Taurus Woman : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Taurus Woman in Bed

A Taurus woman is nurturing, and fiercely protective of her loved ones. If you’re thinking of bedding a Taurus woman, you must understand that for her, lovemaking is a proclamation of passion, and an emotional connection. She is alluring and incredibly sexy when she’s in the mood to play. A Taurus woman in bed isn’t experimental and likes a partner who will completely pay attention to her needs, and wants. 

A Taurus woman is a traditionalist who loves to cook, so if she tries to tease you with chocolate covered strawberries during foreplay, that is just one of her many kinks. She likes a massage, and will often cuddle after sex so comfort is an important factor in the bedroom. Taurus women prefer dynamic partners in bed because they believe sex is a stress buster and therefore treat it as an escape mechanism.

A Taurus woman in bed likes being wooed, and will generally not experiment since she’ll prefer following a certain routine. She is stubborn, and moody, and will often procrastinate in the bedroom. On a good day, a Taurus woman is a caretaker, in the bedroom so she will indulge in sexual acts to please her partner. A Taurus woman is primarily caring and also patient, but she won’t like anybody invading her space or trifling with private matters. 

If you’re dating a Taurus woman, you must pay heed to her wants, in the bedroom specifically. Before the actual act, she will adore oral sex, plenty of erotic talk and fair bit of teasing as long as it is complacent. Taurus women don’t tolerate infidelity, and seek out faithful partners so make sure you charm her with romantic gestures, and create the perfect ambience for sex including a warm aromatic steam, and a bottle of expensive wine. 

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