefha October 21st, 2013

    Im a Auqarius woman who is dateing  sagitarius male. Weare so much in love with one another. The capatible horoscope is on point…

  47. [email protected] October 21st, 2013

    Hi my name is amna,i wana ask about my life,luck,career,money,love marriage,and also wana knw dat a person wid whom i am in relation,whethr we wil get marry or not?.my date of birth is 26 oct 1992.and i also wana ask about my love life,i am in a relation wid a boy his name is fawad,his date of birth is 29 dec.

  48. [email protected] October 21st, 2013

    what about my career and love m and marrige give details today forn one words

  49. [email protected] October 19th, 2013

    I’m in love with one sweet person. alomost from one and half year we are in relation. He loves me more than his life, but his mom is creating more problem and he wil never go againest his mom…
    but i can’t live without him, even he also love me more. what is my future? what about our marriage? please answer me. he is my life.

  50. Lady scorpio October 18th, 2013

    When will i get marry? Do i have a chance?

  51. [email protected] October 13th, 2013

    my date of birth is 23/12/1984,time-10.05 pm,place-UAE.                     i want to know about my carrer?when i will get a job?

  52. lucashaobam October 9th, 2013

    Keep it up…. Nice…..

  53. [email protected] October 9th, 2013

    please tell when i will get marry my birth date is 10 dec 1974
    and who will be the husband for exp friend from school or etc?

  54. Prachi.maulingker October 3rd, 2013

    My birth date is 12.03.1987. Would like to know when i wil get married, to wat type of guy and how wil be my maried life?

  55. fartborn September 27th, 2013

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  56. Drake-Berry September 24th, 2013

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  57. [email protected] September 13th, 2013

    what about my career and love nad marrige
    give me details fron today on words

  58. tarabaines89 September 8th, 2013

    My name is Tara, I am from USA. I have been in a relationship with a man for six years, and all of a sudden my man changed and started avoiding me, it even got to a stage where he told me he was no longer interested in me and wants nothing to do with me anymore. It hurt me so bad because I love him so much, I tried everything possible to have him back but nothing worked until I saw Dr. Sanu mail online on several blogs, different people kept testifying how Dr. Sanu helped them in their relationships so I had to contact him for help. Dr.sanu told me my problems are all over and that he was going to help me cast a spell that will bring my lover back, though I must confess I was really nervous at first, but all of a sudden my lover called me to tell me that leaving me was the greatest mistake of his life and that he wants me back more than anything on earth. It took Dr. Sanu just 48 hours to do what no other man could do. Now me and my lover are now even better than ever and I am so excited, all thanks to Dr. Sanu and his greatness. You can contact him through his mail ([email protected]) if you need help in your relationship.

  59. [email protected] September 4th, 2013

    Am Britney Jones, Some trustworthy spell caster are still online? i never believed until i saw some post about Dr. Ebhoma on how he has helped lots of people on the internet. I told him i have had about him on internet and before i told him my problem, He has already told me what i came for and said people had scammed me off my money and added pains to my pain i was so shocked,He just told me that everything will be okay within 48hours,i told him this was what those fake spell caster also told me,He said i should give him a try which i did. Truly am just short of words and over excited for what Dr. Ebhoma has done for me exactly when the 48hours was completed the call i got was from my lover that left me with pain for over 4year,he said on phone Britney, Can we talk in a sad and shy tone, i was like yes then he came to my house and apologized to me that he was sorry and proposed to me that same day and asked if i would marry him and i said yes,And our wedding will be on November 20th. friends you are cordially invited am so happy, Thanks to Dr Ebhoma you can contact him on [email protected] for your solution he is truly a man you can trust that works with truthfulness.

  60. stojceva September 2nd, 2013

    I’m in relantoionship with one man.Will he stay in my town or he will move in other country?

  61. goddard September 2nd, 2013

    Please let me know when i will marry and what type of person and job would my partner have

  62. cat0103 August 31st, 2013

    I recently moved out of my boyfriend’s house @ his request. His name is Timothy 12-26-65. He tells me he is stressed, financially. We haven’t talked in a week or so. Is our relationship over? Is there any future as a couple. again?

  63. badette August 30th, 2013

    I’m currentyly in relationship with an aquarius man. I’ve never been too happy with anyone else. We have a good rapport. He understands my impulsiveness. He is way younger than me but feels we are of the same age. He is very matured in his thinking. We’ve been talking of marriage but still wonder and would like to know if we would really end up together?? i so wished we will.

  64. Harinder August 28th, 2013

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  65. starfish8721 August 27th, 2013

    will the situation involving a former friend & current colleague escalate or hasbthe line been drawn & can we both move on?

  66. alenamai28 August 26th, 2013

    The keys we put together us the strong committment, respect, trust and loyalty. We both are confident we wont  separate. what we have experienced within 8 months was the worse of any petty issue we could have in the future. Ive never been happier:)

  67. alenamai28 August 26th, 2013

    After the storm, we made it back to his side of town after rescue efforts. I remember the first night settling after the disaster, we kissed on eachother so deeply and addionatelty until we fell asleep without realizing it. The first couple of weeks were bliss, but shortly afterwards, came issues and mistrust(mostly on my end) we basically lived together in turmoil until about 2 months ago. The moving in was not purposely attended, but the living experience   actually improved our relationship greatly considering we were two strangers living together. We learned alot about eachother. those 8 mons. felt like eternity because we went through bigger issues than whose cheating on who. Ive learned alot about myself being with him( including my flaws). We put both our brains together and it feels like a brand new relationship. He put up with me and I adjusted and put up with him.  we decided that making it through those obstacles actually madr our relarionship stronger and yes the sex is unmatched compared to anyone els on both ends yet. We grew alot more together eithin 8 mons. compared to me being marrief with someone else for5 years.

  68. alenamai28 August 26th, 2013

    Im a female libra 27 and my sweetie a male pisces35 have been together for 9 months now. I find it very ironic, because the air sign and water sign creates a tsunami lol! I met him in a lobby when a tornado had just touched ground in my area. we were both drenched from the rain. I had misplaced my key and he was lost in my area looking for shelter from the tornado. Not only the storm, but my life was a devestating one( life in danger, abandoned, broken down and low self esteem). I was crying on my way to the lobby because of my screwed up life and situation. That point of my life was extreme devestation until my pisces man rushed through those doors. we stared eachother and instantly I felt a warmth Ive never felt with any man or woman. I felt as if I was going to melt:-) My life was in danger(  not the tornado)  we both sought shelter. This stranger comforted me through the that storm.

  69. Jkwsells August 26th, 2013

    When will my romantic partner come into my life?

  70. stellaemmily August 22nd, 2013

     When will I get money in my life

  71. kanisthakachari91 August 18th, 2013

    When will I get married

  72. santhica August 15th, 2013

    The chanting of “VISHNU SAHASRA NAMAM” makes a lot of changes in your life.Once when we start chanting then after few days we can know the change.

  73. Karenhayes August 15th, 2013

    I never  believed that spells really do work not until I started having problems in my relationship which has lasted for two years  that I had no other option than to go online and search for a spell caster who could help me bring back my lover because I love him so much and could not live without him. We used to love each other very much but suddenly everything changed, he started giving me excuses and no longer had time for me because he was actually seeing  another girl but after I got in contact with Dr. Sanu who I found his mail online everything got  back to as it used to be and I can say it is even better now because my lover now cherish me more than anyone in the world and can’t pass through a day without calling or wanting me. I really want to say a huge thank you to Dr. Sanu for his help, I am indeed grateful for his kindness and effort in bringing back my lover in just 48 hours as he promised to.You can contact him on this mail I found online and used in contacting him; [email protected] Hayes, USA.

  74. sarah89 August 15th, 2013

    ..Getting my Ex back my name is Sarah. I’ve known Johnson for years, When we finally got together things were kind of weird so we broke up which was in February of 2011 In June of 2012 he and I recently got back together and we were together until march of 2013 which he told me he was not interested in relationship again During that time I changed completely, I wasn’t eating,I was sleeping a lot, I wasn’t talking to anybody, I cried a lot,I’m so depressed and stressed out that I’m scared I’m going to end up in the hospital because of all the stress and depression until one day i search online on getting love tips because I Love & care about him deeply and I just want us to be together as a couple again and I want us to last forever Google recommend me [email protected] that he will solve my relationship problem then Dr tata told me he will come back to me between 48hrs after he cast spell on him never believe it until my fiance called me on the phone and told me he want us to come back and live happy together forever , Am so happy now that DR TATA, help me bring Johnson back to me. Thanks so much( Dr tata) his email:[email protected]

  75. sarah89 August 15th, 2013

    Getting my Ex back my name is Sarah. I’ve known Johnson for years, When we finally got together things were kind of weird so we broke up which was in February of 2011 In June of 2012 he and I recently got back together and we were together until march of 2013 which he told me he was not interested in relationship again During that time I changed completely, I wasn’t eating,I was sleeping a lot, I wasn’t talking to anybody, I cried a lot,I’m so depressed and stressed out that I’m scared I’m going to end up in the hospital because of all the stress and depression until one day i search online on getting love tips because I Love & care about him deeply and I just want us to be together as a couple again and I want us to last forever Google recommend me [email protected] that he will solve my relationship problem then Dr tata told me he will come back to me between 48hrs after he cast spell on him never believe it until my fiance called me on the phone and told me he want us to come back and live happy together forever , Am so happy now that DR TATA, help me bring Johnson back to me. Thanks so much( Dr tata) his email:[email protected]

  76. RICHA1011 August 13th, 2013 name is Richa Sharma
    date of birth : 10.11.1991, born in jaipur,rajasthan (india)
    I wanted to ask if i’ll get the job this year?Please rply,its urgent.

  77. savmanali August 11th, 2013

    My bdt is 15.02.1982
    m married to partner whose bdt is 11.03.1983.
    i want to know when our replationship will start sailing smoothly and when will i get good opportunity in my career and growth in income…

  78. meenx August 11th, 2013

    my money and marriage problems…when will they be over?

  79. rhed August 10th, 2013

    im rose,palagi kming may pinagtatalunang mag asawa..konting bagay lumalaki..minsan na kasing nawla yung tiwala ko sa kanya,nung ntuklasan kung niloko nya ko..pero sabi nya nagbagu ndaw xa..pero bat ganun hindi ko padin xa mapagkatiwalaan ulet..nahihirapan ako..sobrang selosa ako.and i admit it..pero yung mga pagseselos ko nun at yung instinct ko ay totoo na pla lahat..madalas pagnagaaway kmi nauuwi sa hiwalayan pero hindi tumatagal at nakakabalikan din kami dahil mahal talaga namin yung isat isa..yung relasyon namin ay umiikot nalang sa away at bati..naiisip ko din na baka hindi talaga kami para sa isat isa kasi pareho kaming august kaya hindi kami magkasundo kasi parehong strong yung personality naming dalawa..pero 3yrs na kami..may isang baby nadin kami.ofw xa sa qatar..leo ako xa naman virgo..kasal nadin kami sa our relationship wil be forever?

  80. mccart123 August 9th, 2013


  81. gonzalez_catchis August 7th, 2013

    I just started dating a Pisces, would like to know if our relationship will go anywhere or should I just move on! Will I ever find true love! 

  82. 1luv2peace August 6th, 2013

    will me and my ex ever be back together?

  83. [email protected] August 5th, 2013

    Hi’ i am rabin n i wanna know about my future.
    so tell me about this sub….
    * when i will get married.
    *job n money matter.
    *future  career aboroad or country.
    so plz send me all about.
    my b’day date iz 28/07/1981 mail id [email protected]
    Thank you!

  84. branzi4 August 4th, 2013

    My boyfriend left after a year and a half should I wait for him t
    o return or move on he’s an Aquarius.and I’m a scorpio

  85. imrankhan August 4th, 2013

    My name is Imran khan. d.o.b is 14.07.1990, siyal di kolwari ramgarh, jharkhand . And i  m Just trying to get a chance in hindi t.v serials or also in bollywood. And want to be a rich man. I want to do something great for my parents, and also i want to know when i will getting married. Because i don, t want to marry before 28, now i m 23 only. And birth timing is about 9 pm to 10 p.m, 

  86. Cpowell9 August 4th, 2013

    I have just started dating a sagatious man  (in the last 2 months) I am capricorn are we a good match

  87. chieso July 24th, 2013

    What is my faith a taurus dating a virgo will it wor

  88. sharatadpa July 21st, 2013

    Dear sir/madame
    I am going thru lot of problems due to my career which is in doldrums since june 2006 since then i had a unstable career I am missing the good openings at the last moment with no apparent fault of mine because of this i am right now jobless since 2009 apr .I HAD LOST A LOT IN TERMS OF MONEY ( MY SAVINGS) ,MY HOUSE ,MY PEACE OF MIND .Pls  let me know what is my future in store for me in terms of my career ,finance,properties is any thing good going to happen in near future(2-3 months time) my details name -sharath kumar adapa d.o.b- 18 -04-1973p.o.b- vizianagaram-andhra pradesh,indiatime of birth – 5.35 am -6.35 am

  89. Natz July 21st, 2013

    I am in a serious relationship with a gemini boy but we are having a lot of problems within us, is it possible that in future we could get married and live happily… Plz reply

  90. [email protected] July 20th, 2013

    Hi my name is durga prasad sharma,my dob;18-09-1980,i started a entertainment business in 2012 august19 with my partner,when i will get the money from my partner,when my problems will solve when i will start my movie and when i will get the money from my partner.pls give a gud solution for me,thank you.

  91. [email protected] July 18th, 2013

    hi  my name is reema nayak .my DOB is 01/03/89.i love a guy name prasenjit pradhan .our relationship was almost 10 months but for some reson our relationship has broken 3 months ago . i love him very very much.i try my best to begin the relation again but he dont want that . i want to know that  will he come in my life? because without him i can not leave

  92. MsLock July 16th, 2013

    When will I marry?

  93. sairemya July 16th, 2013

    i am in relationship with a virgo man for past 2 years …will we get married as we have lot of opposition from our parents.. if yes when will it be made possible

  94. prince-jim July 12th, 2013

    im aquarius man, can i move on with my scorpio woman for marriage?

  95. jyuhii July 12th, 2013

    whats in store for me?

  96. sangeetarana July 11th, 2013

    Will I get maried with an Arian male? When Will I get married?

  97. shab28.noor July 10th, 2013

    my date of birth is 28th November 1981 please let me know my future and love life my mail id is [email protected] 

  98. @EnjoyHoroscopes July 9th, 2013

    Hello all horoscopes lovers! I think I may be falling in love with a youg Capricorn male myself. We will see how this turns out. I hope for the best, because this young man and I, I believe, are super compatible. *Fingers crossed* Thanks for your message, Portia. I am more confident about what I am feeling!

  99. daxeshray July 8th, 2013

    My qus. is – when i get marriage ?

  100. larenz20 July 3rd, 2013

    will we ever get back together

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