Taurus Woman Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Aligning with sensuality and pleasure, Taurus women are affectionate and determined to find the quickest path to a man’s heart once attracted. She is tender and caring but also holds strong opinions that are rarely changed. Instead of revealing her temper, she is sensible and patient but can be placid and stubborn.

Personality Traits of a Taurus Woman


Not having to rely on anybody is one of the most prominent traits of a Taurus woman. She relishes her independence and knows how to do things on her own. Tackling tasks by herself does not intimidate her nor does leading. 

Being independent means that a Taurus woman prefers to work by herself, not in a group or team. When necessary, she is assertive but does not mind when somebody steps in to take the lead, especially a romantic partner.


Although surrounded by friends and acquaintances, a Taurus woman will only be loyal to a few. She expects the same loyalty in return. For her closest friends, she offers support and guidance, but not getting reciprocity will leave her disappointed.

Her loyalty also shines through in romantic relationships. To be the man in her life, do not be surprised by a stringent vetting process. A Taurus woman does not surrender her heart easily. She will commit to a partner whom she has chosen over everybody else after careful consideration.

Emotionally Strong

Independence is strongly linked to possessing a lot of emotional strength. Since a Taurus woman is independent, she has no qualms about dealing with tremendous stress. Regardless of the origin of her stress, she remains steadfast and will not show signs of being upset. 

Seeking sympathy is unlike her. Instead, she uses her emotional strength to get through stressful periods. Provoking her beyond her stress limits will unleash her anger.

What Keeps a Taurus Woman Interested?

Putting a smile on her face is as easy as taking her for a stroll through nature. Enjoying the finer things in life comes naturally to a Taurus woman since she has refined taste in material goods.

Don’t judge her and she will show you her naughty side in the bedroom. Keep in mind that a Taurus woman reveres anything that makes her feel good, not to mention her affinity for the sensation of touching.

Casual sex encounters are not on her list of priorities. She values commitment so that physicality is coupled with emotions.

Dark Sides of a Taurus Woman

Known for keeping her temper intact, a Taurus woman has her limits. Provoke her beyond her stress limit, and you see her turn into a bull. Being independent means that she has done things her way, so she is likely to embody a dictator. Imposing her will over others satisfies her need for control.

Her stride for material security can result in her being greedy. Mess with her money or lover, and you will see her nasty side. Much like a bull, she stomps her feet in search of a fight and acts like a bully when somebody crosses her path.  

How to Attract a Taurus Woman?

Be presentable

To meet her stringent standards, you have to look presentable. Putting effort into your grooming and presentation will be vital if you want her to notice you.

Looking casual on a date will not do your case any justice. Ensure you have picked out a stylish outfit and do not forget to have matching accessories. Appearing authentic will undoubtedly get her attention. She appreciates genuine compliments but also needs your confidence to match your attire. There is no point in dressing well if you do not have the confidence to carry yourself well.

Take it slow and steady

Rushing her is not the way to get her to respond well. Remember that a Taurus woman does not rush into relationships since she needs to assess what is in front of her. Practice patience to make her feel comfortable by using the slow and steady approach.

Allow her time to think, as well as to reciprocate. She appreciates a man who will allow her to take her time when getting dressed or telling stories. Give her a platform to share her experiences by listening to her. Pushing her around, instead of being patient, will bring out the bull in her.

Show her you are trustworthy and reliable

When a Taurus woman believes she has met her ideal match, she enters the relationship with the intent to stay for the long haul. To make her stay, you will have to prove to be trustworthy and reliable. 

Considering she seeks romance and security, make her feel safe in your company and that you are committed to the relationship as much as she is. Show her fun but not in a way that threatens her security. 

Show off your practical skills

Since a Taurus woman has a fetish for the finer things in life, impress her with your finances. That does not only include showing her that you are financially stable, but do not hesitate to show you know how to manage money.

Discuss investments and the global economy with her. She is a good money manager but will welcome a mentor who will take her finances to the next level. Satisfying her desire to meet a practical man allows you to win her over with your cooking skills. After all, the way to her heart is through her stomach.

Signs a Taurus Woman Likes You

Stops to talk to you

One might as well set a watch by a Taurus woman. She has a routine that consists of going to the same store and the gym at precise times. Her routine dictates that she seldom has time to converse with strangers. Stepping into her path and engaging her in conversation successfully means that you have piqued her interest. 

She might be friendly to strangers but seldom engages them in conversation. Opening up to you is her way of showing her attraction.

She invites you to dinner

Everything that a Taurus woman does in the early dating stages is to determine if you are a potential long-term mate. After several dates, she may invite you to her place for dinner. The opportunity will also give her a chance to impress you with her cooking skills. 

Her desire to meet you at her home aligns with her need to be comfortable. She prefers her territory as opposed to public places. Since she invites people with whom she is comfortable to her place, it is a good sign that she is open to exploring a relationship with you.

You become part of her routine

She values her time so that she can fulfill her routine. Making you part of that routine is a big step for a Taurus woman. The recurring plan might consist of meeting on the same day for dinner, at the same restaurant. Indulge her.

Signs a Taurus Woman is Done with You and Not Interested Anymore

Being callous about things that matter to you is one way she will show you her lack of desire to remain in the relationship. Ignoring you is her way of revealing that she no longer values your company. When you express your feelings to her, she may go as far as to say that she does not care about your feelings.

After realizing that the relationship is no longer worth her time, her mood will change. She will seem gloomy and depressed. As a result of her mood, her desire to spend time with you will vanish. Attempting to cheer her up will result in her withdrawing further.

Taurus Woman – Family and Relationships

Her commitment and devotion will flourish in a relationship. Only after careful consideration of intimacy ramifications with a partner does she consider a long-term partner.

Although known to be self-centered, a Taurus woman is generous with her partner and puts her needs in front of hers. Nurturing and caring for her family are roles she embraces. Her tendency to be involved in her children’s lives results in her instilling values that will prepare them for adulthood.   

Taurus Woman – Money, Profession, and Financial Attitude

Having a lavish taste in material possessions means that a Taurus woman is prepared to make sacrifices in her personal life to obtain a high income. Fulfilling important positions, coupled with her ability to work hard, means that she satisfies her love for money. 

Ideally, she is suited to positions in banking, insurance agencies, or real estate. A Taurus woman is also a teacher, a chef, or a musician who knows how to manage money. Engaging her in a conversation about money is one of the easiest ways to get her eyes to sparkle. Her ideal man earns good money and can teach her to improve her finances.

Taurus Woman in Bed

A Taurus woman is nurturing, and fiercely protective of her loved ones. If you’re thinking of bedding a Taurus woman, you must understand that for her, lovemaking is a proclamation of passion and an emotional connection. She is alluring and incredibly sexy when she’s in the mood to play. A Taurus woman in bed isn’t experimental and likes a partner who will completely pay attention to her needs, and wants. 

A Taurus woman is a traditionalist who loves to cook, so if she tries to tease you with chocolate-covered strawberries during foreplay, that is just one of her many kinks. She likes a massage, and will often cuddle after sex so comfort is an important factor in the bedroom. Taurus women prefer dynamic partners in bed because they believe sex is a stress buster and therefore treat it as an escape mechanism.

A Taurus woman in bed likes being wooed, and will generally not experiment since she’ll prefer following a certain routine. She is stubborn, and moody, and will often procrastinate in the bedroom. On a good day, a Taurus woman is a caretaker, in the bedroom so she will indulge in sexual acts to please her partner. A Taurus woman is primarily caring and also patient, but she won’t like anybody invading her space or trifling with private matters. 

If you’re dating a Taurus woman, you must pay heed to her wants, in the bedroom specifically. Before the actual act, she will adore oral sex, plenty of erotic talks, and a fair bit of teasing as long as it is complacent. Taurus women don’t tolerate infidelity and seek out faithful partners so make sure you charm her with romantic gestures and create the perfect ambiance for sex including warm aromatic steam, and a bottle of expensive wine. 

How to Resolve Problems with a Taurus Woman

Be ready to apologize

Forgiving and forgetting might be the way most signs resolve problems, but that is not the case with a Taurus woman. After you have stepped in it, be ready to apologize. A Taurus woman does not forgive and forget easily, so be prepared to undertake an extended apology. Be patient with her in forgiving you. 

Be direct

The best way to resolve a problem with her is to tell her what went wrong and what you would like to change, then let it go. Be direct and she will know how to solve the problem and be assured that you want to sort it out.

Top Ways to Get a Taurus Woman Back After Breakup

Her appreciation for material belongings is your first hint at salvaging the relationship. A Taurus woman will appreciate the effort you have put into organizing an elegant dinner, served with an impeccable bottle of wine. Your conviction will hold a steadier ground if you can present her with an additional gift such as expensive chocolates or jewelry.

Use logic as a weapon. Listing the benefits of being with you such as a stable relationship, possessing the finer things in life, and securing a loving family will help to get her attention. Practice the art of seduction. Remember that Taurus women are sensual, and they desire a touch that will send a tingly sensation throughout their body. Dress well and ensure great grooming when attempting to secure a Taurus woman.

Taurus Woman Compatibility Chart

Zodiac combinationSnapshot Compatibility
Taurus woman with Taurus man
Known for taking their time when making decisions, indecisiveness might cause them to bicker. Their stubborn nature might prevent them from reaching a consensus.
Taurus woman with Gemini manShe will have to learn to let him wander around and enjoy the independence to make the relationship work.
Taurus woman with Cancer manBoth enjoy a quiet evening at home and will work hard to provide a good life for each other and the family.
Taurus woman with Leo manThey will have a great sex life, but the Taurus will be concerned about Leo’s desire to spend money frivolously.
Taurus woman with Virgo manThis match has excellent compatibility. The only hiccup might be Virgo’s strive for perfection, which gets in the way of Taurus’ stubbornness.
Taurus woman with Libra manCompatible due to a Leo being balanced and the Taurus being grounded in nature. Both enjoy the finer things in life.
Taurus woman with Scorpio man Connect well sexually. The Scorpio will have to find a way to open up more to communicate.
Taurus woman with Sagittarius manShe appreciates his attentiveness to her when at home, but she needs to try new things to keep him interested.
Taurus woman with Capricorn manBoth are successful and hardworking, but she will demand more passion.
Taurus woman with Aquarius man She will struggle to relate to his desire to move from one thing to another. They also want different things from their sex life.
Taurus woman with Pisces manPisces man appreciates her stability, and the Taurus is attracted to his sensitivity and gentleness.
Taurus woman with Aries manDominating her in the bedroom might create a power struggle. For happiness to prevail, these two will have to focus on what makes the other happy.


Desiring the finer things in life keeps the Taurus woman striving to achieve success and to make a lot of money. She is careful when choosing a partner for life, but once she has made her decision, she shows her loyalty and commitment but expects the same from him.